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Last Updated: 8/8/19

With new additions to the fleet, there's a lot to look forward to when renting a unit with Byron Adventure Vans. Continue reading to know more about their recent campers―Raindrop, Belafonte, Mystical Mermaid, Elysium, and Seadrift.

Set in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Byron Adventure Vans spells out bohemian comfort through their older yet affordable Mercedes and Volkswagen vans.

About Byron Adventure Vans

Byron Bay Adventure Vans pins down a particular interior layout in all units on the fleet—the bohemian style. This charming design makes them unique and quite attractive, especially for backpackers wanting some chill vibes without breaking the bank. Aside from the laid-back aura of the vehicles, the affordability and compactness of the campervans also give them a slight edge among smaller competitors. Getting to their one and only branch is quite easy despite the limited depot. You may avail of the shuttle services or pay a certain amount for their pick-up and drop-off services. 


There are now 9 vehicle types to choose from, and older models are at large, ranging from the 1998 Toyota Spacia to the 2012 Model Volkswagon Transporter. These campervans can sleep 2 to 3 people only, but it is loaded with cooking equipment, camping essentials like tables and chairs, and even picnic sets, you'll also be amazed by certain extras at no additional cost such as bath and beach towels, doona, pillows, sheet and more. Also, you'd never miss the beach daze and the lapping waves because there's an extra room for your surfboards! And take note, the campervans may not be self-contained but all come with free parking stickers for regional parks and Byron Beachfront parking. 



Their Bambino campervan is an adorable and affordable choice for budget backpackers. This small but compact vehicle is the only Toyota Spacia model on selection, which is very easy to drive and park around. Not only that, the double bed equipped with clean and crisp linen, feather doona, and an extra blanket―  are all for free! There are also beach and bath towels, picnic gear, camping table and chairs, at no additional cost. An esky is provided instead of a fridge.

Dolphin Dreaming

The Dolphin Dreaming is a 2005 Volkswagon Transporter T5 that highlights the 5-door set-up with a free table inside. This partly luxe campervan with long wheelbase gives a roomy layout. Another significant feature is the tinted windows for a more discreet adventure. 

Gypsy Wanderer

With a 2005 Mercedes Sprinter as the base vehicle, the Gypsy Wanderer exudes a slight hint of elegance and style. Unlike the Dolphin Dreaming, this manual campervan may not be very enticing to those who need privacy while on the road. But both 2005 models have the same rates, so it's clearly up to you what to choose between the two.

Bohemian Rapsody

The Bohemian Rapsody is another Volkswagon model that is fuel-efficient. This automatic campervan has plenty of space inside with the help of the mid-roof van that provides a more spacious interior. There is nice storage under the bed for your bags and even surfboards. And if you want to store your food and drinks for days, a fridge is available for rent.


Customized from a 2006 Mitsubishi Express, Raindrop is a nice, little campervan meant for couples on a budget. But even if this is a smaller van, you'll be surprised because it still has room for your surfboard and other sport gears. This manual vehicle also comes with air-conditioned so you won't have a hard time relaxing while on-board. Plus, the double bed has everything you need―linen, doona, and blanket. 


If you're looking for a cute and cozy camper for two, then Belafonte might interest you. This Toyota Hiace 1998 long wheel-base model is not just charming in terms of interior design but also with its facilities. It has a well-equipped kitchen with sink, fridge, and cooking utensils, a comfy double bed, table, and chairs. And with its high-roof, it's easy to move around inside the camper. 

Mystical Mermaid

Another charming campervan on offer is the Mystical Mermaid that is actually the same as the Raindrop―well, except for the age model. This one is built on a 1999 Mitsubishi Express, which is way older than Raindrop. Still, this is a 2 berth manual campervan that comes with a nice double bed, table, chairs, gas cooker, and other picnic gear.


In case the Mystical Mermaid is not available, there's no need to worry because they have the same model, with the same features but with a different name. Elysium is also a 1999 Mitsubishi Express that fits in 2 persons comfortably―with the help of its cozy bed and cooking equipment. 


Lastly, there's the 2 berth Seadrift. Compared to most campers on the fleet, this one is an automatic unit so you won't have to change gears every now and then. This 2001 Mitsubishi Express is like most compact campers with a double bed completed with bedding and other needed camping needs. 


The standard excess is at $2,500 that is payable at the time of vehicle collection through a credit card imprint with authorization. If you want a stress-free holiday, then you might want to consider getting an insurance excess product from the companies suggested insurance companies. Another thing to note is the exclusion of windscreen and tyre in most coverage. So, you gotta drive properly or else you'll be paying a hefty amount. 


Byron Adventure Vans seems to target a very limited market and age bracket. The hippie campervans may be a serious lure to younger travellers, but maybe not for the older ones. Aside from that, it only caters small groups at their one and only depot in Byron Bay. Despite the not-so-good aspects, Byron Adventure Vans is one of the few campervan rentals in Byron Bay with limited yet mostly positive reviews.


The company is an attraction for some, but not for all. If you are a hippie at heart without minding a having a shower and toilet and other fancy facilities in the vehicle, then Byron Adventure Vans could be a nice choice. Still, the company is ideal for a simple, coastal road trip.

From the Agency

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  • Great for travellers with a hippie heart
  • Competitive rental rates
  • Well-equipped with essentials and even extras


  • Older luxury van models
  • Limited campervan choices
  • Only one depot
  • Cater to small groups only


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