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A top-rated company in Glasgow, Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Hire supplies you with a wide selection of the latest, luxury units for couples and families, including your pets!

About Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Hire

There are so many things to love about Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Hire. This well-known company has three locations in the UK― Glasgow city center, Glasgow airport, and Edinburgh airport. Their main depot is situated in Glasgow city centre, which also comes with a free parking space for your car. With multiple branches, this allow them to provide connections to various public transportation options, from mail railway to bus to airport. Aside from this, they offer flexible collection and return of vehicles. Because of all these amazing features, this company is definitely something to look out for your Glasgow adventure. 


The Atlas fleet is quite impressive. They offer a selection of luxury & premium campervans and motorhomes that are all pet-friendly. Not only that, their vehicles are 2019 to 2020 models, which means you'll be taking the newest vehicle on the road. The vehicles provide accommodation of up to 5 persons, making it suitable for couples and families. And lastly, their units do not come with any marketing signage or logos, hence a more private holiday on the road.


2 to 4 berth Premier Campervan

This automatic 2-4 berth campervan is a great vehicle for couples and even small families. And you'd be surprise to find all cozy features of a motorhome inside this small campervan. It has nice kitchen area with full hob, oven, grill, and fridge. Plus, there's a separate shower and toilet inside. And if you opt the 4 berth option, they can provide you with an extra bunk at the rear. 

2 to 4 berth Luxury Campervan

Another 2-4 berth vehicle is this luxury campervan that comes with two convertible double beds―one from the dinette and one from the rear lounge. In between, you have the bathroom and kitchen. By the way, this is the only manual vehicle on offer. 

2 to 4 berth Luxury Motorhome

For couples wanting a sleek and smooth road trip, enjoy the spacious layout and the high specs of this luxury unit. This automatic motorhome comes with a drop-down double from the ceiling, a roomy lounge in the center, and a spacious shower/ toilet area at the rear. More than that, this high-end unit is very easy to drive.

2 to 4 berth Premier Motorhome

If you want the convenience of a permanent bed, this one is an amazing option. The premium motorhome has a fixed double bed at the rear and another double bed at the cab-over area. And, there's a separate living/ dining area just at back of the swivel driver and passenger seats.

2 to 5 berth Premier Motorhome with Master Bedroom

In need of a more personal space? Take a look at this premier motorhome with a separate bedroom at the rear. The master bedroom comes with an island bed and a door to give more privacy. In addition, this unit has a drop-down bed that sleeps two and an extra convertible table that caters to one person. 

2 to 5 berth Premier Motorhome with Rear Lounge

Lastly, there's the 2-5 berth premium motorhome, which is a highly favored choice among families. This unit is designed for a comfy family vacation, with its two lounge areas, great entertainment features, nice kitchen, and cozy sleeping areas. 


For Atlas campervans and motorhomes, the insurance excess is €1250. If you want to limit the excess to €600, you can avail of their Insurance Reduction Excess at €15/ day. 


Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Hire is surely one of the most recommended rental businesses in Glasgow. The owners are very hands-on with each hire. Plus, their rental range is loaded with premier and luxury vehicles that are meant for couples and even groups up to 5. All their campervans and motorhomes are the latest models with no trace of commercial designs. And of course, one thing that sets them apart is their multiple locations. Because of these impressive amenities, their fleet may not be highly suitable for those on budget. But of course, if you decide to rent one of their units, there's a very high chance of you getting your money's worth or even more. 


For a one of a kind holiday in Scotland, don't think twice and check out Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Hire's extensive fleet of modern, classy campervans and motorhome.

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  • Luxury campervans and motorhomes
  • Pet-friendly units
  • Multiple locations
  • Flexible pick-up and return schedules
  • Latest models


  • May not be suitable for those on budget


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"Holiday in July."

  • Reviewed 2 months ago

Hiring the motorhome was easy,as Atlas sent you a video off how everything worked.The motorhome was quite knew and was in great shape.When we went to get it we wre shown round and then we were off Only downsides were sat nav not working which was a pain in the butt. Also no levelers in the van,which on some sites you need.Overall experience with atlas was professional and enjoyable.Looking to hire a motorhome then look here.

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value