Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe vs Britz 6 Berth Traveller

Whether you’ve decided to go on a road trip with five of your best mates, or have a large family to accommodate for, exploring Australia can be easily done by hiring a 6-berth motorhome. But with many options to choose from, how will you know which is the right choice for you? To save you some research time, we’re going to compare two motorhomes to help you make a decision.

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe vs Britz 6 Berth Traveller: Head to Head

In this article, we are looking at 6 berth campers from popular brands Apollo and Britz. These are pretty much the largest motorhome size that you will get and can easily accommodate 6 adults or a combination of adults and children. While some of the smaller campervans don’t include a kitchen or bathroom, the 6 berth motorhomes that we are comparing have all the facilities that you will need. This means you don’t need to worry about being at holiday park to be able to take a shower, and you can stop off on your journey whenever you like to prepare some food. You’ll just need to stay on top of making sure your water tank has enough water to keep everyone showered and happy! The Apollo Euro Deluxe campervans are between 0 and 3 years old, and the Britz Traveller could be expected to be in the same age range. Both vehicles are automatic, and both consume around 14 litres of petrol per 100km travelled. Britz also have another 6-berth campervan on offer that is similar to the Euro Deluxe, but we decided to look at the Traveller since it has a different interior layout.

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Rental Costs

For any campervan rental, the daily base rate will vary depending on the time of year and seasonal promotions or discounts. Low season will likely bring you better rates than high season does, so it’s a good idea to take note of public and school holidays in Australia before booking. For the purposes of this article, we made a booking enquiry for the 22nd July 2019 to the 5th August 2019 (2 weeks).

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe
Britz 6 Berth Traveller
AU $3073.25
AU $2772
AU $219.52
AU $184.08

Both companies include a standard insurance excess of $5000 within their rental price.

What’s included in the price?

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe
Britz 6 Berth Traveller
CD/radio/Aux/USB plus TV/DVD player
CD/radio/Bluetooth/Aux plus TV/DVD player
Three Burner
Three Burner
110 litre fridge/freezer
150 litre fridge/freezer
Water Tank
100 ltr
75 ltr
Unlimited mileage
Unlimited mileage
24-hour assistance
Air Conditioning
Tourist info and maps

Optional Extras

Camping Table
Camping Chairs
$10pd (max $100)
Additional Driver
Booster Seat (14-26kg)
Child Seat (8-15kg)
Satellite phone
$20pd plus call charges
$20pd plus call charges

Please note: Prices are one time unless otherwise specified Apollo doesn’t have too many other optional extras, although this could change in the future. On the other hand, Britz has many optional extras which will definitely come in handy, especially if you are travelling with a large family. You can choose from a high chair ($23), extra duvet/doona for cold nights ($16), Wi-Fi Hotspot data (from $35), prepaid gas bottle refill ($18), first aid kit ($35 if opened), an awning ($5pd), an esky/cooler bin ($23) and prepaid fuel.

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe vs Britz 6 Berth Traveller Berth Costs Winner: Britz

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe vs Britz 6 Berth Traveller Design

Apollo 6 berth Interior

Britz 6 berth Traveller Interior

Welcome to your home away from home! It can be hard to imagine just how you can fit six people comfortably into a motorhome, but with both the Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe and the Britz 6 Berth Traveller, it’s easily done. These motorhomes are much larger than your typical 2 or 4-person campervan, with room to move around and stand up inside. You get kitchen and bathroom facilities, so you don’t need to worry about relying on campground or holiday park facilities to do your cooking or bathing. Each motorhome has 3 double beds – 2 in the interior and 1 in the space that goes over the driver and passenger seats. The bathroom has a shower and toilet, and the kitchen has three gas stove burners, a sink, a microwave, and all the cutlery, plates and cooking utensils that you will need for cooking basic meals. The Britz has a larger 150l fridge/freezer, compared to only 100l in the Apollo. The Apollo Euro Deluxe features two seating areas – one couch-like seat at the rear of the vehicle, and also 2 bench seats and a table in the middle. Both of these fold down at night time to the double beds. In the Britz, it’s slightly different, as one double bed stays made up at all times in the rear of the vehicle, but there are bench seats and a table in the middle which you can change between a seating area and a bed. The Britz also has a wardrobe if you need to hang your clothes, whereas in the Apollo you’ll need to just rely on storage cupboards to put your things. If you are worried about keeping the kids entertained while driving from A to B, both campervans have a TV/DVD player as well as CD/radio/Aux. Both vehicles have an awning and you choose to take advantage of the optional extras that each company provides so you can have tables and chairs for outside or bring your own.

Apollo 6 Berth Euro Deluxe vs Britz 6 Berth Traveller Design Winner: Britz

Company Reputation

After looking through a few websites and social media pages, we discovered that Britz seem to have the better reputation overall. Their overall rating was higher consistently, and there were more positive comments about the user experience. That’s not to say that Apollo is bad though, as there were plenty of great reviews for them as well. You can read more about our findings in the Apollo vs Britz comparison article.

Apollo vs Britz Reputation Winner: Britz

Insurance Matters

Apollo and Britz both include a $5000 excess in their rental price for these 6 berth campers. It’s possible to reduce this amount by paying an extra cost per day. Unfortunately, the minimum that you can bring this figure down to is $250 with Apollo, but with Britz you can bring it down to $0. For more information about what each company offers in terms of insurance, check out our Apollo vs Britz company comparison article.

Apollo vs Britz Insurance Winner: Britz

Anything else worth knowing?

When campervans seem pretty similar and its hard to make a decision between the two, it’s worth checking out what extra things the company has to offer in order for you to make a decision. We like that both Apollo and Britz have apps where you can view videos about your vehicle and also connect with other travellers. Britz were the winners for us though, thanks to their Eco accreditation and the different option extras and packs that you are able to purchase to make your journey easier and more comfortable.

Apollo vs Britz Extras Winner: Britz

Overall Winner - Britz!

Britz comes out as clear winner of this 6 berth campervan comparison. We like their slightly bigger vehicle design with extra storage space, and that you can leave one bed made up during the day. They also have an insurance policy that is easy to understand and the option to bring your excess to $0. The Britz 6 Berth Traveller is definitely a great option for touring Australia with your family or friends!

Compare prices of Apollo vs Britz campervans using our price comparison engine.

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