Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop Planning your campervan road trip around the great sights and cities of Australia is an exciting time, but one thing that you’ll no doubt be struggling to decide on is exactly which vehicle you will hire for your journey. In this article we are going to be comparing two campervans that are ideal for couples or two friends to enjoy while exploring everything this great country has to offer.

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop

Today we are having a look at two Hitop campers from Australian big guns Apollo and Britz, which give you a bit of extra room as well as an indoor kitchen space. They are ideal for couples or two friends that want to be able to do a lot of cooking, however they don’t have bathroom facilities. Due to this, you’ll most likely want to make use of campgrounds or holiday parks for showering. Apollos’ vehicles are less than three years old, whereas Britz’s Hitop campers can be up to five years old. Both vehicles are automatic Toyota Hiace or similar, and both consume 12 litres of fuel per 100 km according to each company.

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Rental Costs

The daily base rate varies for both campers depending on the time of year and seasonal promotions or discounts. Usually low season will give you better rates than high season does so remember to check for school holiday times and public holidays. For this article, we did a booking enquiry for the 20th June 2019 to the 4th July 2019 (2 weeks) picking up from Sydney.

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop
Britz 2 Berth Hitop
AU $1286.25
AU $1429.20
AU $91.86
AU $102.09

The prices mentioned for both companies include a standard insurance excess of $5000.

What’s included in the price?

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop
Britz 2 Berth Hitop
CD/radio with Aux/USB
CD/radio with Bluetooth/Aux
Dual Burner
Dual Burner
62 litre fridge/freezer
57 litre fridge/freezer
Water Tank
55 ltr
25 ltr
Unlimited mileage
Unlimited mileage
24-hour assistance
Air Conditioning
Tourist info and maps

Optional Extras

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop
Britz 2 Berth Hitop
Camping Table
Camping Chairs
$10pd (max $100)
Additional Driver
Booster Seat (14-26kg)
Child Seat (8-15kg)
Satellite phone
$20pd plus call charges
$20pd plus call charges

Please note: Prices are one time unless otherwise specified Unfortunately, Apollo doesn’t have too many other optional extras, although you can enquire with them when you pick up your rental to see what they have. Britz has a few handy additional items which may be useful to you including a high chair ($23), Wi-Fi Hotspot data (from $35), prepaid gas bottle refill ($18), an awning ($5pd), first aid kit ($35 if opened), extra duvet/doona for cold nights ($16), prepaid fuel and an esky/cooler bin ($23)

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop Costs Winner: Britz

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop Design

When you spend a lot of time inside a campervan, understanding the layout and design is key to making the right decision for your road trip. Will you have all the amenities that you need for a comfortable journey? If you are a couple or two friends, then the Apollo 2 Berth Hitop and Britz 2 Berth Hitop are good choices. Their higher roof makes it easier to move around and you are able to stand up inside unlike in other 2 berth campers. You have kitchen facilities inside the camper so you can cook all of your meals, but you don’t have a shower or toilet. There are only 2 seatbelts (driver and passenger seats), so these Hitop campers are really only suitable for 2 people without children. In both the Apollo and Britz Hitop campers, there are two bench seats with a table in the back so you can cook and eat inside if the weather is bad. The table and seats fold down to a double bed easily when you are ready to rest. The bed in the Apollo measures 1.9 x 1.6 m, and the Britz is 1.85 x 1.55 m. Both campers have a microwave, dual burner cooking top, a sink, plus all of the cutlery and plates that you’ll need are provided. Apollo includes a slightly bigger fridge/freezer than Britz does. You’ll also get a gas bottle with both. Britz has more bench space, which may make it easier to prepare meals. For entertainment when you are on the road, you can listen to your favourite tunes via radio or CD. Apollo includes Aux/USB, and Britz has Bluetooth/Aux.

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop Design Winner: Britz

Company Reputation

In our recent Apollo vs Britz company comparison article, we did some research on their reputation according to their customers. Looking at reviews left on both Hit the Road and each company’s own website, we found that Britz scored higher and generally had more positive reviews.

Apollo vs Britz Reputation Winner: Britz

Insurance Matters

You can find out more details about what Apollo and Britz offer in terms of insurance in our Apollo vs Britz comparison article. But to sum up, both companies include a standard excess of $5000 in the rental price. This can be reduced by paying an extra amount each day. Britz is the only company that offers a $0 excess reduction plus you can purchase an Inclusive pack which gets you other bits and pieces like camping chairs and tables. Apollo does have the option of window and tyre protection, but this still leaves you with a larger excess to pay if anything goes wrong.

Apollo 2 Berth Hitop vs Britz 2 Berth Hitop Winner: Britz

Anything else worth knowing?

Both companies have apps for connecting with other travellers, but Britz has more to offer in terms of optional extras and an Express Return pack for making things easy when you are in a rush to get to the airport. They also were the first Australian campervan rental company to gain Eco accreditation. It’s a pretty close race when it comes to extra offerings that each company has, but in our Apollo vs Britz article we decided that Britz was the winner of this category.

Apollo vs Britz Extras Winner: Britz

Overall Winner - Britz

The Apollo 2 Berth Hitop and Britz 2 Berth Hitop are very similar vehicles and both are a great choice for couples that want the option of cooking more meals while on the road. Britz does take our prize though as the winner thanks to their large number of optional extras, their reputation, and an easy to understand insurance policy.

Compare prices of Apollo vs Britz campervans using our price comparison engine.

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