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Go Kombi is part of Go Camper which, apart from these little beauties, also offers “normal” campervan and motorhome hire in Perth. They have tricked up these Kombi campers pretty well, giving all them double beds and fridges.

Go Kombi – Classic Volkswagen Kombi Campervan Hire

By today’s standards though, Kombis are kinda small so there is going to be a little less room than a newer vehicle like a Hiace. Still, if you are looking for a unique experience with you campervan hire, then this might be the go.

The other thing to keep in mind is parts. If you break down a long way from Perth (and in Western Australia you might end up 1000 km and still be in the state) then you will be waiting a long time for parts. My advice, if you are going south the cooler ares of the wine region of Margaret River and Pemberton then this might be the go, but I would be wary on doing the really long haul through to Darwin in them.


Probably better for shorter destinations out of Perth.

From the Agency

Go Kombi Campervan Hire Perth was founded on genuine passion for travel. We have designed, built, packed and prepared our vehicles to allow you the freedom to travel independently in a well-crafted vehicle, to pursue the journey of a life time, to go to beautiful places, make lifelong friends and memories and to see the all that Western Australia has to offer. Over the last 13 years Go Kombi has grown into a leading Kombi, Camper and motorhome provider. Now offering the option to purchase a vehicle, in addition to the convenience of Camper Hire, your opportunities for self-contained travel are unlimited. With our modern, stylish Campervans you can hit the road for a week, a month, or a lifetime. Each one of our vehicles has its own personality, capacity and functionality; with a well thought out design to optimise storage space, accessibility, comfort and style. Our Campervans come in


  • Unique experience and charm of travelling in a Kombi
  • Lots of other models to choose from


  • A little small and could be trouble if you break down.
  • Not a lot of versions in stock


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C. Landgren - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Travelling in RVS and Campervans"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

I recently returned from a big trip. I started my trip south of Perth - I organised to hire an RV hire From Gocamper - it’s in a place called Rockingham, and it Is the most BEAUTIFUL AREA TO TRAVEL! I ended up booking a campervan hire online after a German friend of mine hired a camper van from them and they were raving about how nice they were, they said they were ‘glamping in the bush hehe - Aussie outback freecamping is so much fun and it’s a really cheap way of travelling - as long as you trust your van though. I highly recommend freecamping and to be self contained. I’m going to go away again asap because traveling south of Perth is incredible at this time of year.
What sold me on Gocamper was that they hire and sell campervans and motor homes and their vehicles are brand new. I hired from another company in the summer last year, and it was a pile of junk. You really need aircon and a reliable motor in the Australian summer. Gocamper is run by locals and they know their stuff on travelling Australia - the whole family travels and they are into the local watersports etc. I recommend checking out Kitesurfing while you’re there - I had a kitesurfing lesson from the business that runs out of the Safety Bay yacht club- it was so amazing! Penguin Island is like 5 minutes driving up the road too - it was really a great experience - chilling outside my motor home and watching the sun set over the ocean. My Camper was really spacious actually - it was very tastefully built - it’s like a min-home on wheels and during the day I opened it all up and enjoyed the sunshine and at night I pulled the curtains and felt secure. I have visited most of the hotspots in WA, but picking up a campervan from Gocampers depot meant I fell in love with a place I might not ordinarily go to. I planned my travelling and then ended up freecamping around the beautiful coastlines in Rockingham and Point Peron. I either surfed, swam, snorkeled or snooze while I was there. Check out Penguin Island if you are around there too. I had a look at the campervans for hire at Gocamper too and they were fully kit out, I am actually thinking of buying one of the campervans because I could travel Australia for the rest of my life I reckon - just cooking in my little kitchen and listening to good music and chilling out :)
The good thing about travelling in a rental is that you can travel in a circle -so to speak - you can revisit the places that you like, And as long as the fridge in the RV is stocked, I have the freedom and flexibility to stay longer in the places that I love (usually near the beach), and to go about my business,( like going to the local shopping centre and pertrol station only) and then take off travelling again if it isn’t for me. I would start in Rockingham and then either travel south and check out Margaret river and all that and then head to the Pinnacles etc and then finish in Rockingham again. One of the lads at Gocamper will give you a lift to the train station too if you ask them when you book - and don’t quote me on this, but they might also do airport pickup or hire. Anyway, I digress haha. One word of warning about travelling Australia is to not buy a cheap camper van from other travellers - I did that years ago, without realise that the van had been driving around Australia it’s whole life - it needed airconditioning repairs, new tyres and a a lot of servicing - that’s the reason that I will only hire good quality vehicles now that. The lady who runs the office at Gocamper came and picked me up from the train station nearby so it’s easy to get to, but I chatted to the lady for quite a while in the end and it ended up being on of the best trips I’ve had. I hired for a month so she offered me a discount. Highly recommend the RVS or the campers. From what I saw you’ll have an amazing time travelling in them.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
Jenny.C - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 13 years ago

Go Camper although only a small family business was the best value for money, campervan we have rented. Spotless, with the best service we have experienced since we started travelling 18 mths ago.
The friendly way they treated us, picking us up when we missed the bus, allowing us to store our extra bags and so much more…. the best service with an amazing campervan.
Would advise anyone who enjoys a quality clean ride, look up
Go Camper.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hi Jenny. Thank you for such a positive review. We're so glad you enjoyed your trip with us. To say thank you we'd like to offer you a 7 day hire with the 8th day free!! Give us a call on (08) 9592 3117 to get your free day. :)