Best Cities in the US for a RV Christmas Getaway

Christmas is here again and at this time of the year, there are many wonderful celebrations happening all over the US. RVing to these cities to catch the celebrations first-hand is a fantastic way to spend the holiday season.

Christmas celebrations in the US are spectacular each year and there are many cities in the nation where you can go and have the fun of your life during the festive season. Most of these cities make it their business to cater to young and old alike, families or single individuals. Take time out in your RV and visit some of these hotspot places as you enjoy the holiday season with family or friends. 

New York City 

New York City is a great getaway fun place to spend Christmas. If you should RV to this awesome city during the winter holidays, stop by the Rockefeller Christmas tree end enjoy the sight of a dazzling display of bright lights. When in New York, apart from the Rockefeller Christmas tree stunning colors, you will see most of the city lit up in full bloom. Take a hike along Brooklyn suburb then run your RV along Rockefeller Center and travel along to Radio City Music Hall. Along the way of each step, you will see an incredible show of glittering lights all around. This is New York City and there is no better place to be at Christmas. 

Washington D.C. 

Washington D.C. usually comes to life during the festive season, thus, attracting visitors from the rest of the US states and parts of the world. It is a fun extravaganza to behold with alluring lights glittering impressively in most parts of the state. A most amazing sight to behold when in Washington is the National Christmas Tree’s illumination that takes place each year during the holiday season. A spectacular display of warmth can always be found at Georgetown Glow DC where people gather to connect, interact and enjoy the artwork scene. Visit Washington D.C. during the Christmas holidays and you will be glad you did. 

Jackson Hole in Wyoming 

Jackson Hole in Wyoming is a beautiful ski town to stop at during Christmas. The twinkling lights lining the streets of this eye-catching town are a sight to behold. As the Christmas holidays approach, Jackson Hole resorts come alive as residents spread good cheers all over, including to those persons visiting the region. Wreaths decorating and Christmas tree lighting are all ways in which the festive season is celebrated in this quaint town. Carriage rides drawn by horses are on the menu of celebrations as well in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To top it all, delicious food edibles such as cookies and eggnogs are handed out freely to town folks and visitors to the ski country. 

Nevada City in California 

At Christmas, Nevada City in California comes alive with Victorian dressed carolers walking the streets and spreading holiday cheers through the lyrics of the songs they sing. Fun-filled carriage rides and live entertainments all help to bring the Christmas cheer to everyone in the city. Delectable and delicious treats are handed out to people living in the city or visiting the region and no one is left out. Nevada is a breathtaking place to view and during the holidays it gets even better with an array of alluring lights seen that dazzle your eyes. Visitors to this spectacular city during Christmas can expect to meet many vendors on the road trying to sell them perfume dolls, jewelry, pottery, and hand-crafted candies. 

Ogden in Utah 

People in Ogden, Utah commemorate the holidays by giving locals and visitors a taste of top-class celebrations to keep them guessing. As it gets closer to Christmas, the town starts its entertainment parade with the Electric Light Parade, which is an impressive display of various dazzling lights to look at. With the Thanksgiving celebrations already setting the pace, Utah continues its roll of impressive festivities that showcases striking looking floats, world-class entertainment at its best featuring an array of top-performing artists and thrilling holiday themes to cater to the savvy traveler. The celebration ceremonies go on for days with Santa appearing in the final float and switching a magical wand that lights up the entire Christmas Village. There is no better place to spend Christmas on your holiday RV adventure than in Ogden, Utah. 

McAdenville in North Carolina 

McAdenville in North Carolina is no stranger to Christmas festivities. In fact, it is so addicted to the holiday spirit that each December it transforms its name to Christmas Town USA. In fact, the experience in the month of December is so overwhelming that the tiny town draws a whopping crowd of 600,000 visitors each year. To make the Christmas encounter even more breathtaking, residents attach over 500,000 festival lights to 265 green trees scattered throughout the town. In addition, 160 homes are beautifully decorated with glittery bright lights that shine throughout the night. Furthermore, the townspeople make it their business each year to beautify the large center lake with a galore of impressive lighting fixtures. 

Chicago, Illinois 

The windy city of Chicago, Illinois celebrates Christmas in various impressive ways. As Christmas day draws closer, there are over 12 lighting ceremonies that occur in the city. These lighting observances can be seen in the city’s modern Zoo, Andersonville town St. Lucia’s Festival of Lights and the marvelous Mile Lights Festival. Christmas celebrating spirit can be seen in Chi-Town where thousands of people from around the world flock to each year to experience the breathtaking celebrations put on by the town folks. 2019 will commemorate the 104th anniversary of the famous Millennium Park’s Christmas tree lighting. Additionally, when you RV to Chicago you can take part in some of the city’s best hotspot celebration festivities that happen at Winter WonderFest held at Navy Pier and Christmas Around the World that takes place at the center of Museum of Science and Industry. Your RV adventure can only get better as you visit and even be a part of the celebration festivities happening in various parts of the US. Christmas is around the corner and you just can’t afford to miss out on all the fun times the season brings.

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