The Most Amazing RV Road Trip In The USA: Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Have you ever done the Las Vegas to Los Angeles road trip? You missed a lot if you haven’t. If you plan to rent an RV in Las Vegas, we definitely recommend going to Los Angeles! (or vice-versa)

The journey, which takes only four hours, is, probably, the most amazing road trip in the USA and is about to become a journey of a lifetime. Here is the list of spots we recommend you don’t miss on the way from Las Vegas to LA:

Mojave National Preserve

Take the RV to the Mojave

The third largest national park in the United States, Mojave National Preserve  is a vast land of white sands and rugged mountains. Make sure you visit Kelso Dunes, some of the tallest in the US, and the Ring Trail hiking loop.

The park is filled with a vast variety of lizards, coyotes, all kinds of trees, and wildlife. And of course, the views are simply fabulous! If you want to spend the night in Mojave, there is plenty of camping sites available. And they are open all-year-round! If you rent your RV in Las Vegas, you should definitely visit the place. Don’t miss the chance to catch a breathtaking sunset in the desert!

Zzyzx Road

Weird name, isn’t it? Everyone heading from Las Vegas to Los Angeles goes this road. But just a few stop here. The history of the place is really creepy. It involves federal government, a fake resort and a crazy doctor. If you go just a bit off road, you will find an abandoned resort, a waterpark, and salt flats. This is a must-visit place for those, who like strange places and bizarre stories. All you have to do is rent an RV and take a slight detour on your way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

The Mormon Rocks

Take your RV to Mormon Rocks

These grandiose mountains will catch your eye right off road, due to their size and fabulous view. A one-mile loop offers plenty of opportunities for great pictures. And the hiking walk is just 5 minutes off the freeway, as well as the visitor center.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Bottle Tree Ranch

Elmer’s collection of metal trees, with old bottles hanging on them, is a true ode to modern art. The place is situated on a stretch of road in Oro Grande and it is about to become one of the weirdest stops you won’t soon forget. These wonder “forest” consists of old bottles of all colors, broken dolls and cars, typewriters, and much, much more.

You can wonder between these odd “trees” and other vintage staff, taking pictures or saving mental images. If you rent an RV in Las Vegas and head to Los Angeles, this place is a must-visit. We doubt something like this exists anywhere else in the world!

Desert Discovery Center

Old Woman Meteorite - probbably won't fit in the RV

How often do you get a chance to see a huge meteorite? The largest meteorite ever found in California, also called “The Old Woman Meteorite”, is displayed right here, in the Desert Discovery Center.

And just 4 minutes away, there is the Western American Railroad Museum, where you can explore old railroad cars and even climb on top of them. Both places are truly worth a visit if you are going from Las Vegas to LA on a rented RV.

Peggy Sue’s Diner

Peggy Sues Diner is a must stop for a meal on the road trip

Peggy Sue’s Diner is kind of old-fashioned place and might seem a little tacky, but it’s one of the places, which will help you feel the real spirit of Las Vegas. Don’t miss it if you rent an RV here and head to California!

The building is divided into two parts: a diner and a candy gift shop. You enter through the jukebox-shaped entrance and find yourself in the typical diner of the 1950’s, with retro candy, ice cream, strange mannequins, and great music. In the menu, you’ll find such classics as curly fries, hamburgers, milkshakes, and, of course, apple pie. Also, there is a large garden outside with metal dinosaur figures. So, you won’t regret visiting the place, that’s for sure!

Town of Baker

Worlds largest Thermometer

The town of Baker is definitely a must-see for those, who are going from Las Vegas to LA. There are a lot of great stops here. Take a look at the World’s Largest Thermometer and the statue of the discoverer of the North Pole. Try one of the delicious jerkies at Alien Fresh Jerky.

And make sure you visit the Mad Greek Café, probably the most recognizable restaurant along the way from Las Vegas to LA. They claim they serve “America’s Best Gyro”. We don’t know if it’s true, but the strawberry shake is a must-try!

The Donut Man

The Donut Man's famous strawberry donut

Another terrific place on Route 66, the Donut Man serve delicious breakfasts and donuts all-day-long. If you rent an RV in Las Vegas and go to Los Angeles, don’t miss the place! It’s actually situated very close to LA, so it’s a great place to fuel up on sugar, before coming into the City of Angels. Make sure you try their famous strawberry-stuffed donut or a peach-stuffed version.

Barstow Station

The former train station, also known as Train Car McDonalds, Barstow is a huge food court with 15 different fast food cafes. It’s actually a fun place to stop if you rent an RV in Las Vegas and head towards Los Angeles. Keep in mind, though, the place is very popular and always crowded. Also, there is a guy at the parking lot selling gum, which is really meth. So, take care!

If you plan a road trip in the US and decided to rent an RV in Las Vegas, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Los Angeles, one of the most popular cities in the USA. Just a four-hour car ride along the famous Route 66, it will become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip. And of course, in the end of the road, there is the City of Angels awaiting!

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