Best Times of the Year to go RVing in the US

Your RV adventure can HitTheRoad any time of the year, whether it be in the summer, fall, spring, or winter―it doesn't matter. Just get out there and start RVing to your chosen destination. So what are you waiting for; fasten your seat belt and get rolling on the road.

RVing in the US is a fun-thrilled time I am always looking forward to. It is during these times that I experience freedom the most; breathe plenty country fresh air in my lungs and best of all get to know new places in America. The freedom of jumping into my RV and setting off into the sun is a liberty I can never take for granted. I often hear people enquiring about when are the best times to go RVing in the US. This article piece is written with the intention to address this issue. 



Summer proves to be the best time to go RVing in the US with family. 

One reason why RV rental is so big in summer is that kids are usually on their break from school and this is a great way to enjoy time away from home with them. The warm weather is another reason why I enjoy RVing in the summertime. In fact, I can just about do anything I want such as go roller skating, bike riding, swimming and so on during this type of warm season. 

Sightseeing and having fun with the family at amusement parks during summer is another great reason why I opted to start my RV engine and head off on my adventure. In addition, food is a big plus during summertime anywhere in the US and this is why summer appeals to many savvy RVers like me as well. 

A leading place to visit when you take to the road in summer is Bluewater Key RV Resort, which is found in Key West. At Bluewater Key, you will have the time of your life. This place offers you much enjoyment and while there you can dine in fine style and enjoy mouthwatering cuisine dishes as well as other numerous attractions that the city has to offer to visitors. Summertime is the perfect getaways for the entire family and you can use this time to develop a greater bond with your loved ones. Make sure to plan early so you can get a spot on the campground of your choice. 



Fall camping in the US is a must for plenty of RV enthusiasts and this is why so many of them choose to be on the road during this season. The cool breeze, falling leaves, and the breezy climate are some of the things that appeal to RVers who frequent the roads during fall time. 

Halloween activities are another reason why RVers HitTheRoad during the fall. When traveling from state to state, they get to enjoy the various ways that each area celebrates Halloween. One place where you can get a look at Halloween celebrations and even take part in them is at the famous Granite Hill Camping Resort found in Gettysburg, PA. At Granite Hill Resort, you will enjoy a panorama of pumpkin carving competitions, costume contests, trick-or-treats and you get to tour a long-ago Civil War barn that many people believe to be haunted over the years. 

So, enjoy the fall season with your family as you move from place to place in your RV. Make sure to bring along some jackets though just to be on the safe side in case it gets a bit too nippy outdoors. 



Another great time for RVers to HitTheRoad and visit new places in the US is during the spring season. 

The spring weather is usually beautiful and this makes travel even more fun being on the road. What’s more, the kids will be on their spring break holidays and being away from school means that they have more time to travel with you. 

Binghamton in New York has one of the best spring camping grounds in the US where you and the entire family can have a whale of a time. At Pine Valley RV Park and Campground in New York, you and the family will have a lot of picturesque scenes to look at. The campsite is nestled among some of the most beautiful hills found in all of Binghamton and there is no doubt you will be falling in love with the place. 

Another picturesque campsite option to consider when on the road in your RV during the springtime is Paradise, PAs Mill Bridge Village Camp Resort. At Mill Bridge, you can have most of your dreams become a reality. The resort’s location is among a fantastic setting of woodlands and forestry just waiting for you to explore. Make it a date and get your RV adventure off and running in the springtime where you can have plenty of fun times with the family. Put the spring season for your next RV rental adventure on your travel bucket list in the US. 

Winter? Sure!!! 


For most RVers, the winter season is a discouraging time to HitTheRoad. Yet, for the bold and adventurous ones, winter is a much loved time when they can get away from the cold and visit some warm places in the US. 

These places remain warm all throughout the entire year. And during the harsh cold times, many people flock here in order to escape the biting cold that covers many parts of the US. 

Key West in Florida is an ideal getaway hot spot for RVers who are trying to stay clear of the biting winter cold. There is warm tropical air for you to breathe and plenty sunshine to keep you warm all year long. The place has an abundance of palm trees that often sway in the cool breeze and is a haven for the young and old alike. If you want a warm sunny place to take your next RV adventure in the winter, Key West is your best choice. 

San Diego in California is another sunny spot to be in the winter. While in San Diego, you can visit the beach scene there and enjoy the pristine white sands as well as the invigorating water. Other attractions include a world-class zoo, museums, gardens, and breathtaking surrounding neighborhoods. If you love being out at sea, you can head out in a boat and watch large whales doing their thing in the water. 

Additionally, you can also visit local markets and festivals to immerse yourself in the culture of San Diego. These are just a few things that you can do in San Diego while enjoying the warm weather during winter. 

Scottsdale in Arizona is a much-visited winter spot for US tourists who want to enjoy sunshine and warmth. While at Scottsdale, you can pay an outdoor visit to Camelback Mountain or if you prefer you can check out the various museums present there such as the Heard Museum, Arizona Museum of Natural History and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. 

South Padre Island in Texas is another roaring destination for savvy RVers who want to stay warm during the US winter season. This area offers an array of beach scenes for tourists who love the outdoors and want to get their feet wet. Other pastime activities you can enjoy while at South Padre are kite flying in the breeze, deep-sea fishing and venturing out in the water to do some dolphin watching. 

It doesn’t matter which season you are facing and once you are an enthusiastic RV adventurer, you can stay on the road traveling to various places in the US as long as you want. The sky is the limit for you so get cracking and go for it.

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