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No marketing markings, just fully loaded RVs. Oceans 11 RV Rental takes pride with its very accessible location— minutes away from LAX Airport, the Queen Mary, the coasts of Los Angeles and Orange County.

What Oceans 11 RV Rental Tells Us

The accessible location of Oceans 11 RV Rentals makes it a suitable option for those who want to visit lots of places without attracting the crowd and spending long hours on open roads. There is also a delivery program to certain parks like Newport Dunes RV Park, Dockweiler RV Park, Anaheim RV Park and more. The vehicles for rent by the company are very diverse and stocked with all essentials. Though some of the choices are a bit pricey, especially the luxury ones, most of the rental options are close to mid-ranged budget. Plus, every RV comes with 100 free miles per day and a complete set of bedding. Aside from recreational vehicles, they also have a production RV for rent.


As the company specializes in taking your holiday on the road, they only rent out 7 vehicle types— ranging from compact motorhomes to luxury coaches with mega slide-outs. The units do not come with any fancy exteriors, but rather simple yet fully-equipped RVs. Starting with the cheapest RV on fleet, the Class B can sleep up to 4 but is easily sold out because, of course, of the affordable price. The most expensive model is the 45' self-contained motorhome that is designed for entertainment and style— 2 mega wall slides, separate dressing rooms, full kitchen and bathroom, work stations, and even a car hauler. 



This 22' Class B is the smallest yet loaded with useful features like shower & toilet, kitchen sink, refrigerator, oven, and microwave. It can even sleep up to 4 persons with sleeping areas in the dinette bed and sofa sleeper. The rear is completely allocated for the full bathroom, leaving the interior not to be restricted. This unit also provides large side windows for a more scenic viewing.

Class A or C with slide-out

For this RV type, there are actually 12 different models on selections in different sizes, ranging from luxury class A to compact class C motorhomes. These units can sleep 6 to 8 people. The large slide-out gives an extended layout in the living room. There are two to three air-conditioners inside, making it much comfortable during day or night. Because of the added space and length, you have several options for the sleeping areas— read queen bed, dinette bed, sofa bed and cab-over bed for class C motorhomes. Each vehicle provides  a complete kitchen that features full-sized refrigerator, microwave, stove and sink.  

Class A or C with two slide-outs

Definitely roomier, these units provides two slide-outs making it suitable for 7 to 8 people on-board without the feeling of being too congested. You have 5 options for this kind of RV— two class A vehicles and 3 class C units. If you want better road views and higher driving placement, then you can have the Intruder or Damon models. But if you're looking for an easier to park unit with cab-over bed, there's the Coachmen Leprechaun, Jamboree and Conquest. The biggest class C with two slides can sneak in an extra passenger, so that leaves a total sleeping capacity of 9 people. 

Class A with 2 to 3 slide-outs

Class A motorhomes are known for giving comfier driving sessions because of the bigger front view. And if these units also provide you with 2 to 3 slide-outs, this means that your rental will be a luxury road trip. From 30' to 40', the vehicles have a capacity up to 9 people. Since these RVs are Class A, there aren't cab-over bed but bunks beds located at the rear. On top of the normal rental inclusions like full bathroom and well-equipped kitchen, some of the units give you more than what you expect like fireplaces and extra bathroom with bathtubs!

Class C with 2 mega slide-outs

The priciest among all vehicles for rent is this class 'super' C with two mega slide-outs and 10 people sleeping capacity. Even if it has a bigger sleeping volume, this doesn't mean that you will be stressed out with the extended length. Remember, this one is a class C RV, which means the added sleeping area is positioned in the cab-over. Tagged as the Super Nova, the unit is everything you wished for a fancy holiday. It comes with two bathrooms, a full entertainment system, and a very sleek exterior.  


Renting an RV from Oceans 11 RV, you must be able to show a copy of binder from your insurance company that must have a vehicle liability, collision and comprehensive coverage or avail of their insurance coverage at an added cost. Depending on the rented vehicle, the insurance rate ranges form $37.50 to $55/ day. 


The company specializes in giving lots of options from their simple yet fully loaded fleet of class A, B and C motorhomes. Though these aren't targeted to the budget market, the choices appear to be worth the try, considering the unique layouts of each unit. Plus, the reputation of Oceans 11 Rentals is appealing with just a couple or two negative reviews.  


Overall, Oceans 11 RV Rentals is seriously something to consider, especially when we talk about convenient location and fully-loaded RVs. 

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  • No flashy marketing
  • Very accessible location
  • Drop-off and delivery program at certain parks


  • Luxury units may be quite pricey
  • Few negative reviews

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M. Shanbhag - avatar not loaded
, United States
1 Review

"Vacation from hell........."

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

SO HORRIBLE...... This company is named after Oceans 11 the movie cause the owner likes that type of lifestyle, which is not bad at all. You think this place would be clean, reliable, and the RV's would be cleaned very well due to covid, and look nice. Well that is not what you get. When you first walk in you don't know if you're going into a mobile park or an RV rental company there were people walking in-and-out from the back to the front. it didn't seem like the office was clean very well or organized and there were police there for something that happened in the moble rv park. I didnt think much into it and continued to rent the rv as i have already planed my trip for my mothers 60th birthday. The RV looked great on the outside and when i picked it up it smelled as if they sprayed something that smelt good. However when I drove it home i started to notice a smell. By the time I got it home the smell got stronger and I realize that somebody smoked in the vehicle heavily I also started to notice that the RV was never cleaned I saw poop in the toilet and cigarettes behind the toilet. I also started to wipe the seats and table tops down and noticed that there was major dirt still left and when I started to pack the RV after I spent 4 hours cleaning it I found drugs in the drawer I also found white powder substances left on the floor see the pictures below. because of this we missed A day of our trip cleaning this vehicle the next day we laughed and within 20 minutes of our trip we ended up having to take the vehicle to a muffler shop to get the muffler fixed because the previous person that worked on the vehicle did not put it together correctly and the muffler fell off which I actually had to pay out of my own pocket and was never credited back. After the 4 hours of waiting around to get this fixed we were able to continue on to our trip about halfway through our trip the check engine light comes on and we couldn't go more than 45 miles per hour on the freeway. when we finally got there after all this we set everything up and realize the awning does not work so he had a call a guy out to get the awning fixed while he fixed the awning the air conditioner went out in 120 degree weather and the air conditioner was out for 3 days out of our trip i have 2 kids ages 9 and 6 and we could not sleep in the RV in a 125゚ weather in Parker Arizona when I talk to the owner he advised me that he was going to get everything fixed but again it did not get fixed until the last day of our trip so I did not use the RV at all. My food went bad because the refrigerator did not work, the air conditioner did not work so I was not allowed to be inside the RV because the smell of the smoke and the chemicals from the air conditioner was so heavy. when we brought it back to ocean's 11 the owner refused to give our money back and tried to charge us for everything. He tried to make me to pay $1400 for this RV because I technically drove it to the location and back however when I rent an RV I rent it for all the things that comes with it not just for the ride also like I said before they did not care about the drugs they did nothing about the drug's. The owner started to get upset with me cause i would calm down as i was upset but then he realized i had kids and he would feel the same way however he still charged me $500 for the entire trip however he still did not pay me back for my muffler that I paid. this guy and place is a joke I would never rent from him again and I hope that you guys really look in to it if you are going to rent. The owner is a scammer. all he cares about is getting his money. I promise you, if you go with this company you would have the worst trip ever. the FR3 that they have is horrible. Do not rent it and if you do please do a walkthrough before you rent so that you can see how it is and know ehat you are getting into.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
S. timmoms - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Was very happy and will rent again"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

The rental was great we had a fun time everything worked in the rv we will rent again from them

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value