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Updated last: 8/10/19

Calypso still offers the same fleet but now have changes in their depot locations. Continue reading below have an idea of their rental options. 

There are lots of reasons why you might want to rent a campervan or motorhome from Calypso Campervans, but those that top the list are the numerous depots, decent fleet, and over 10 years expertise of giving personalized service.

About Calypso Campervans

Calypso Campervans is a family-owned company with several branches all over Australia. Well, not everyone likes to rent from large, impersonal companies. Lots of people like to rent from smaller companies where they can really feel like they’re getting the personal touch and where they know the owners and workers actually care about what they’re doing. While Calypso Campervans isn’t the oldest campervan rental company out there, they have been around for a good decade, and they’ve earned a decent reputation during that time.


Calypso Campervans offers four different vehicles– The Riverina, The Princes, The Sturt, and The Funkampa, all of which are also names of highways in Australia. The fleet may contain a pretty small number of vehicles to choose from but most people will find their needs met by at least one of them. But for those needing larger vehicles with a high number of seating options, they might need to look elsewhere because the biggest campervan can cater up to 4 persons only. Hence, this can be a point against Calypso Campervans, depending on your needs.


The Funkampa

The only 2-berth campervan is the Funkampa― an older vehicle run by Toyota Hiace 1999 model with a manual transmission. This may be a concern for those auto drivers but could be compensated with the convenient amenities provided like a sink with a hand pump, 2 burner gas cooker, and fly screens. Further, the low-top roof does not give enough space for standing up but is worth the value considering the cheaper rate.  

The Princes

First in the  2-3 berth category is the Princes― a newer vehicle fitted with more useful features like outside awning, stools, cutlery and crockery, linen, pillows, and more. The dining table makes everything more convenient, as well as the bigger fuel tank capacity at 70 litres. You can also stand up comfortably because of the added interior and exterior height. 

The Sturt

The Sturt is likely the same as the Princes but is much cheaper and smaller because of the older model used. With 2002- 2004 base units, there may be visible signs of aging and some minor glitches along the road. But chill, this economical campervan is still reliable on the open roads. The dinette can be easily converted into two single beds for daytime use or double bed for cozy nighttime. You can put your luggage under the beds to save space. The extra passenger can sleep in the single bed permanently fitted in the high-roof. Just like the other campervans, there's a pedestal table shaped between the central facing seats for an accessible dining area for three people.

The Riverina

And the last campervan on fleet is the 3-4 berth Riverina. This one can carry up to 5 but only sleeps 4 passengers― two in the double bed from the convertible dinette and the other two in the fixed high-roof bed. There are heaps of improvements and additions with the largest campervan on set, from dual airbags and dual battery system down to the solar-paneled roof for your gadgets and electric air-flow heater. For your entertainment needs, there's a high-definition colour TV with CD/ DVD/ USB/ PVR. Not only that, the campervan already comes with an external awning for outdoor dining. 


All Calypso Campervans come with a standard insurance excess (bond) at $ 2,000. The company provides two insurance options to reduce the excess: Protection Plus at $15/day to $1,000 and Maximum Protection Package at $20/ day to $400 plus 1 front windscreen and 2 tyres. Just take note that single-vehicle accident excess at $3,000 cannot be reduced even if you avail of the reduction option.


Considering the age and size of their vehicles, it’s clear Calypso Campervans is interested in cornering the budget market. Their vehicles are too old to appeal to high rollers while also being too small to really appeal to big families. Instead, individuals, couples and very small groups who are looking to save some money on their impending trip will find a lot to like from Calypso Campervans. And thankfully, when it comes to Calypso Campervans the term “budget-friendly” doesn’t translate into “bare bones.” Calypso Campervans come with almost everything you need, from kitchen essentials to sleeping gears. They offer good, personalize service at great prices, and they don’t skimp on taking care of their clients. 


Provided your needs aren’t extravagant and you're travelling with a maximum of 4 people, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better budget-conscious campervan rental company than Calypso Campervans.

From the Agency

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Family-owned company
  • Personalized service
  • Decent fleet


  • Older vehicles
  • Limited range to choose from
  • Not great for larger groups
  • Mixed reviews


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Snowbeli - avatar not loaded
, Switzerland
1 Review

"Poor quality for price!"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

We definitely can not recommend a Campervan from Calypso. The Van had several lacks, while raining we had a wet bed, kitchen and cockpit as well. Furthermore, the owner has confirmed a part refund but never payed it to us.

2Service 3Mechanical 2Interior 2Value
Stephanie Makin - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 8 years ago

We rented over the Christmas period 2015, returned the vehicle to Melbourne. Everything was fine and signed off and checked. Then 2 weeks later I get an email saying the company has taken $350 from my credit card used!! No phone call, no contact prior, they just decided to take the liberty of charging us for apparent damages 2 weeks after all signed off and bond replaced!! Worst company ever! Complete scam artists! Fighting the charge but Calypso are awful to deal with!! RENT WITH ANYONE EXCEPT THESE GUYS IF YOU WANT A DECENT COMPANY TO DEAL WITH

1Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 2Value
Esther beatty - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 8 years ago

Our family recently hired the hume camper van from Calypso. We hired through Vroom Vroom. We were told that we had to pick up our vehicle before noon on a specific day. We were driving to Adelaide from a town about three hours away and so we woke up early in order to not be late in picking up our vehicle. When we got to the office in Adelaide at 1130 the woman working there was not even aware that there was a vehicle pick-up that morning. We had to come back over an hour later so that she could prepare the vehicle. Although the vehicle was reasonably clean it was pretty rough around the edges. We were concerned that we might not make it to Melbourne as it was unstable at high speeds and the pick up was so poor we had a friend who was a mechanic check it out to make sure that we wouldn't have problems. Some of the windows would not open, the side mirror was wobbly. we had to tie the back cabinet doors together so that they wouldn't swing while we were driving. There was no orientation about checking the oil, the middle front seatbelt was missing(we had specifically asked for one) and there was no clear direction regarding toll roads or the fact that the drop off site was so far from the Melbourne Airport. When I called the person at the drop off site to ask regarding a ride to the airport I was told that this service was only offered during the week and that we should be able to take pubic transport to the airport…This option was seriously not practical as we had luggage and would have had to carry it for some distance in order to make the transfers-not to mention the hour and a half that would have taken us. We were not impressed and would not use your vans again.

3Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 3Value