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As an Aussie page born and bred, we reckon we know Apollo Motorhomes Australia pretty well. Check out what's going on with Australia's largest campervan and motorhome rental company...

UPDATE: Apollo Campers Australia has introduced a new, zippy little camper they call Vivid. Barrelling head long in to a market space dominated by Jucy and Spaceships

The Vivid Camper....

Apollo's new family member is a compact 4 berth with a customised interior for kitchen, bag storage and sleeping whilst making day time driving just like being in a mini van. At night it folds out for 2 peeps to sleep inside and there's a nifty little roof tent to sleep 2 peeps up top. This way you get a car during the day and 4 beds at night.

This model has been adopted by the youthful purple and green of Jucy for some years and Apollo must feel it is worth splashing some design cash in to to get the youth market. Strangely enough, Apollo already have a youth/budget brand in Hippie Campers which does not have this model. One thing that sets this version apart from the Jucy model is the quality of the mini van that it is based on - Mercedes Benz as opposed to Jucy's Toyota range. In addition, Apollo have a policy not to run a vehicle beyond 3 years (or around 150,000km) where as the the little purple turtle is normally bought as a 2nd hand vehicle, converted, and run for a further 5 years.

So, if you are looking for super small, super fuel economy and willing to sacrifice some comforts for a smaller price, this little Vivid camper by Apollo might just be the ticket. But you have to be nimble.

Now, we resume normal transmission...

Apollo Campers Australia Review

Whilst driving in Australia,  you are probably going to see more Apollo branded vehicles on the roads than any other campervan rental company. Currently they have over 4000 vehicles with plans to add another 1500 vehicles to the fleet. Established in 1985 in Australia, they now also operate in New Zealand, USA and Canada. Whilst the Apollo brand is probably the most famous of the brands operated by this company, they also own  Star RV,  Cheapa Campa and Hippie Campers, which satisfy the higher, lower and youth priced segments of the market. Within the Apollo branded vehicles you will find Campervans, Motorhomes and 4wd campers.

Apollo campervan hire Euroslider interiorWhat Apollo Tells Us

Apollo wants us to know that they have the largest camper hire rental fleet in Australia. They are proud of being one of the largest privately owned leisure vehicle operators in the world. 

Apollo hopes to have a vehicle for to suit every style of self drive holiday and is aimed at those travellers with just a little bit more money and more care for quality. Their cheapest camper is still of pretty good quality and is a Hi Top camper with all the modern conveniences. From there the vehicles just get bigger, better, nicer and pricier. They aim to impress with their selection of locations, vehicles and their caring staff.


Apollo campervan hire Australia Eurocamper ExteriorCampervans and Motorhomes running under the Apollo brand in Australia are a maximum of 3 years old. After that, or at 150,000km, they sell them or pass them on to their cheaper family of campers under the brand of Cheapa Campa.

Like pretty much all the campervan hire companies, you are charged by calendar days used, not time of day picked up like car rental. So it pays to pick up early and drop off late as you are paying for whole day regardless.

If you rent a motorhome with a toilet you will have to get used to the idea of emptying the cassette as if you return it full, you will be paying a fee. Which begs the question - where is the nearest dump point to the location you are returning to. There are not many dump points inside major cities. Check out http://www.dumppoints.com

Just so you know which of the Apollo brands is best for you, here is how they stack up: Star RV is the brand used for campervans and motorhomes that are brand new to $60,000km (about 1 year). Apollo campervans are run from 60,000km to 150,000km (1 year old to approx. 3), Cheapa Campa then runs the camper from 150,000km to end of life which might be about 5 years. Hippie Camper has new and old vehicles that are aimed at the youth market so are generally smaller with fewer amenities and only a couple of different models.

Reviews of the Apollo Campervans:

Apollo Hi Top Campervan

Apollo Hi Top Campervan AustraliaThis is the base model vehicle for Apollo keeping bells and whistles to a minimum. Whilst it could sleep 4, it can only seat 2 as the kitchenette is directly behind the driver, meaning other passengers would have to sit sideways on the bench seats and this is not allowed. All the necessities are there for driving, sleeping cooking eating and cleaning but that's about it. Remember though that Apollo set a higher bar than "budget" agencies in the market so the base model at Apollo will be equal to or better than the "deluxe" model at a cheap agency.


  • 2ppl only
  • Base model so has less inclusions
  • Bed set up across the bench seats
  • Small fridge
  • Manual pump water
  • Storage above driver
  • Fully stand up
  • Pillow and case, sleeping bag, sheet, bath towel cooking gear
  • Expect to pay at least $63pd


  • Can fully stand up.
  • Functions well to get from place A-B, cook and sleep, but not much else.
  • Storage above driver cabin not entirely taken up bedding and mattresses.


  • You have to find public toilets and showers regularly
  • Small gas cylinder of 2kg
  • Sleeping bags supplied: who want to be sleeping in a bag 100 other people have been in.
  • Manual gear shift

Apollo Endeavour Campervan

Apollo Endeavour Campervan AustraliaSame base model vehicle and most the same attributes of the HiTop except for a different layout in the back to accommodate 2 extra bodies. It's indicated to be 2 adults sleeping below and 2 kids sleep above, however I checked with Apollo about having 4 adults and it is fine to do. The maximum weight rating for the upper bed is 200kg. The average weight of an adult is 75kg so just be sure to sort your sleeping out best according to weight.


  • 4 ppl
  • Can fit child seat - forward facing only from 9kg/70cm upwards.
  • Auto transmission
  • 1/2 size fridge
  • Little storage as the compartment above driver full of bedding
  • Expect to pay at least $78pd


  • 4 peeps
  • Child seat capability


  • Not going to be a lot of storage for 4 peoples gear
  • Child seat is $30pd - only about $11 when you rent a car.

What's the difference between...
Hi-Top and the Endeavour Campervans?

Endeavour - Auto transmission; HiTop - Manual
Endeavour - baby seats OK; HiTop - nope
Endeavour - water tank 55 litres; HiTop - 31 Litres
Endeavour - Doona and sheets; HiTop - Sleeping bag and sheets
The rest is the same.

Apollo Euro Tourer Campervan

Apollo Euro Tourer campervan AustraliaWhy the Euro name? - because it is based on a European model vehicle - in this case a VW  rather than the Australian built Hiace used for the other 2 campervan models (used to be Mercedes Sprinter so don't be surprised if you get a Merc model). With total shut down of all vehicle manufacturing taking place in Australia, pretty soon Apollo will have to name all their vehicles after other parts of the globe.

The Euro tourer is the luxury model of the campervan class. Significantly bigger than the Hiace model that is used for the HiTop and Endeavour models, it could easily fit 4 people, but Apollo have decided it is better suited to 2 people traveling in style. This vehicle is when you are really starting to get to hotel-room style on wheels. Electric pump water, TV, DVD, air con (when on mains power), 3/4 sized fridge bigger than many hotels - shower and toilet. If connected to mains power, this has all the facilities of a decent hotel room minus the carpet. When not on power you will lose the air con and microwave and the use of any power sockets however, this is the same for all campervan and motorhomes that carry those items. A normal powered site at a caravan park will set you back $30-$50. Some will be more in high season, some will be less in some towns. (if you are interested in comparing campervan hire using caravan parks VS car hire and hotels, read this article )

Of course, like all things luxury, there is an additional price to pay. In this case it is basically double what you will pay for the HiTop and 50% more than the Endeavour, but if you are the kind of person that likes to glam it up when traveling, this is the unit for you.


  • 2 ppl
  • VW base
  • Shower, toilet
  • 3 burner stove
  • 3/4 size fridge
  • TV & DVD player
  • Air con whilst parked (mains power)
  • Double bed made from the lounge area
  • expect to pay: $123pd


  • Well appointed inside makes it a plush ride.
  • Good storage.
  • Doonas and sheets rather than sleeping bags and sheets.


  • Pricy.
  • Got to empty toilet casette before return which can be a smelly job.
  • Interior height only 1.9mtr (other models 2m)
  • They don't even throw in some camp chairs for free when you rent this higher priced vehicle, still got to rent them separately.

Reviews of the Apollo Motorhomes:

Apollo Euro Camper Motorhome

Apollo Euro Camper Motorhome AustraliaMotorhomes are bigger, plusher and more expensive than campervans and generally have walk through access from the front seat.  The base model of the motorhomes for Apollo is the the Euro Camper. As we have moved into the more luxurious category, TVs, DVDs, Microwaves, showers and toilets all become standard and this motorhome is no exception. This model is perfectly acceptable and being less than 3 years old will have all the mod cons that you are after. You can expect a higher level of quality of appointments, but one of the biggest complaints about motorhomes is that the shower/toilet area is "smelly". Everyones tolerances are different but keep this in mind for all motorhomes with those facilities.


  • 4 ppl
  • Manual transmission
  • Baby seats available
  • Shower toilet etc
  • Air con in the main cabin when on mains power
  • Expect to pay: $145pd


  • Comfy for 4 peeps
  • Baby seat available for family friendly
  • Cheapest motorhome model from Apollo


  • Mileage on motorhomes is poor at 14ltrs per 100km
  • Some wear and tear on cushions and door/drawer latches
  • Emptying toilet cassettes can be bad news for the squeamish

Apollo Euro Star Motorhome

Apollo Euro Star Motorhome, Australia

This is just a slightly upgraded model of the Euro Camper. The swanky thing about this model that sets it apart from many others is the electric raise and lower of the double bed at the back. Very handy at the end of the day when it comes to bed time - no moving of boards and cushions to make the bed. The only concern is what if it gets stuck? I hope there is a manual override. Generally the more moving parts a thing has, the more things there are to break down. There is also a slide out cooker come BBQ from the side of the motorhome. Australia loves to BBQ so this is a welcome addition to allow for smokey outdoor cooking under the expansive awning.

This is a really homely unit. It has luxury and comfort and will be just a like a plush hotel room on wheels for those who want all the creature comforts when they travel.


  • 4ppl
  • Auto transmission
  • Reversing camera
  • Side awing
  • Microwave and gas oven
  • 2 gas + 1 electric hot plate
  • 3/4 sized fridge
  • Outdoor stereo and speakers
  • Double bed over cabin
  • Double bed with electric lift/lower
  • Toilet/shower
  • Expect to pay at least: $156pd

What's the Difference Between...
Euro Star and Euro Camper Motorhomes?

Euro Star: automatic - Euro Camper: manual transmission
Euro Star: fridge 150ltr - Euro Camper: 110ltr
Euro Star: cooktop 3 (2 gas 1 electric) + oven - Euro Camper:3 gas
Euro Star: gas 9kg - Euro Camper: 4 kg
Euro Star: water tank 150ltr - Euro Camper: 100ltrs
Euro Star: Electric life bed - Euro Camper: no lift. smaller 2nd bed

Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome

Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome Australia

This is the largest model Apollo offers with 3 double beds for 6 people. The fridge is a little small to cater for 6 people I think, but there is a lot to fit in to this motorhome. Something else to keep in mind is showering for 6. The hot water system can be slow to heat up and quick to run out in motorhomes, so don't plan on all 6 people showing one-after-the-other. You should spread it out between mornings and nights - and keep the times to a minimum, 100 litres of water won't go far when there are 6 showers in a day. On the up side, this model has a grey water waste tank making the vehicle entirely self enclosed. This is handy for some council parking rules that only allowed self contained motorhomes to park legally overnight on the side of the road.
There are actually a tonne of little things in this motorhome that make it a sweet ride, not the least of which is the separate dining area for kids, the awning and the outdoor speakers so make sure you sit through a walkthrough video for this motorhome before you drive away in it.


  • 6ppl
  • Manual transmission
  • 2 dining areas
  • Side awning
  • Reversing camera
  • TV/DVD
  • Air con
  • Toilet and Shower
  • 3 gas burner and microwave
  • 1/2 size fridge
  • Baby seat OK
  • Waste water tank
  • Expect to pay: $156pd


  • 6 people
  • baby seat
  • side awning
  • plush ride


  • small fridge
  • 1 bed a little small
  • 14ltrs per 100km fuel efficiency is pretty lame
  • Changing a flat tire is a REAL pain

Apollo Euro Slider Motorhome

Apollo Euro Slider Motorhome Australia

Apollo are stepping up a notch with this motorhome being the only one that has a slide out wall to expand the living and cooking area when parked. If you are looking for a hotel-room-on-wheels, then you have found it here.

With all the modern conveniences for both cooking and relaxing, it will be hard to find a motorhome flasher than this when you turn up to a caravan park. Please keep in mind the motorhome must be parked on a flat stable surface to be able to side out, this is not always the case with roadside stops. Roadside stops are normally in great condition along the main Australian highways, but if you want to be get off the beaten track and on the the B roads and C roads, the spots are less maintained. You shouldn't let this stop you from renting this motorhome, just something to keep in mind. Like the Euro Deluxe, this motorhome has a grey water tank so is completely self contained - very handy if you find yourself pulling up to a road side stop that only allows overnighting in fully self contained vehicles.

Be aware this motorhome has complicated system to run all the little devices it has - there are circuit switches galore and numerous things that must be turned on, off or turned on in a certain order to make everything work. You should watch the "Show Through" video here or at Apollo before driving away. It lets you know things like how to empty the toilet cassette and that it takes 20 mins to heat up the water for a shower. It also highlights some traps you can fall in to that that will result in extra fee charges if you don't do as they ask.
It is a little pedestrian and long but I really advise you watch it all before renting it or heading out in it.


  • 4ppl
  • Auto transmission
  • Slide out wall
  • Side awning
  • NO child seat allowed
  • Full size fridge
  • walk through access
  • 4 stove cooker
  • Full oven 4 cooker stove, range hood, microwave
  • Reversing camera
  • TV/DVD
  • Air Con
  • Expect to pay: $173pd


  • Luxury and space via the slide out wall
  • Fully self contained
  • Decent amount of gas for hot water and cooking


  • Get to 2nd bed via a ladder
  • Pricey
  • Must be parked on flat solid base to open slide wall
  • Changing a tire can be very hard

If looking for something even more luxurious than the Apollo Motorhomes, then Star RV campers will be newer and flasher.

Review of the Apollo 4WD Campervans

Apollo trailfinder 4wd campervan australia

Apollo are offering 3 models of 4wd (4x4) campervans. 

Adventure Camper: A low-level model for 2 people 

Overlander Camper: Low-level model for 5 people  

Trailfinder Camper: a hard-core, go anywhere for 2 people 

What do i mean by low-level and hard core?

Low Level - Dirt roads that are graded or slightly washboard roads, creek crossings, grass fields, flat-lands.
Hard core - Desert tracks, deep ruts, severe washboard roads, steep incline/decline, forest track bush bashing.

Gibb River Road Easy sectionApollo 4wd campervan

Dirt road, mostly graded, mild washboard, low creek crossings vs

Dust, ruts, washboard and mud

The Adventure 4x4 Camper

Apollo campervan hire Adventure 4wd camper exteriorApollo campervan rental Adventure 4wd camper interiorThe Adventure Camper uses the concept of building tortoise-shell accommodation on the back of a ute (flat bed vehicle). These utes are mainly used by tradies to carry tools and get into muddy places for work. Strictly speaking they are 4wd vehicles (not AWD) including Hi and Low range gears but are not great for high ground clearance and steep terrain.

The advantage of this kind of model is the room. The tortoise shell on the back goes up and over the roof and allows for designers to come up with great concepts using all the available space. So when it comes to comfort and space this baby is right on. All this extra space comes with a price of course - it is heavy. Given the average ground clearance of the Toyota Hilux it is built on, and the extra weight, expect a few more rock bashes under the vehicle and keep the angle of of incline attempted as merely "insane". Also a reduction in fuel efficiency compared to some others.


  • 2ppl only
  •  Plenty of room
  •  Manual Transmission
  •  Air con in main cabin (with mains power)
  •  No Kids under 8yo
  •  Pop top roof to stand up
  •  Side awning comes standard
  •  32ltr fridge
  •  Small 40ltr water tank

4x4 driving fun to be had. Go almost anywhere
Lots of room compared to other 4x4 styles
AIr Con in rear cabin
Awning comes standard

Heavy with the shell on the back.
There are some places it just wont get too without trouble
No walkthrough from front - must enter via rear door

The Trailfinder 4x4 Campervan

Apollo campervan hire Trailfinder 4wd camper exteriorThe Trailfinder Camper, built using the Toyota Landcruiser is in another category. If you are looking to go to those places in Australia that only the few get to go to, this is the 4wd campervan for you. It will go places the other models won't go due to it's high ground clearance, whopping V8 turbo diesel engine, all terrain tires and it's pure engineering to survive no matter what you throw at it. Don't get me wrong, you can go plenty of places in Australia with the Adventure and Overlander models, but quite honestly, there will be a nagging feeling in the back of your mind - will we make it to the end of this track? No such feeling with the Trailfinder. It's more like - that track was killer fun, where is the next one?

The Trailfinder is also better appointed for outback adventure. 2x 90ltr tanks not only gives you more fuel, but a safety in case once gets a puncture. The water tank is nicely tucked under the chassis keeping it safe but not getting in the way of day to day use and is a better sized 50ltrs. In the other 2 models, water and extra fuel all come in jerry cans. Trying to add just a little bit of luxury to the outback workhorse, Apollo have added a pop-top roof for added headroom when parked, a larger 48ltr fridge and a side awning included. The side awning will protect you from the elements whilst using the slide out cookers and sink on the passenger side.

If you have kids unfortunately this model won't suit you, but if you are a couple looking to see the wilds of Australia, you can't go pass the Trailfinder that hopefully will get you into a little trouble but will also be able to get you out of it too.


  • 2ppl only
  • Side extending kitchen
  • Manual Transmission
  • Burly V8 Turbo engine
  • No Kids under 8yo
  • Pop top roof to stand up
  • Side awning comes standard
  • 48ltr fridge
  • 50ltr water tank


  • Powerful engine and trusted outback vehicle
  • Pop top roof
  • Larger fuel and water tanks


  • Drivers cabin not as quiet or comfortable as Adventure Camper
  • Average mileage
  • no toilet, shower outdoor solar

The Overlander 4x4 Campervan

Apollo campervan rental Overlander 4wd camper InteriorThe Overlander is the newest addition for the 4wd section of Apollo and should appeal to those who are travelling outback with a family or those who just like to rough it. No Sleeping inside the camper, all sleeping is done in tents. Some in a roof tent and the rest on the ground in an awning. Also, no real adjustments to the interior of the vehicle so they can continue to sit 5 people in there - the seating has been left traditional with a front row and back row. The rear storage is the only area where some customisation has been done. There is more storage on the roof and that is also where the tents go. There is a whopping 45ltr fridge/freezer in the back that will run off the house battery but whilst it is nice to have that much refrigeration for 5 people, it takes up A LOT of room. In the end the problem with this camper is storage. Up to 5 people in there and very little spare space to put all their stuff. The blue box on the roof will go a bit of a way, but if you are taking a whole family in this, be aware that you are going to be putting things in every nook and cranny you can find to store them.

This campervan is really the only 4wd option that Apollo are offering for families, and it seems there competitors are doing the same, but at the end of the day you are really just getting a 4wd and a tent. I guess its a one-stop shop, but I wonder what could be achieved just by renting a 4wd, a tent and 32ltr fridge. There are some other little benefits though, the awning that comes included as standard, the gas burner and the table to put it on. If you are travelling to the point of pickup from overseas or similar, then this vehicle still has an appeal, but many Australians would be able to achieve what's there by renting a 4wd and taking things they probably already have.


  • 5ppl family capability
  • large side annex
  • Manual Transmission
  • Burly V8 Turbo engine
  • 2 kids seats allowed
  • Roof tent
  • Side awning comes standard
  • 45ltr fridge
  • 15ltr water tank


  • Powerful V8 Landcruiser
  • Takes 5 peeps including child seats
  • 45ltr fridge and house battery to run it
  • Only 4wd that takes kids under 8yo


  • Little storage
  • Sleeping in tents
  • Tiny water tank

BTW if you can grab an air compressor from an auto store it is well worth it on long off-road trips. When driving on long dirt roads you should let air out of the tires, the compressor will let you blow them back up once you get on the bitumen.


This is a benchmark company that the others measure themselves against. You will almost certainly find a vehicle style to suit you but they book out quick in high season because of their popularity

By far the most complained about aspect of Apollo is the time it takes to return the safety deposit that you give when you commence hire.  All campervan and motorhome rental companies will take a bond of some sort - Apollo seems to be lagging the most in getting it back to you. In the mean time it can leave a big hole in your credit card that may rack you up some interest charges with your bank. Considering the amount of complaints about it I can only assume they are stashing it away in a short term high interest account. There is nothing you can do to speed it up so be prepared.

From the Agency

No word from this agency yet. Come back and see if they checked in soon.


  • Huge company with massive fleet.
  • A quality company
  • Plenty of depot locations


  • Can book out in peak periods due to popularity.
  • Mid to high price range
  • People complain about how long it takes to get deposit back.


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, Ireland
1 Review

"Disgraceful - Avoid at all costs"

  • Reviewed

We rented a hippie drift van, problems from the very start. Customer service was terrible picking the van up, we arrived at 10.30 and didn't get the van until 3.30!The van was extremely old, 300,000Km and drove poorly from the start. The light was held on with tape and the wooden bed frame was cracked. Having missed most of the first day of holidays the van then broke down on the morning of our third day. We were brought to the nearest town by the police and called the Apollo Assist team....24hours later still in this town with no mode of transport, apollo say they can arrange a tow truck to bring uds back to perth in 30 hours!There is a towing service here who are available to do it now.

1Service 1Mechanical 2Interior 1Value
, Germany
1 Review

"Hippie Camper"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

Super Service, sehr nette Mitarbeiter, die sehr flexibel sind. Sind sehr zufrieden.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Spain
1 Review

"The biggest fraud"

  • Reviewed

We are really disappointed about apollo Brisbane, this was supposed to be the best place to book a camperhome and it’s not that.. The other day we arrived to get our camperhome and we had a very big problem. We arrived at 9:15am and we got our camperhome at 2pm. We booked a camperhome with a name and other friend of my school booked another camperhome at the same moment with his name but we pay the booking with the same card because my friend didn’t has his card at this moment.

So, when we arrived this morning to get it, they said that we have to pay 2 camperhomes and we went to get just our camperhome with my name. They didn’t understood that it was not both camperhomes and they said that we have to pay for the cancellation of the other camperhome AFTER payed all the money for our car, 4000 dollars. They told us that after paying all the money for our camperhome and after told us that if we didn’t pay the other camperhome we didn’t have any camperhome. Do you think this is right ?

We said to the guy who attended us, AARON that we don’t have 4000 dollar more for one that is not on our name!! Is not our booking, is the booking of a friend. Do you think it is normal that we pay a camperhome which is not booked on our names ?

After a long conversation, for solving the problem we must had to pay 300 dollar More, we paid it for the others for finally take our camperhome because it’s was the only option for take it. We didn’t have choice... We had every campings booked during the next 10 days and it was Christmas!

After he said that we must pay the rest when we come back but we don’t have this money and we are really not agree with that and we can’t pay it for one booking that is not our ! We can’t afford it because we don’t have that money we are students and it is not our contract.

We also want to make another complain. We have been attended by a very rude vendedor, AARON BRANCH MANAGER, he told us that we have no problem for taking our camperhome, because we told him we just went to get one camperhome, our one,and not my friend’s one.He made us pay around 4000 dollars with a big smile, after paying that he told us that now we have a problem and told us that if we didn’t pay the cancellation of the other camperhome, which means paying all of it, 100%, we can’t take our camperhome. He wanted us to pay other 4000 dollars for the other. If we didn’t have the cancellation of the other people we didn’t get our car. We tried to talk to solve the problem and he was very arrogant and he didn’t let us talk, he didn’t treat us as costumers, just he repetead that we had two options, or we paid the cancellation of the other camperhome which its not ours, to be able to get ours, or lose 4000 dollars that we had already paid without getting any camperhome.

So finally, after calling the police because we were feeling cheated, he gave us other option, pay 300 dollars for the other camperhome which is not our problem, for not losing the money that we had already paid and can get our car. After paying 300 dollars for solving the problem, He forced us to sign a paper of recognition of debts for could get our car, a debt of almost 3000 dollars, again cheating on us, if we didn’t sign it, we would lose 4500 dollars in total that we had already paid. At this moment, he said that we must sing it in two minutes, without giving us more time, he would cancel both camperhomes without returning any money and he said he will take the money of the card that paid the booking because he was able to do that. And it is my card, so he made us sign that for not losing our money and finally take the camperhome. He all the time told us the bad news after paying what he said to get our camperhome. We had not choice because we had all the campings booked everywhere, and he told us that sending this email probably all will be finished.

We are in Australia to enjoy and visit your country, we choose Apollo because we listen and we saw that is the best company for booked camperhome but we are very disappointed for the problem that we had and how he treated us with a really bad behavior...

We understand that it’s a problem for the company to loose money but it’s not our fault and they can’t charge us the debts.

If someone can help us please..? We don't know what can we do!!!

Also, yesterday we gave the camperhome and today I have a new charge around 80$ because the tell me that we arrive 10min late...its crazy, my good they are scammers I don't know if that is because we are student and we can do anything... Please help us...

1Service 1Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
, Germany
1 Review

"Great trip"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

Thanks for the very friendly and quick check out at Adelaide done by Mr. Bosch. We didn‘t have any problems with the car. But the interior should be more comfortable and practical like in your newly intoduced car (e.g. plastic boxes). For a 4 WD should be a compressor and a „ramp“ for sandy tracks available.

5Service 3Mechanical 2Interior 3Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Wonderful service"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

We had Wonderful Service from Nancy and the team at the Brisbane office, we are Very Happy with the Hi Top Camper, we will definitely use Apollo again, Ed and Annette Victoria.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hi Anette.
    Wonderful news that you had a great time. If you get a chance maybe log back in and change the star rating for Apollo on this one. You only gave 1 star across the board, I'm sure you meant to give 5 :-)

, Australia
1 Review

"Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues weekend"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

The service that we received from Nancy at the Brisbane office was exceptional. We would recommend Apollo to our friends.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Another Great Roadtrip"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

Another great road trip for me. Nearly 8,000 kms in 36 days. Thanks Apollo.
Well kitted out. A newish hi top and it drove really well. Love Toyotas!

4Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 4Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Dirty, tired looking, badly equipped - BEWARE."

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

Rented the "Deluxe" motorhome from Apollo, there is nothing "Deluxe" about it I am afraid to say. When we got they keys we couldn't have been more disappointed, it looked so worn and tired. The toilet smelt so bad it knocked us sick and the curtains were stained, covered in mold and looked like they hadn't been washed......ever! We advised Apollo and were told there was nothing they could do as all other vehicles were out on rental. They said they would give it another clean, what they did in fact do was throw some bleach down the toilet and spray some air freshener. Oh and we got a whole $100 refund for our inconvenience, not good enough! As we didn't want to ruin our holiday, we took the van, drove straight to the nearest supermarket, bought cleaning products and did our best to freshen it up.
Did I mention that they did not provide the promised welcome pack either.
Also the vehicle did not have the promised outdoor chairs, we had to buy those ourselves! Yes they reimbursed us in full for said chairs but who wants to have to start buying items for what is supposed to be a fully equipped van.
The toilet smelt terrible all through our holiday despite us continuously cleaning it, as did the drains. Those disgusting curtains never closed properly to block out the sun and we found a rather large unpleasant stain on the mattress we had to sleep on. Also the utensils in the van are none existent. All in all we had a great holiday but I would never rent from Apollo again, we have advised them of all our issues and they have responded, but I get the impression they know of the problems in their vehicles and they don't really care.

4Service 3Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Adventure Camper was good"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

Your staff in Broome looked after us very well and dealt with our concerns.
That is one tough little vehicle and even with 100,000 ks on the clock it did not miss a beat. However the internal fittings are well out of date for current clients and would benefit from a complete redesign with customer input.

5Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Apollo tries to add extra fees in every step and trick/force you into their "extras""

  • Reviewed 11 months ago

First of they try to add ever extra payed thing they can find, you even pay for bed sheets! They charge a NON Refundable fee of $60 just in order to pay (not hold the money) bond of $3000-5000 if you don't use their overpriced insurance package.
The car was in a really bad mechanical state and I wasn't sure if it was really save at some point. The camping/van equipment was cheaply built and hard to use. On top of that the staff was not really helpful at all, they just want to get done with their task for the day and don't really car about your concerns.
I never going to rent from them again.

2Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"We were happy"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

Hired a six berth camper in adelaide, went away for 10 days with my wife and kids. The camper was clean and modern and all went well, a good experience for all, the staff were professional and friendly. Cheers apollo

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review

"no no no"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

I would never use apollo again. Took us four vans in one week to get one close to right. Leaking toilets on the first two and no hot water on number three. If you take out the basic insurance they take $5000 of your credit card as bond. Then takes 15 business days to get it back at the end of the hire. Plus they tried to send me a fine for using citilink when I had a day pass. …Plus a $75 administration fee. Talk a rip off.

While their customer service team was great and very helpful the maintenance team are pathetic and the people who set the rates and fees are close enough being criminal.

5Service 2Mechanical 3Interior 2Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Enjoyed our time"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

The motorhome was well maintained, as I couldn’t find no broken things and was also very good cleaned. Everything was privided what you might need during your camping trip and worked very good. To change the living room into a bed is a very straight forward proces and wasn’t hard to do at all. I can only recommended this company to you as we had a very good experience with them.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Canada
1 Review

"No problems"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

I rented the Apollo 6 Berth and I found it very good and reliable. The vehicle was clean and tidy and also well equipped with no missings or broken things.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Very happy with Euro Star"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

Just finished our trip through Australia with Apollo’s Euro Star. Very good vehicle, good service and no problems with the bond whatsoever. The all inclusive insurance does cover the damage to the lower part of vehicle or roof of the RV. It’s slight more expensive but we took the safe way and be sure we were covered.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review

"problems. not happy"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

We had a very disapponting expierience with a campervan with Apollo-Australie last March.
The electric system of our first campervan was unserviceable (no fridge,airco etc.). Besides this, the campervan had not been cleaned properly, we found used toiletpaper in the bathroom, old shoes in the closet, no tools to clean (i.e. brush) and the curtains did not close well enough. It was een RV STAR camper. We had to spend a night at a holidaypark while waiting for a solution for this unfortunate situation. The first campervan was replaced by another one in Sydney, wich was from an older year than we had booked and paid for. We were told we would receive a refund for thiis for the rest of our stay (anothe 3 weeks), but we have not received it, as Apollo now denies their promiss to compensate.
When we drove off with the second campervan, we encountered several technical deficiences along the way again. A broken battery (no electricity for 3 days), a leak in the boiler (no water for 3 days), followed by a leak in the watertank (another 2 days without water). The service provided by Apollo lacked understanding, for example, they tried to make us return to Sydney to get another battery, while we were days of driving away form Sydney and we were already delayed by the replecement of the first campervan. The repairs cost a lot of our holiday time, we had to call Apollo almost daily (57 times intotal, whisch cost us another 530 euros), we had to look for the appropriate garages ourselves and we have waited many hours for repairs to be done. When one issue was fixed, the next one came up and we had to go through the same process again. This was certainly not what we had in mind by driving around Autralia for a 4 weeks holiday. Utterly frustrated and tired of it all, we returned home a week earlier.
The reaction to our misfortune by teh Supervisor Guest Relation, mister A. Smart, was also very disappointing. We had to put a lot of effort to be a little compensated for the loss of time and holiday pleasure. Many times our emails to the office were not even replied to, which left us feeling very frustrated and misunderstood for the difficulties we encountered.
We advice anyone against renting a campervan with Apollo!!

3Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Transaction fees"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

Non-Australian travelers should anticipate an extra cost of 225 Australian dollars. The reason is that Apollo doesn’t just make a reservation on your credit card as other rental agencies do, but they deduct the bond from your credit card and transfer it back after your trip. That means that you pay two times credit card fees, which is (Mastercard) 2 * 1.5% * 7,500 Austr dollars = 225 dollars. On top of this you run the risk that the rate of the dollar decreases in the meantime.

3Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 3Value
, Australia
3 Review


  • Reviewed 2 years ago

A friend of mine used to work at Apollo. It is actually known in the company that they hold on to the bond as long as possible because they are earning interest on these amounts. The staff who have to talk to angry customers are embarrassed about it, but they can't do a thing. They are told just to pass the customers off to an email address that no-one ever replies to. Think about it, the company has a fleet of 4000 vehicles. If only half of those vehicles have paid a bond of $2500, they would be earning interest on $5 million on any given day/ week. So their internal (secret) policy is to hold on to the bond as long as possible. People should really start complaining about this company, not just to the Office of Fair Trading, but to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). My friend says the only way to get action is for people to complain to their own credit card companies and demand that the bond be refunded ASAP.

3Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Great van, but now worried about refund"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

Although we enjoyed our holiday with Apollo and our Van was clean, only a year old and comfortable to drive and live in, however I can sense I may have the same problem in regards to my money being refunded!

When we dropped off the camper, it was checked out and given the all clear! I was then told my money would be in moy account by monday the 19th of November its now the 21st and still nothing! Although its early days I think my situation may become the same as the many who have commented above!

After sending a couple of emails regarding this matter I have had no response and feel as if Apollo are witholding my money for some unstated reason! I am afraid if this continues I will be taking legal action! It is theft plain and simple.

As I already commented I had no problems with the van or the actual holiday itself, but because of my money not being returned when stated, I would not recommend Apollo to anyone !

3Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review


  • Reviewed 2 years ago

I hired an Apollo 4x4 camper & it was un-roadworthy.
The vehicle actually broke in half whilst driving it!
This vehicle had broken before as there was an illegal, according to the police & mechanics that viewed the vehicle, repair, by Apollo, to the chassis & Apollo still rented it to us.

See photo: http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/oldJack61/media/IMG_0430_zps905a9e27.jpg.html

3Service 1Mechanical 3Interior 2Value