Campervan Hire Canberra

Looking for Campervans in Canberra? We review 3 local campervan hire agencies.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It lies about 3 hours drive west of Sydney in the tiny bounds of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It is quite a popular destination for overseas tourists who aren't that interested in beaches and local tourists who want to see the Nation's capital. It houses all the 'national' kind of things like the national museum, the national gallery and national war memorial etc. It is also home to Australia's parliament house. There are a myriad of things to do here and you can easily spend a few days here depending on the kind of thing you are after. There is also plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in the surrounding bushlands. 

There are surprisingly few campervan hire companies here considering its importance and the number of visitors it gets. The few that have set up here are probably more here to service the locals who wish to get out rather than the tourists who want to get in. After all the ACT is in the middle of nowhere for a strategic reason and more tourists who come already have a vehicle in order to get there.

Anyway, it is quite and interesting city and visit is highly recommended - but I hope you know how to traverse a roundabout - they are everywhere.

Basic Facts: 

Distances & Speed: km/h 
Toll Roads: No 
Drive on which side of road: Left

Distance to: 
Sydney: 286km 
Melbourne: 660km 
Brisbane:  1200km

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Canberra...

Let's Go Motorhomes 11 locations

4.0  Excellent  22

Calypso Campervans 6 locations

2.7  OK  3

Canberra Campervan Hire 1 locations

1.5  Poor  1

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