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Last Updated: 8/7/19

RedSands Campers has a new 4WD camper for you to try―4WD Landcruiser Prado. Plus, the've got a new depot in Adelaide, which is actually a branch of JUCY. This might mean that they are associated with the rather popular campervan company.

4WD Landcruiser Prado

A new RedSands camper awaits adventurous travellers. With its permanent accommodation, the 4WD Landcruiser Prado lets you camp in comfort. It comes with some nice features, including a built-in air compressor, high and low range four-wheel drive, heavy-duty all-terrain tyres, and power steering. Also, there are USB charging points inside the vehicle for you to charge your stuff. And of course, to complete the fun, sun awning, chairs, and slide out table are included. 

Continue reading to know more about RedSands Campers and all its remaining fleet. 

Offering convenience through their multiple depot locations in Australia, RedSands Campers specializes in premium 4WD campers.

About RedSands Campers

RedSands Campers is quite unique, offering quality 4WD campers instead of the usual campervans and motorhomes. Well, the owners of this small rental business themselves are fueled with a passion for outdoors. So, it's fitting that they provide rentals in line with what they like. The rates may not be very cheap but if you get lucky to avail of some special deals, you will surely have awesome savings! Accordingly, they will provide you with a detailed tour of these easy to set-up and quick to pack down off-road vehicles. In addition, they have three depot locations in Australia— Perth, Broome, and Darwin. Having these strategic branches give easy access, from Western Australia to the Northern Territory.  


The fleet of RedSands Campers has only two options on hand— the 3 person and 5 person 4WDs. These sturdy units are great for some rugged Australian adventures. The modern fleet of 4WDs is composed of Toyota Hilux models that are all automatic, with powerful features like a turbo diesel engine, upgraded off-road suspension, auto-locking hubs, heavy-duty all-terrain tyres, and dual batteries with Redarc Power Management System. All vehicles use quality rooftop tents, particularly the James Baroud hardshell roof-top tent with a solar fan. Aside from that, RedSands Campers are all fitted with a useful awning for sunshade or rain protection. The campers also include a built-in kitchenette and refrigerator, as well as bedding and towels for all onboard passengers.


2 Person 4WD Camper

Featuring the two-person camper, this vehicle is a recent D4D Turbo Diesel Toyota Hilux that is very smooth and silent to maneuver with high visibility side mirrors. Though with lesser sleeping capacity, the unit is actually bigger by 0.2 m in height compared to the 5 person model. This 4WD is pretty much complete with camping essentials, from kitchen needs to storage areas. And after travelling on the dirt roads, there's no chance that your double bed gets all dusty and dirty. Well, you are provided with a hard-shell roof canopy tent that is very easy to set-up at night and pack during day time. Clearly, this two-berth 4WD can be the go-to post-lunch nap accommodation or late night sleeping quarters for adventurous couples on the loose. 

5 Person 4WD Camper

For those bringing a bunch of 5, you can opt for the larger 4WD in terms of sleeping numbers. Actually, the 5 person camper is more or less the same with the other option on fleet but this one particularly provides an added rooftop tent, which is now located on the main cab. It also has a bigger fuel consumption, and with a longer range of fuel tank, especially if newer vehicles. Even if you're in the wilderness, the reliable and fully-stocked camper is there to save your kitchen nightmares. The vehicle acts as a culinary haven with complete facilities such as gas stove, fridge, pans, crockery, cutlery and more. 


The RedSands comes with an $8,000 excess, which is quite high. But you have the option to reduce the bond and liability if you avail of the 4WD Wander Far Coverage. Option 1 is an additional charge of $49/ day for an excess of $2, 500 with 1 windscreen replacement and 1 tyre, and option 2 at $69/ day for a $500 excess with unlimited windscreen replacement and two tyres—both options must have a maximum of 50 days rental. However, this does not include overhead or underbody damage. For the new Landcruiser Prado, you have a specific reduction option amounting to $49 per day (almost max of 50 days) to limit the excess to $500, including unlimited windscreen replacement, two tyre replacements, and etc. 

If you do not want to purchase the insurance option, a refundable bond of $7,000 will be collected through credit card at the time of vehicle pick-up. 


RedSands Campers allows you to experience an outback Australian adventure through their reliable 4WDs. Having a distinct fleet of sturdy Hilux units, most renters experienced a hassle-free road trip despite the corrugated roads along with their destination. These vehicles are close to brand new models with lesser possibilities of mechanical issues. In addition, the company makes it easier to pick-up and drop-off the vehicles because of their multiple depots all around Australia. But one major letdown about the company is the pricier rates, including the bond and insurance excess. 


For those with a heart for adventure, the RedSands Campers limited set of 4WDs is a great treat. The options may just be two but you can make the most out of your rented vehicle, especially visiting some exciting destinations. And don't worry because you can rely on your fully-equipped vehicle while you enjoy the breathtaking views of the Australian scenery from the campsites. 

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  • Multiple depot locations
  • Great for adventurous couples and small families
  • Close to brand new models


  • Not for fancy travellers
  • Pricier rates, including bond and insurance excess
  • Not for large groups


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