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Last updated: 13th May 2021

As of this writing, Cruisin' Motorhomes no longer offers their 2 berth Adventurer, which leaves a fleet of 6 vehicle styles. Even so, their rental range is still impressive as it caters to a variety of travellers, from couples to families up to 6.

Cruisin' Motorhomes is one of Australia's premier motorhome and campervan rental companies. They offer an excellent range of mid-range to luxury campervans and motorhomes in different sizes, from 2 berths to 6 berths. 

About Cruisin' Motorhomes

A family-owned company, Cruisin Motorhomes have been in operation since 1999. Initially called as Cruisin’ Tasmania, their first location was in Tasmania. They soon expanded to cover more of Australia, and now have branches up and down the east coast, including Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. Offering a range of vehicles with 2-berth campervans being the most affordable option, as well as motorhomes ranging from 4 to 6 berth, their focus lies primarily on providing a modern, home-away-from-home travelling experience with a hint of luxury. 


All vehicles in the fleet are a maximum of four years old. Cruisin’ is one of the largest companies that offer 4 and 6 berth motorhome rentals in Australia. Along with that, they have a decent selection of campervans that lodges 2 to 4 people.  All vehicles come equipped with linen, cutlery, crockery, and bedding. If you're travelling with children, make sure you read their specific toddler and child seat guide beforehand. Baby and booster seats can be hired, along with some camping chairs and tables, for an added price. 


2 Berth  Hi Top  

The 2 berth Toyota Hi-Top is one of only two campervan models in Cruisin Motorhomes fleet. Featuring a rear lounge that becomes a double bed, this is a good size for couples on a budget whod prefer not to drive a full-blown motorhome. As is to be expected from a vehicle of its size, there are no toilet facilities, but it features a small kitchen area inside with a microwave, two-burner gas stove, and fridge. Also, the hitop design adds extra interior space. 

2 Berth Sandpiper 

The 2 berth Sandpiper is technically a motorhome model based on a Fiat Ducato. This is much more luxurious with its additional space. On top of the cooking facilities, it comes with a toilet, shower, and television. An open walk-through passage between the drivers area and the main cabin is a bonus. The Sandpiper is the best option for two-person groups with a little more money to spare and a preference for having enough room to move around.

4 Berth Hi-Top

If you are a family of 4 looking for a budget-based campervan, then this automatic Toyota Hi-Top is a practical choice. Great for two adults and two children, this campervan is equipped with an overhead bed and a pull-out double bed positioned at the front. On the other hand, the entire rear area is allocated for the fully-furnished kitchen that is armed with all your cooking needs. 

4 Berth Seeker

The 4 berth Seeker motorhome seats four adults and has one permanent double bed in the rear and one above the driver. A spacious kitchen and a bathroom area are provided, along with a radio, television, CD player, and awning. This is one of the newest motorhomes on the fleet, hence a smoother ride. The permanent bed in the rear could be seen either as a bonus because you don't have to set it up each night or pain as it means all table activity happens around the one small table situated behind the driver. Personally, I would prefer the option to pack the rear bed away. Also, the shower is see-through enough―so if you are two couples travelling together, there will be some privacy/access issue. All in all, though this is a plush camper.

6 Berth Discovery

Cruisin Motorhomes offers two 6 berth motorhome models. Let's begin with Discovery. The Discovery comes with one permanent overhead and fold-out double beds from the dinette and rear lounge. Along with all the other amenities provided in the 4-berth Seeker, it has a whopping 190-liter fridge-freezer and a 3-burner gas stove. It will be the older of the two 6 berth models, so expect a little wear and tear. It is built on a VW base with a diesel engine and auto transmission.

6 Berth Deluxe

The Deluxe, as the newest addition to the fleet, is significantly more posh than Discovery because of its latest design features. It has two main living areas and a 190L 3-way fridge. Built on a Fiat base, it's the most lavish motorhome that Cruisin' offers, with a guarantee that it won't be over 2 years old. Surely, this motorhome satisfies anyone looking for a full 5 star apartment-on-wheels when they travel. 


All Cruisin Motorhomes vehicles come with standard insurance of $5,000, which is also the bond amount. This payment is collected by credit card at the point of creation of the rental contract. You have the option to reduce the liability and security bond to $0 thru the Liability Reduction Option at $45 per day.  Furthermore, there is the Maximum Cover Package at $55 per day that includes windscreen and tyre damage, pre-purchase LPG, GPS, camping table and chairs, toddler and child seats—on top of the Liability Reduction Option coverage. 


Customer opinions of Cruisin Motorhomes are divided. Many have praised the low rental rates and comparatively high quality of the vehicles in their fleet, which are reportedly easy to drive and are equipped with great amenities. There is also plenty of appreciation for their wide range of pick-up and drop-off locations. However, a sizeable minority has complained that despite the well-equipped and modern nature of the vehicles, they often come out in bad condition and are poorly maintained. Flimsy awnings and faulty batteries have been reported, along with necessities like fly screens being barely functional and oversights that can end up making vehicles road-illegal such as missing rear bumpers. 

Whats more, the company can apparently be dismissive of these important issues, claiming that the blame for pre-existing faults lies with the customer and reportedly using any excuse to withhold bonds and get extra money out of those who complain, as well as providing poor customer service overall. Communications and refund requests have ended up being ignored or delegated to the point where it is impossible to get a straight answer out of the company, and some report that it is as if they are trying to avoid responsibility at all costs, Many of the reviews with a generally positive tone still mention badly-maintained vehicles and stinginess with bonds. Henceforth, these problems seem to be near-universal among Cruisin Motorhomes customers, which is a serious cause for concern. 


Whilst Cruisin' Motorhomes is one of the well-favored campervan rental options in Australia because of its business longevity and extensive fleet, this family-owned company continues to be work in progress, but in a good way (hopefully!).

From the Agency

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  • Good choice range
  • Some good campervan designs
  • Competitive rental rates


  • Limited depot choices
  • Divided reviews
  • Concerns about badly-maintained vehicles


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Jules PH - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Lovely holiday"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

We picked and dropped off our van in Brisbane. We had to wait well over an hour to get the keys and drive away. There was only two guy's working but did let us know we were next . Not the best customer service but by no means the worst. Just getting through the customers .. I booked a 4 birth and when we were completing the paper work the reg was crossed out and another reg put in . Later we realised this was for a 6 birth. The van we got was an older van with a wear and tear would have loved a newer one but this did not reflect on our time away. We had already chosen to have the full cover so we had no worries no bond to leave and no hassle. Extra payments and I feel the extra made me feel very comfortable on the holiday. Although the van was old the bed linen was fresh and clean and we had plenty of space for 3 adults as I said I booked a 4 birth we had a 6 birth for 3 of us so can't moan!!! A couple of tips check the sat nav this was built in but we checked it before we left and it was for Europe only!!!!! So they gave us a sat nav which was ok but not updated so I had to use my mobile and data so beaware. Also take a couple of tent pegs and rope to secure the awarnig as the wind can damage the awarnig. We had a new awarnig as the last renters had broken it . Tent pegs were found at a camp site and we used the washing line untill we brought some strong rope. I would use this company again the van was very easy to drive no hassles at the handing back the toilet cassette was so easy to change . Australia is also such a great place to travel. Thanks

4Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
R. Batrouney - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"outback adventure"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

we hired a 6 berth it ran well on the openroad . A little hard to get used to with the gear changes but once mastered it was a dream to drive.
A little cramped as compare to a caravan but we enjoyed the adventure.
The only negative was that the van needed a bit of TLC in regard to the furnishings, i.e. Curtains and cushions needed updating.The customer service was excellent. I have two queries on the road and they were answered immediately. The guy on the phone knew the vehicle inside and out and fixed the problem over the phone.
Would recommend the company to others looking for a motorhome.

5Service 5Mechanical 3Interior 5Value
K. K - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review


  • Reviewed 3 years ago

We chose the Cruisin’ Deluxe 6 berth motorhome because it was guaranteed to be under 2.5 years old. However, our rental was in fact 2 years and 9 months old. We raised our concerns with the manager, Nick, who assured us that the vehicle had only done 88,000 kms. However, the mileage is totally irrelevant as it was the age of the vehicle that was guaranteed and not the mileage. If we had known the vehicle was over 2.5 years old we would not have hired it. Therefore the vehicle that we rented did not match the description advertised (Consumer Affairs Victoria) and therefore we are entitled to a remedy. However, Nick said that he could not resolve the issue immediately and asked us to contact Head Office for compensation. It should be noted that the vehicle parked next to ours had the newer black control panel which indicates that it was newer model. We are unsure as to why this vehicle was not reallocated to us as this would have resolved the issue concerning the guaranteed age of the vehicle. Unfortunately we were unable to reject the vehicle as our holiday was already booked, time off work was booked and so were numerous camp sites ( that had been paid for). We had no alternative at that time to take this vehicle.
Furthermore, we were unable to use water from the camp sites that we had booked because the connector was broken. Therefore we had to keep topping up our water supply which was inadequate. We were also unable to use the canopy as we were never able to locate the rod that helps wind the canopy out.
We would also like to bring to your attention the fact that the vehicle was not Covid Cleaned. Nick said the vehicle had been Covid Cleaned, however, upon closer inspection it was obvious that this was not the case. We noted:
- hand prints/finger prints on the outside of the fridge door
- finger prints on the rear view mirror - the mirror was dirty in general
- dirty shower
- dirty utensils
- dirty colander
- dirty fly screens - the door fly screen appeared to have some sort of fluid spilled onto it (internal) and the fly screens for the ceiling hatches were very dirty
- fabric hair scrunchie left behind by previous occupants was on one of the shelves indicating that this area had not been cleaned
- kitchen blinds were dirty
- oven hob rings were dirty
It is absolutely imperative at this current time that vehicles are covid cleaned. We were unable to leave for our holiday immediately as we had to clean the vehicle ourselves to reduce the risk of transmission from covid from previous occupants. I am sure you will agree that this is very disappointing, completely unprofessional and unacceptable, especially in the present climate.
We lodged a complaint in writing but our request for compensation has been declined. Apparently the vehicle was cleaned - it most certainly was not. We signed for the vehicle but this was in the office, before we were shown the vehicle. Nick, the manager, told us to lodge a complaint once we got home and that is what we did. We are now proceeding to VCAT.

1Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 1Value
Jay - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"This Company is Heartless"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

Terms and Conditions:
15.7 Cruisin is not responsible for any accommodation charges, meals, change of itinerary or out of pocket expenses resulting from a breakdown of the vehicle or as a result of any accident

It is this pathetic clause in their T&C that this miserable company hides behind when the car which you have rented from them breaks down from no fault of your own and you are left stranded on the highway and forced to abandon your entire holiday.

My brother and I have very busy lives and rarely get to spend time together, we had planned this trip for months and what the experience we had with Crusin has been absolutely devastating to us.

It was on the second day of traveling from Brisbane to cairns, The Motorhome we hired broke down outside of Mackay. The manifold had apparently had a computing issue, preventing the vehicle from switching gears past first.
We called into their roadside assistance and they had a tow-truck driver take the car to a nearby dealership to look at. Thank god we broke down in a town near a mechanic!
After a day of waiting, the dealership eventually told us that they would need to keep the vehicle overnight.
We then dragged our luggage through town and paid $160 to a nearby hotel to stay the night.
The roadside call Centre said they would get in touch with us the following day. They did not offer to pay for our Hotel (please see T&C clause above)

The next day we were told that if there was a replacement vehicle we would need to wait 10-12 hours for delivery because if could only come from Brisbane or Cairns. If that happened any accommodation we needed to book while we waited for the new motorhome would not be covered, nor would any costs for caravan sites prebooked be covered (please see T&C clause above)

The Roadside assistance team was friendly but unhelpful. Almost as if there was no procedure for an event like this.
They were making it up as they went along.

Later that day we learned from the mechanic office that the car was kaput. The parts would take two weeks to arrive.
The roadside team advised us then that there was no replacement vehicle available either. So the only option was to provide a full refund for the vehicle hire. AND THAT'S IT.

We we're stunned, upset and angry. Months of planning, thousands of dollars spent booking, not just the rental of the motorhome but all of the caravan sites, Snorkling activities and two plane tickets home from cairns.

I called and asked;
'what do we do? How do we get home?'
Cruisin: 'You can book another car with another company or fly home '
Me: 'There is no other hire company! Does cruisin pay for our flight s home?'
Cruisin: (please see T&C clause above)

No apology, no compensation, no plan or hope for us

Our holiday and all our money out the window for somthing that WASN'T EVEN OUR FAULT! WE DID NOTHING WRONG!

Cruisin didn't give a damn about us. They were very much prepared to leave us stranded.
They kept referring to their ridiculous, cruel Terms and conditions. Thank god we broke down in mackay that has an airport, I shudder to think of where we would be if we had broken down in the middle of nowhere!

There was one flight leaving from mackay back to brisbane. $300
I called and demanded some help paying for the costs. I was told this beauty:
'We cannot reimburse you for flights because that would be unfair to our other customers'


After what felt like an eternity of arguing with these awful people I received a callback saying;
'We will pay for ONE ticket'


There is TWO of use, whats the other supposed to do? HITCHIKE????

After another eternity of arguing with these CRIMINALS, they agreed to give us $300 travel allowance and 10% off our next rental (in your dreams)

We got home finally. Our trip ruined, our wallets empty and our heads spinning


This company is heartless. You cannot risk your money and holiday with a company with a built in F*ckyou in their terms and conditions.

2Service 1Mechanical 4Interior 1Value
G. Claire - avatar not loaded
, Australia
2 Review

"Absolutely disgusting customer service!"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

I would NEVER recommend this company ever! Horrible after sales experience, we had many issues with the van which when we spoke to them about they didn’t even say sorry.. they are trying to get us for a tiny scratch which I’ve also read another customer has had a similar problem. We paid and extra $35 a day for insurance to cover for a piece of mind. Also called head office and Katie had horrible customer service, she told us we should have common sense but they surely don’t have any expertise in customer service AT ALL. I’m appalled to think that these sorts of people actually run a business.

I would never recommend this company to anyone as no one should have to deal with such horrible customer service.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
TOMAS CASTRO - avatar not loaded
, Portugal
1 Review


  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Hi everybody,

Think well where to spend your money on Cruisin as this is an Honest opinion from very very very disgusting experience had between the 21st to 31st of March 2020.

We rented the Adventurer (Toyota hilux) license plate 570VNP and it was the worst experience of our lives.

Since day 2 we started having problems with the caravan because of complete lack of vehicle inventory check such as: -Complete lack of cleaning
-Equipment incomplete (i got a hose with two female ends - so not possible to fill the water tanks and had to figure out where i could go buy one in the middle of the night)
-On the same day the water pump stopped working in the middle of my shower and the customer service, once again told me to get under the car and try to reconnect the wires.
- Mosquito nets were completely ruined, letting all the mosquitos come inside the caravan and obligating us to not open the 2 back windows. You can imagine how uncomfortable it was to sleep without air or windows open.
-Day number 3: We ran out of battery in the middle of Marlborough. Not pleasant.

Everyday we found problems with the van and the two worst were:
- Fridge was always stopped working due to gas problems so my Girlfriend got food poisoning with ruined food.
- Every time we stopped, everyday, we found pee on the floor. AND IT WAS OLD PEE. From a whole underneath the toilet container. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE AMOUNT OF SMELLS WE GOT TO BEAR. We even stopped using the bathroom (which is a very expensive item you have to pay for and not being used) just because of how disgusted we were of those images and smells. We couldn't even open the windows because it would form an air chain and bring all the smells to the front.

Now you ask: Why didn't you emptied the toilet container everyday then? BECAUSE EVEN IF I WANTED TO, THEY ONLY GAVE US 2 DETERGENT PILLS TO MIC WITH WATER WHEN YOU EMPTY THE CONTAINER.
So we could only empty 2x MAX the toilet.


To even worsen the situation, the customer service is equal to none. After more than 20 emails to different addresses, the only reply I got was "Unfortunately i cannot open the files" - as the respective pictures were attached. Not even to mention the 50 calls made to their line of support and maybe 3 picked up and hurried to hang up the phone.

We are 3 days since we delivered the van and woke up to an email saying they would refund us the amount correspondent to 1 day! Which can only be a joke.
Right now we are awaiting customer service response on our refusal and we are losing hope.
Our only option at the moment is only to file a complaint to Queensland Dept. of Fair Traiding, entity responsible and with who we have already talked with to get to know our options.


I bet there are plenty of happy people. But there is nothing worse that paying $1500 for a 11 day vacation that ends up in a total fiasco. Believe me.

Thank you for reading,

1Service 2Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
J. dowling - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
2 Review

"opportunistic and sharp practise"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Having spent around $8000 AUS on a 5 week trip I felt their voracious attitude to charging extra costs verged on sharp practise.

$440 to repair a small crack in the white plastic on the rear of the body which admittedly was caused by ourselves. Sounds fully priced to me. After all it has only been filled with epoxy, sanded down and then painted! As well it should have been made clear that a charge would be made for this work. It wasn't. I clearly asked at drop off if $75 "admin fee"was everything for this with nothing more to pay. They bill you later once you are home! I recommend Cruisin are more upfront with customers in future

$224 "downtime"
This one made me smile. The depot at Melbourne on 1st February 2020 was bursting at the seams with Cruisin camper vans all waiting for somebody to rent them. It's a bit rich for me this.

Problems I reported to the staff when dropping off the camper were never addressed:
- the toilet door needed repairing (by me) as the magnetic strip came off and the door was blocking my rear view when driving
- the fridge door would not close fully due to the surrounding trim snagging it. A fridgeful of food was thrown away as a result. Repaired by me again
- The GPS went silent for most of the trip. Most irritating on strange roads.

all in all disappointed at the opportunistic methods they employ to squeeze the last bit of cash out of us. Will never use again!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
J. dowling - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
2 Review

"Beware sharp practise from these"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Having spent around $8000 AUS on a 5 week trip I felt their voracious attitude to charging extra costs verged on sharp practise.

$440 to repair a small crack in the white plastic on the rear of the body which admittedly was caused by ourselves. Sounds fully priced to me. After all it has only been filled with epoxy, sanded down and then painted! As well it should have been made clear that a charge would be made for this work. It wasn't. I clearly asked at drop off if $75 "admin fee"was everything for this with nothing more to pay. They bill you later once you are home! I recommend Cruisin are more upfront with customers in future

$224 "downtime"
This one made me smile. The depot at Melbourne on 1st February 2020 was bursting at the seams with Cruisin camper vans all waiting for somebody to rent them. It's a bit rich for me this.

Problems I reported to the staff when dropping off the camper were never addressed:
- the toilet door needed repairing (by me) as the magnetic strip came off and the door was blocking my rear view when driving
- the fridge door would not close fully due to the surrounding trim snagging it. A fridgeful of food was thrown away as a result. Repaired by me again
- The GPS went silent for most of the trip. Most irritating on strange roads.

all in all disappointed at the opportunistic methods they employ to squeeze the last bit of cash out of us. Will never use again!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
B. T - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Beware, poor customer and post sale service!"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Rented 2 Deluxe Motorhomes in December 2019 from the Sydney Depot; when picking up motorhomes, one lady was very helpful and pleasant, the other clearly did not like her job and did not give us a proper hand over and made it apparent that organising drivers on the paperwork was too difficult and not something she could help us with willingly. The yard guy was superb and made up for the reception lady's indifference, as he showed us all the 'gotchas' on the motorhomes and some tips on operating the vehicle. Motor homes were great! On return, got charged 2x $55 Cruisin admin fees for 2x $3 Sydney Harbour Tunnel Tolls as the RMS toll system failed to transfer data to my Linkt account even though the 2 rented vehicles were still associated with my toll account at time of travel. Would have been good if they just emailed me to pay the tolls instead of just charging my credit card on file, "as per agreement signed"; and they emailed me copies of the paid Toll Notices anyway when asked for them, so go figure! Also, accident processing was shady with minimal contact and updates and still ongoing. Some aspects of the business are good but customer service and comms. needs improvement!

09/03/2020: Just recevied a lawyer Demand Notice for pending court action to pay cost of damage to third party vehicle as the claim STILL has not been processed by Cruisin motorhomes claims department. We purchased Maximum Cover Package at $55/day for peace of mind and paid a $75 accident processing fee, but to date it has proved to be completely the opposite, still casuing us stress with this whole ordeal unresolved. Total lack of communication, responsibility and ownership of this case by the claims team and Crusin Motorhome management. Happy to take your money but not happy to do the right thing! Going to Fair Trading.

2Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 2Value
V. Duong - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Overall was a great motorhome, however, a few things that impacted on daily livability, the grey water tank couldn't drain efficiently make shower unpleasant and the top bed connecting the ladder broke due to incorrect fixture. Everything else works fine.

3Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 3Value
M. Miljanic - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

The vehcile was in a very sad state maintaince wise. Bathroom door was swinging open constantly even after they tried fix it, leaking roof on to spots and a big leak at that, tyre pressures were not correct to the point the vehcile felt like it had a flat tyre, grey water not emptied nor black water tanks they grey water tank had a clog I had to blast it by hose through the exit pipes to get it to flow because it was constantly back logging and spilling under the motorhome, cabinets not cleaned still had socks and underwear from previous renters, the cabinate doors broken or holding by a thread, window fixing broken, gearbox constantly smelling like it is burning and dropping speed, cruise control just cuts out nearly been hit of the road a couple of times by a B double. Been the first time we ever hired a motorhome this was so upsetting and we really feel like we got the raw end of the deal. Every time we called the road side they told us to drive to a depot we did not pay for us to sit in the depot like we did for 2-3 hours on the day of pick up while they attempt to fix the bathroom door which meant we were delayed for our departure by over 5 hours and we could not start a trip the way we wanted by going through Canberra we had to drive straight to Melbourne for the wedding. Would never ever ever hire from CRUISIN AGAIN!!!! I will make sure that I tell anyone that wants to know.
Very very disappointed in the service by CRUISIN'S basically once you drive out you are on your own, I would recommend APOLLO AND LET'S GO because at a caravan park I had a chance to look into a couple and they looked like new very well looked after and they were older then our van or same age. Mind you the motorhome we got was more expansive or same price as the others and they look and feel lot better.
Also when we picked the motorhome up we were marked as a full tank but as I got to the gate the dual gauge was half way down the first quarter, nothing was prepared the poor lady was running around trying to our tables and chairs because there were non in there which were booked ahead same as the kids child seats were not in the motorhome she had to go searching and not even installed, not shown how to use anything on the motorhome just overall very disappointing experience and this been our first time has left sour taste in our mouth.

5Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
D. Tovey - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Cruisin Discovery 4 Berth"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

My wife and I travelled from Cairns to Brisbane over 16 days in this vehicle in march 2018. It was only 4 months old and had everything we required. It was a Ducato body with manual/automatic gear box. Fairly juicy if you travel at higher speeds but extremely comfortable. It was well built with a good size shower and toilet. Good size beds, a full size fridge and freezer. Microwave, TV and Aircon when mains electricity available. A nice awning for eating underneath.
So much freedom to stop wherever you wanted. The best Motorhome we have ever rented and really good value for money. We had no problems with the vehicle. Cape Hillsborough was a brilliant camp site with Kangaroos and wallabys eating on the beach at sunrise. I would thoroughly reccomend Cruisin Motorhomes. We had a fantastic holiday.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
G. Michaela - avatar not loaded
, Germany
1 Review

"Rent with caution"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Campervan’s performance was quite ok, customer post-sales service very disappointing unfortunately. Rent with caution and take pics at the beginning of your rental to avoid nasty surprises and fighting to get your deposit back. If you do have troubles with the customer service it’s recommended to get in touch with the fair trade department of your state or Tasmania so they’re aware of how many cases come up over time and can help facilitate disagreement.

1Service 2Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
Lexel avatar
, Netherlands
1 Review

"The Deluxe option is a waste of money."

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

We hired a Deluxe 6 berth camper for 4 weeks, for 4 persons. A good thing since it would be practically impossible to live in this camper with 6 persons.
The Deluxe option appeared a complete waste of money. The camper was far from luxurious: filthy old foldable chairs, old table, poor cutlery, short greywater hose, no levellers, carpet in cabin loose, weak navigation system (we relayed upon Google Maps).
Check-in was very quick but only a minimum of information was given. Driving away we noticed the door of the fridge did not close (which was fixed within an hour).
The awning of the camper was utter useless, cannot stand rain nor wind.
The black water indicator did not work.
We got only one set of six keys (for seven different locks).
A few days on the road a hinge broke. The customer service offered one option: visit a branch office, the nearest office being at a distance of 500 km. (We used duct tape.)

3Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
D.avid - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Rent with caution"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

My wife and I had been planing this adventure for nearly a year to get away with our son. We were hoping for some good quality family time out on the road.
But it turned into a disaster. When we got the motorhome I drove 500mts and went back as the engine light and another light was flashing. I was told nah it will be ok mate. When we finally got on the highway it just would not go, it would only do 30kms up slight hills and it felt rather dangerous to drive like this. We got to our first destination and I called them about it and I waited for hours for a call back. I did the same the next day on numerous occasions and had to wait until late afternoon for a replacement vehicle. The delivery driver was rather rude and very unhelpful with this as well. From there with the delays and mucking around we did not feel up to going on our planned route as who knows what would have happened. Also when we got the replacement vehicle the toilet smelled so bad we did not use it and there were other pieces of equipment missing as well. Along with drawers flying open and cushions coming loose it was an absolutely Shocking holiday .
To top it off they even charged me for an unpaid toll notice from completely the opposite direction we travelled in.
I would never use them again and would definitely not recommend them at all.
We also stayed in a motel for the last three nights at my cost due to the poor quality of the motorhome.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
L. Andersen - avatar not loaded
, Denmark
1 Review

"Overall good experience"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Overall good. Be aware that they don’t just hold back the deposit for the rental car, they actually withdraw the money - and give it back if there’s no damage on the car of course. Took quite a while to pick up the van we had rented -
About 1,5 hours. Other than that great service and no problems with drop off.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
A. Dee - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Beyond Disgusting"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Beyond disgusting. They hired out a vehicle for 15days, unlimited kilometres, with metal showing through the tyre, a bald spare tyre & gas bottles jammed open... A death trap waiting to happen!
The grey water system was unsecured to the vehicle & fell off, the dump tap also fell off the chassis.
The fridge, reversing camera & LED indicators for the waste water, toilet & fresh water were identified as not working on pickup but no compensation or discount offered.
Insect screens on windows & hatches were dirty & heavily torn.
The draws flew open around slow corners. The cupboard door handle fell off narrowly missing my child while driving. No user manual, toolkit or first aid kit provided. Roadside assist did not return phone calls.
Tried sorting out these issues with the company direct, but difficult to deal with, slow with their responses, will not take phone calls & will only communicate via email.
Absolute thieves. Charged premium price for an illegal, unroadworthy, unsafe motorhome.

Do not hire through this company!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
P. Giganon - avatar not loaded
, New Caledonia
1 Review

"Limite fonctionnel"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Point faible le Lit non confortable, ( plus de 1.60m, bonjour les jambes...)
Cuisine très mal agencé (placé à l'arrière , évier inaccessible, étroit , mise en marche du four micro onde à presque chaque passage...
Surtout pas plus de deux adultes, Un enfant max, ( 4 personnes c'est un rêve...)
La table n'est pas stable et pas plus de deux personnes ( la troisième sur les genoux ?)
Un véhicule tourisme SUV + Hôtel n'aurais pas couté plus cher.... mais beaucoup plus de confort donc un rapport prix plus performant....

4Service 4Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
E. White - avatar not loaded
, Japan
1 Review

"Review of my Cruisin-Motorhomes hire"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

The car was great, and overall staff experience was good.

We had to pay a 5,000 AUD bond which was ok although still waiting for this to be released as they said it was going to be complete on Monday 14th Oct.

4Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
M. Pelletier - avatar not loaded
, France
1 Review

"Avoid this company if you do not want waste your time and your money !!"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

August 2019.
We have been back from Australia after using the services of Cruisin Motorhomes. We will no longer use them because of their disastrous after-sales service, and because they are thieves.

Indeed, we had to have two motorhomes (fiat ducato) in ten days due to defects, breakdowns and products not present in the vehicle while we had paid for it.

The first motorhome rented in Melbourne was defective after 4 days of use: gasoline leak in the tank. This failure having been discovered a Sunday morning in Canberra (around 8 am), we could only be repaired on Monday afternoon around 3.30 pm. At first, they said, we will have a replacement vehicle around midday, after around 1 pm. After, no informations about their driver and he finally arrived at 3.30 pm...
On Sunday, this company did not want to help us because it is Sunday ... I specify that we paid for insurance 24 hours a day; 7/7. So if you want to lose your time, take Cruisin !

When the second vehicle is finally here (vehicle from Sydney), we immediately detected a strong smell of gas. Nobody wanted to hear or smell.
To be sure, after a few hours in the vehicle, we stopped at a volunteer fire prevention center that confirmed there was a gas leak, even though it was cut off. The volunteer assumes a problem of tightness at the level of the bottle or the regulator.
We also had no GPS (it is also a paid service). Cruisin tells us to buy our own GPS for a maximum of $ 150. This one could be refunded when we return the vehicle.
The greywater tank was not emptied.
The clean water tank has not been filled.
The full electricity was not done.
The fridge was not working because of the gas problem.
There was no hot water.
A few days after using the second vehicle, a warning light appears. It said we have to control the engine. We had a loss of speed, we can not accelerate. We have regularly to stop the engine of the vehicle, waiting several minutes to be able to leave again.
The contact was made again with Cruisin who does not know what we are talking about ... Permanent stress to the idea that the vehicle stops in the middle of our journey.
It is clear that we were forced to take this vehicle because the service did not want to provide other means of transport.
Do not count on them for a discount.
We also had to pay $ 250 for vehicle travel because the breakdown on the first vehicle would be our fault ...
And of course, no proof, just the bill to pay at the end.

This company is only able to cash the money but not find a solution.

Avoid this company as much as possible if you do not want to waste time and money!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value