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Last Updated: 8/24/19

Travel Wheels is an Australian based campervan hire company with its main depot in Sydney. It specialises in hiring affordable 2, 3, and 5 berth campervans, which are mostly old but well-maintained. 

About Travel Wheels

Travel Wheels focuses on affordable campervans. They have their main depot in the heart of Sydney City and other operating depots in Brisbane,  Melbourne, and Cairns. They have a quite huge selection of vehicles for rent. Plus, they offer the most competitive campervan hire rates in Australia and are mainly focused on travellers looking for cheap vehicles. One thing that sets them apart from other campervan companies in the country is their team of multi-lingual staff who can speak English, Deutsch, and Français. And, they don't just provide campervan hires but also sales. 


Travel Wheels provides three main campervans models for hire: 2 person berths, 2/3 person campervans, and 5 person campervans. Other vehicles can be provided for rent upon request. They provide its customers with extra chairs, camping table, and child seats, which are normally charged by most campervan hire companies in Australia. Besides, the company also provides free travel advisory and weather forecast recommendations to the best camping sites in Australia. The company doesn’t seem to cater for new campervans models that have a more advanced technology and comfort, so you will be getting old model cars from them. 


2 Person Campervan

Travel Wheels 2 person campervan hire is the cheapest option offered by the company. The van is quite small and one can’t stand upright while inside. It’s aimed at budget travels and comes fitted with most amenities and appliances found on a standard campervan. The van features a 35l fridge which is pretty good, 2X burner gas stove plus 2 kgs. gas bottle, 10 water liter tank which is a pretty lame and small sink for washing. It also comes equipped with power points for charging electronic gadgets, 2-bed linens, folding chairs, and sleeping bags, power steering for easy driving, comfortable double bed measuring 1.8m by 1.35m, dual battery system that supports internal lighting and power for the fridge, etc. This small van is ideal for two persons or a couple that wants to put some limit on luxury travel and save some money for other expenses.

3 Person Campervan

The 2/3 person hightop campervan comes with an upgraded kitchen and ample space for a lounging area at the back of the van. It’s a bit bigger in size than the 2 person campervan, and one can perform duties such as cooking & washing while still standing upright in the van. Some of the unique features include; 55l fridge, microwave, 2 gas burner stove and a standard sized gas bottle, 2 batteries (one for running the engine and another one for the fridge & “house” power), removable table that rotates sideways, 2 beds (one single bed on the hi-top roof and a rear dinette double bed that converts to a double bed measuring 1.85m by 1.55m), and all kitchen appliances used for cooking & eating. This campervan is a great deal for budget travels that want to pay a little bit more for the comfort and luxury offered by this van. Couples with a 4-year-old (or below) child cannot travel in this van due to strict Australian child seat belt laws. If you have under 4-year-old children avoid trouble by upgrading to the 5 person campervan that is designed to accommodate and safely carry two small children.

5 Person Campervan 

The 5-person Automatic Campervan is the most convenient and luxurious vehicle offered by Travel Wheels. It comes with a lot of ample space that provides room for a gorgeous kitchen layout and a living area. One of the greatest advantages this van has over the other 2 smaller vehicles is that there is plenty space for everyone to sit around the rotatable table and enjoy a meal in style with a bottle of wine while still seated at the back of the van. Some of the unique features that can be found on this van include; 80l fridge (nice!), 2 burner gas cooker, 4KG gas bottle, Microwave, spacious kitchen with a worktop space, cooking & eating utensils, 2 double beds (the bottom bed measures 2.1m long by 1.7m wide and that’s enough space to cater for three, plus a hi-top bed measuring 2m long by 1.37m wide to cater for two people), and plenty of storage compartments. Unlike the other vans, the 5 person campervan is built on an automatic transmission system and a power steering that facilitates comfortable driving. Families with 4-year-old kids can request for child booster seats that can be strapped on the passenger seat with a diagonal lap-sash seatbelt. The 5 person campervan is ideal for 5 family members that want to travel in a luxurious and spacious vehicle that comes fitted with all the amenities for an enjoyable road trip. 


The excess amounts to $2000 to be required upon pickup through a credit card imprint. They have options to reduce the bond/ excess. These are as follows: Red at $10/day with $1000 excess, Orange at $15/day with $500 excess , and Green at 25/day with $0 excess, plus windscreen and tyre damage. 


While the company has so many fantastic vehicles to offer, they still need to improve their quality of service offered to customers. Some clients complain of delays in deposit refunds and damaged vehicles. It seems that someone somewhere is sleeping on his/her job by not taking care of the client's concerns and complains. However, aside from these few issues, some customers have praised the company for providing good services and being supportive when needed. Even though the company has tried to build some reputation, they are not perfect, so don’t be surprised if you experience some few problems with their vehicles or quality of services.


Generally, Travel Wheels is a great campervan hire & sale company that is worth a trial. They cater to both budget travellers and also provide premium vehicles for those who want a bit of luxury and comfort.

From the Agency

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  • Budget prices but options to upgrade
  • National branch coverage
  • Central Sydney location for main office


  • Old vehicles
  • Few negative reviews
  • Only three campervan types


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