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Last Updated: 8/15/19 

Cruisin' Motorhomes is one of Australia's premier Motorhome and Campervan rental companies. There aren't many changes in their fleet and they are still a family-owned business, offering an excellent range of mid-range to luxury campervans and motorhomes in different sizes. 

About Cruisin' Motorhomes

A family-owned company, Cruisin Motorhomes have been in operation since 1999. Based out of Tasmania and at first and called Cruisin’ Tasmania, they soon expanded to cover more of Australia, and now have branches up and down the east coast in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. Offering a range of vehicles with 2-berth campervans being the most affordable option, as well as motorhomes ranging from 2 to 6 berththeir focus lies primarily on providing a modern, home-away-from-home travelling experience. 


All vehicles in the fleet are a maximum of four years old. Cruisin’ are the third-largest company of their type for 4- and 6-berth rentals in Australia and offer motorhomes in these sizes, as well as 2/3-berth motorhomes and campervans of the same capacity. All vehicles come equipped with linen, cutlery, crockery, and bedding. None are equipped for car seats for children under four years of age, although they are suitable for seats accommodating children between four and six. These can be hiredalong with camping chairs and tablesfor the duration of the journey at$35 apiece.


2-3 Berth  Hi-Top  

The 2/3-berth Toyota Hi-Top is one of only two campervan models in Cruisin Motorhomes fleet. Featuring a double bed with an additional overhead single, its a good size for parents with one child or a couple on a budget whod prefer not to drive a full-blown motorhome. As is to be expected from a vehicle of its size, there are no toilet facilities, but it features a microwave,two-burner gas stove and fridge.

2 Berth Adventurer

The 2 berth Adventurer motorhome may be the smallest self-contained motorhome in the fleet, but it can pass as a 3 berth campervan with an overhead double bed and dinette single. Best for two people, either with or without a child to bring along, it is compact and cost-effective. Along with the amenities that come with the campervan models, a 90-liter fridge-freezer means that those who are planning to bring food along and save on costs are well-suited to the Adventurer.

2 Berth Sandpiper 

The 2-berth Sandpiper campervan model is much more luxurious with its additional space, along with a toilet, shower, and television in addition to the cooking facilities of the Hi-Top. An open walk-through passage between the drivers area and the main cabin is a bonus. For two-person groups with a little more money to spare and a preference for having enough room to move around, and for those who would still prefer a campervan to a motorhome, the Sandpiper is the best option. 

4 Berth Hi-Top

If you are a family of 4 looking for a budget-based campervan, then this automatic Toyota Hi-Top is a practical choice for your travel needs. Great for two adults and two children, this campervan is also a comfy choice for couples wanting extra space and comfort. Equipped with an overhead bed and pull-out double bed, there's no need for a complicated bed set up. Plus, the entire rear area is for the fully-furnished kitchen armed with all your cooking needs. 

4 Berth Seeker

The 4-berth Seeker motorhome seats four adults, and has one permanent double bed in the rear and one above the driver. Bathroom facilities and a relatively spacious kitchen are provided, along with a radio, television and CD player; it is also equipped with an awning. This is one of the newest motorhomes on the fleet, hence a smoother ride. The permanent bed in the rear could be seen either as a bonus because you don't have to set it up each night or pain as it means all table activity happens around the one small table situated behind the driver. Personally, I would prefer the option to pack the rear bed away. Also, the shower is see-through enough―so if you are two couples travelling together, there will be some privacy/access issue. All in all, though this is a plush camper.

6 Berth Discovery

Cruisin Motorhomes offers two 6-berth motorhome models. Let's begin with Discovery. The Discovery comes with one permanent overhead and fold-out double beds from the dinette and rear lounge. Along with all the other amenities provided in the 4-berth Seeker, it also has a whopping 110-liter fridge-freezer and a 3-burner gas stove. It will be the older of the two 6 berth models, so expect a little wear and tear. It is built on the VW base with a diesel engine and auto transmission.

6 Berth Deluxe

The Deluxe, as the newest addition to the fleet, is significantly larger, with two main living areas and a 190L 3-way fridge. Built on a Fiat base, it's the plushest motorhome that Cruisin' offer with a guarantee that it won't be over 2 years old. With all the latest design features this motorhome is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a full 5 star apartment-on-wheels when they travel. 


All Cruisin Motorhomes vehicles come with standard insurance, which is a $5,000 bond. This payment is collected by credit card at the point of creation of the rental contract. You have the option to reduce the liability and security bond to $0 thru the Liability Reduction Option at $45 per day.  Further, there is the Maximum Cover Package at $55 per day that includes windscreen and tyre damage, pre-purchase LPG, GPS, camping table and chairs, toddler and child seats—on top of the Liability Reduction Option coverage. 


Customer opinions of Cruisin Motorhomes are divided. Many have praised the low rental rates and comparatively high quality of the vehicles in their fleet, which are reportedly easy to drive and are equipped with great amenities. There is also plenty of appreciation fort heir wide range of pick-up and drop-off locations.

However, a sizeable minority has complained that despite the well equipped and modern nature of the vehicles, they often come out in bad condition and are poorly maintained. Flimsy awnings and faulty batteries have been reported, along with necessities like fly screens being barely functional, and oversights that can end up making vehicles road-illegal such as missing rear bumpers. Whats more, the company can apparently be dismissive of these important issues, claiming that the blame for pre-existing faults lies with the customer, and reportedly using any excuse to withhold bonds and get extra money out of those who complain, as well as providing poor customer service overall. Communications and refund requests have ended up being ignored or delegated to the point where it is impossible to get a straight answer out of the company, and some report that its as if they are trying to avoid responsibility at all costs, 

Many of the reviews with a generally positive tone still mention badly-maintained vehicles and stinginess with bondsthese problems seem to be near-universal among Cruisin Motorhomes customers, which is a serious cause for concern. 


Whilst Cruisin' Motorhomes is one of the well-favored campervan rental options in Australia because of its business longevity and extensive fleet, this family-owned company continues to be work in progress, but in a good way (hopefully!).

From the Agency

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  • Good choice range
  • Some good campervan designs
  • Competitive rental rates


  • Limited depot choices
  • Divided reviews
  • Concerns about badly-maintained vehicles


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V. Duong - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 4 days ago

Overall was a great motorhome, however, a few things that impacted on daily livability, the grey water tank couldn't drain efficiently make shower unpleasant and the top bed connecting the ladder broke due to incorrect fixture. Everything else works fine.

3Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 3Value
M. Miljanic - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 1 week ago

The vehcile was in a very sad state maintaince wise. Bathroom door was swinging open constantly even after they tried fix it, leaking roof on to spots and a big leak at that, tyre pressures were not correct to the point the vehcile felt like it had a flat tyre, grey water not emptied nor black water tanks they grey water tank had a clog I had to blast it by hose through the exit pipes to get it to flow because it was constantly back logging and spilling under the motorhome, cabinets not cleaned still had socks and underwear from previous renters, the cabinate doors broken or holding by a thread, window fixing broken, gearbox constantly smelling like it is burning and dropping speed, cruise control just cuts out nearly been hit of the road a couple of times by a B double. Been the first time we ever hired a motorhome this was so upsetting and we really feel like we got the raw end of the deal. Every time we called the road side they told us to drive to a depot we did not pay for us to sit in the depot like we did for 2-3 hours on the day of pick up while they attempt to fix the bathroom door which meant we were delayed for our departure by over 5 hours and we could not start a trip the way we wanted by going through Canberra we had to drive straight to Melbourne for the wedding. Would never ever ever hire from CRUISIN AGAIN!!!! I will make sure that I tell anyone that wants to know.
Very very disappointed in the service by CRUISIN'S basically once you drive out you are on your own, I would recommend APOLLO AND LET'S GO because at a caravan park I had a chance to look into a couple and they looked like new very well looked after and they were older then our van or same age. Mind you the motorhome we got was more expansive or same price as the others and they look and feel lot better.
Also when we picked the motorhome up we were marked as a full tank but as I got to the gate the dual gauge was half way down the first quarter, nothing was prepared the poor lady was running around trying to our tables and chairs because there were non in there which were booked ahead same as the kids child seats were not in the motorhome she had to go searching and not even installed, not shown how to use anything on the motorhome just overall very disappointing experience and this been our first time has left sour taste in our mouth.

5Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
D. Tovey - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Cruisin Discovery 4 Berth"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

My wife and I travelled from Cairns to Brisbane over 16 days in this vehicle in march 2018. It was only 4 months old and had everything we required. It was a Ducato body with manual/automatic gear box. Fairly juicy if you travel at higher speeds but extremely comfortable. It was well built with a good size shower and toilet. Good size beds, a full size fridge and freezer. Microwave, TV and Aircon when mains electricity available. A nice awning for eating underneath.
So much freedom to stop wherever you wanted. The best Motorhome we have ever rented and really good value for money. We had no problems with the vehicle. Cape Hillsborough was a brilliant camp site with Kangaroos and wallabys eating on the beach at sunrise. I would thoroughly reccomend Cruisin Motorhomes. We had a fantastic holiday.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
G. Michaela - avatar not loaded
, Germany
1 Review

"Rent with caution"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

Campervan’s performance was quite ok, customer post-sales service very disappointing unfortunately. Rent with caution and take pics at the beginning of your rental to avoid nasty surprises and fighting to get your deposit back. If you do have troubles with the customer service it’s recommended to get in touch with the fair trade department of your state or Tasmania so they’re aware of how many cases come up over time and can help facilitate disagreement.

1Service 2Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
Lexel avatar
, Netherlands
1 Review

"The Deluxe option is a waste of money."

  • Reviewed 2 months ago

We hired a Deluxe 6 berth camper for 4 weeks, for 4 persons. A good thing since it would be practically impossible to live in this camper with 6 persons.
The Deluxe option appeared a complete waste of money. The camper was far from luxurious: filthy old foldable chairs, old table, poor cutlery, short greywater hose, no levellers, carpet in cabin loose, weak navigation system (we relayed upon Google Maps).
Check-in was very quick but only a minimum of information was given. Driving away we noticed the door of the fridge did not close (which was fixed within an hour).
The awning of the camper was utter useless, cannot stand rain nor wind.
The black water indicator did not work.
We got only one set of six keys (for seven different locks).
A few days on the road a hinge broke. The customer service offered one option: visit a branch office, the nearest office being at a distance of 500 km. (We used duct tape.)

3Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
D.avid - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Rent with caution"

  • Reviewed 2 months ago

My wife and I had been planing this adventure for nearly a year to get away with our son. We were hoping for some good quality family time out on the road.
But it turned into a disaster. When we got the motorhome I drove 500mts and went back as the engine light and another light was flashing. I was told nah it will be ok mate. When we finally got on the highway it just would not go, it would only do 30kms up slight hills and it felt rather dangerous to drive like this. We got to our first destination and I called them about it and I waited for hours for a call back. I did the same the next day on numerous occasions and had to wait until late afternoon for a replacement vehicle. The delivery driver was rather rude and very unhelpful with this as well. From there with the delays and mucking around we did not feel up to going on our planned route as who knows what would have happened. Also when we got the replacement vehicle the toilet smelled so bad we did not use it and there were other pieces of equipment missing as well. Along with drawers flying open and cushions coming loose it was an absolutely Shocking holiday .
To top it off they even charged me for an unpaid toll notice from completely the opposite direction we travelled in.
I would never use them again and would definitely not recommend them at all.
We also stayed in a motel for the last three nights at my cost due to the poor quality of the motorhome.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
L. Andersen - avatar not loaded
, Denmark
1 Review

"Overall good experience"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

Overall good. Be aware that they don’t just hold back the deposit for the rental car, they actually withdraw the money - and give it back if there’s no damage on the car of course. Took quite a while to pick up the van we had rented -
About 1,5 hours. Other than that great service and no problems with drop off.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
A. Dee - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Beyond Disgusting"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

Beyond disgusting. They hired out a vehicle for 15days, unlimited kilometres, with metal showing through the tyre, a bald spare tyre & gas bottles jammed open... A death trap waiting to happen!
The grey water system was unsecured to the vehicle & fell off, the dump tap also fell off the chassis.
The fridge, reversing camera & LED indicators for the waste water, toilet & fresh water were identified as not working on pickup but no compensation or discount offered.
Insect screens on windows & hatches were dirty & heavily torn.
The draws flew open around slow corners. The cupboard door handle fell off narrowly missing my child while driving. No user manual, toolkit or first aid kit provided. Roadside assist did not return phone calls.
Tried sorting out these issues with the company direct, but difficult to deal with, slow with their responses, will not take phone calls & will only communicate via email.
Absolute thieves. Charged premium price for an illegal, unroadworthy, unsafe motorhome.

Do not hire through this company!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
P. Giganon - avatar not loaded
, New Caledonia
1 Review

"Limite fonctionnel"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

Point faible le Lit non confortable, ( plus de 1.60m, bonjour les jambes...)
Cuisine très mal agencé (placé à l'arrière , évier inaccessible, étroit , mise en marche du four micro onde à presque chaque passage...
Surtout pas plus de deux adultes, Un enfant max, ( 4 personnes c'est un rêve...)
La table n'est pas stable et pas plus de deux personnes ( la troisième sur les genoux ?)
Un véhicule tourisme SUV + Hôtel n'aurais pas couté plus cher.... mais beaucoup plus de confort donc un rapport prix plus performant....

4Service 4Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
E. White - avatar not loaded
, Japan
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

The car was great, and overall staff experience was good.

We had to pay a 5,000 AUD bond which was ok although still waiting for this to be released as they said it was going to be complete on Monday 14th Oct.

4Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
M. Pelletier - avatar not loaded
, France
1 Review

"Avoid this company if you do not want waste your time and your money !!"

  • Reviewed 6 months ago

August 2019.
We have been back from Australia after using the services of Cruisin Motorhomes. We will no longer use them because of their disastrous after-sales service, and because they are thieves.

Indeed, we had to have two motorhomes (fiat ducato) in ten days due to defects, breakdowns and products not present in the vehicle while we had paid for it.

The first motorhome rented in Melbourne was defective after 4 days of use: gasoline leak in the tank. This failure having been discovered a Sunday morning in Canberra (around 8 am), we could only be repaired on Monday afternoon around 3.30 pm. At first, they said, we will have a replacement vehicle around midday, after around 1 pm. After, no informations about their driver and he finally arrived at 3.30 pm...
On Sunday, this company did not want to help us because it is Sunday ... I specify that we paid for insurance 24 hours a day; 7/7. So if you want to lose your time, take Cruisin !

When the second vehicle is finally here (vehicle from Sydney), we immediately detected a strong smell of gas. Nobody wanted to hear or smell.
To be sure, after a few hours in the vehicle, we stopped at a volunteer fire prevention center that confirmed there was a gas leak, even though it was cut off. The volunteer assumes a problem of tightness at the level of the bottle or the regulator.
We also had no GPS (it is also a paid service). Cruisin tells us to buy our own GPS for a maximum of $ 150. This one could be refunded when we return the vehicle.
The greywater tank was not emptied.
The clean water tank has not been filled.
The full electricity was not done.
The fridge was not working because of the gas problem.
There was no hot water.
A few days after using the second vehicle, a warning light appears. It said we have to control the engine. We had a loss of speed, we can not accelerate. We have regularly to stop the engine of the vehicle, waiting several minutes to be able to leave again.
The contact was made again with Cruisin who does not know what we are talking about ... Permanent stress to the idea that the vehicle stops in the middle of our journey.
It is clear that we were forced to take this vehicle because the service did not want to provide other means of transport.
Do not count on them for a discount.
We also had to pay $ 250 for vehicle travel because the breakdown on the first vehicle would be our fault ...
And of course, no proof, just the bill to pay at the end.

This company is only able to cash the money but not find a solution.

Avoid this company as much as possible if you do not want to waste time and money!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
D. Muir - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Wonderfull Motorhome"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

The first vehicle was a 6 berth, very clean, lovely linen both the towels and bedding. We had a small problem with the water pump which was quickly taken care of by the Hobart office. Second vehicle which was a Sandpiper, once again very clean, lovely linen. Very easy to live in for the 16 days that we had it. We have hired motorhomes/campers from most of the big providers in Australia, over the years we have put together a tool kit to take care of the things that always seemed to happen, ( doors falling off, screws coming undone, and once a bed that fell apart), not once did we need our kit in Crusins' vehicle. Also apart from the waterpump problem everything else worked as it should which is another bonus, not having to replace electric jugs or toasters. All the equipment plates/cups/cutlery/was of good quality even a really sharp knife to cut tomatoes etc.and a decent vegetable peeler. The small things make a big difference. So thank you Crusin' I know which company we will stay with.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
L. Blake - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Sand Piper review"

  • Reviewed 9 months ago

Excellent value for money. The vehicle performed well and was surprising economical on fuel. Both my wife and I are in our sixties, so we took a small plastic step stool to help climb into bed at night.
We travelled from Sydney to Longreach, across to Rockhampton and then back down the Coast to Sydney in comfort and would thoroughly recommend Cruisin Motor homes to any prospective traveller. Our experience was friendly, helpful staff, reliable comfortable vehicle!

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
J. Laurence - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Engine problems and they charged me twice without refunding"

  • Reviewed 9 months ago

Interior quality was great but the engine had serious problems and was unable to go faster than 80km for any more than 15 minutes as the engine would overheat.

The company also charged me an admin fee twice on returning to the UK. Despite proactively reaching out to advise me of this, they have failed after several weeks to refund it.

1Service 2Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
S. Denman - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Service could be better"

  • Reviewed 9 months ago

Had an issue on the first night, no interior light, no water pump, air con. They took it the next day and repaired . No offer of a discount
Can’t level it out if ground is a bit uneven
Didn’t show you around it much as was quite busy
Good on fuel

3Service 3Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
S. Warren - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

The best experience ever to see Australia . Van was perfect for two very economical.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
S. Hansen avatar
, Canada
1 Review

"3 weeks on the roads of Australia."

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

We rented a 4 berth seeker and were upgraded to a deluxe 6 berth when we picked it up in Melbourne. They were busy when we arrived (3 pick ups going on) but they kept everything moving and we were out on the road within 30 minutes. They were great with information and called ahead to a caravan park to get us a spot as unbeknownst to us we had arrived on a long weekend and most places were already booked. The Motorhome had 23000 km on it and was in fantastic shape. My husband had no problems driving it and we were very pleased with all the amenities. There were only 2 of us but since we were in it for 3 weeks we really enjoyed having some room to move around. We only free camped one night but had no issues being without power hookup. The unit was fully equipped with bedding towels and everything we needed to cook. There was a heat wave happening when we got up around Brisbane and the air conditioning worked great. When we dropped it off in Brisbane they were very helpful again and called us a taxi. The Motorhome was a diesel and for the 5000kms we drove we spent just over 500 dollars. We bought extra insurance(not with company) I looked at every company and they were all very comparable with how they charged for deposits. I booked through Motorhome republic and was pleased with customer service and would have no problem booking with them again. In regards to the 5000 bond they require I just put an extra 5 grand on our MasterCard and didn’t have to pay any interest. It took them the 10 days to refund the bond which makes sense so they could make sure we hadn’t broken anything or missed paying tolls or something. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anybody.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
O. Dalen - avatar not loaded
, Norway
1 Review

"STAY AWAY!!! Awful company!!"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

I have rented a lot cars for 20 years (I am 43), and I have never written a bad review before now! If it had not been for that we got actually got a campervan from this company, I would have called this a scam. Our Booking confirmation for 9 days said a total price of 895 AUD, but after all the charges, surcharges and way to little money back on the bond, the REAL total price was 1359 AUD. When I pointed this out in several email with proof that they overcharged me by 464 AUD, they said its not their problem. So PLEASE stay away! They are also located far from airport, so you will also have to pay taxi both ways (Tasmania), and there are several other car rentals very close to the airport I will chose next time. NEVER AGAIN!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
T. Keller - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Never rent again from Cruisin’"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

These guys send us an invoice after our trip including $35 charges for LPG bottle refill although I replaced both bottles already withbfull ones before returning the car. Just tried it ... Also charges us $55 for a toll infringement admin fee that you have to accept as Terms and Conditions when signing your contract. Theybwill charge you for every toll notice an additional $55 admin processing fee. Total rip off and again just milking you. Car had an issue and a faulty water pump leaving us with no water for 5 days as no service available over 5 days to help fix the problem. Ah - and of course no refund or rental deduction for this one ...

2Service 1Mechanical 5Interior 2Value
N. R - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Renter Beware !!!"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

Our experience was not great! It took over an hour after arrival at the depot to be handed the keys to our campervan (there were only 3 families at reception and 2 customer service reps). There is no pick up from hobart airport, so you need to grab a cab to take you there - which isn't too far $7 uber ride. When we refused the fully comprehensive insurance (which was an extra $65 per day ($650 for the duration of our hire!) we had no option but for Crusin to take a $5,000 bond AND have to pay a $100 admin fee!!! When we challenged the customer service rep we were appalled by the attitude - "I'm only doing my job" "you ticked the T&Cs" "write to customer services". We were then presented with a printed set of the T&Cs. Under section 'Financial Obligations' there is no mention of a $100 admin fee for taking a $5,000 bond off your credit card! You have to search for that further on under the 'Bond' section - so beware when making price comparisons with other companies!! On returning the van, we had to call and email repeatedly to get a refund our our $5,000 bond (which is not just a hold on your card, but an actual purchase). After 3 phone calls and 4 emails we received an email to say that "there was a problem with your card, please call the office" - further delays! Apparently their booking system only holds credit card information for 3 months after you make the initial booking. So if you do decide to book with them, make sure they have your credit card details stored to avoid any delays The van itself was fine, beds were uncomfortable, but you get used to it! Its a bit of a converted tradie van (4 berth hi-top) but did the job and like everywhere else EXTREMELY overpriced for that time of year (christmas school hols).

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value