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AutoRent Hertz is a Tasmanian campervan and motorhome hire company with multiple depots exclusively in Tasmania. It caters for 2 to 4 people in a range of vehicles, from a 2-person campervan to a 4-person high-end motorhome.

About Autorent Hertz

This Tasmania-owned and run company is clearly a marriage of smaller rental business in Tasmania and the much bigger Hertz car rental company. Campervans and motorhomes aren't the only vehicles on the fleet as there are also plenty of cars and trucks available for hire from the company. Plus, they have vehicles for sale. AutoRent Hertz offers bike hires on top of their campervan rentals. There are several branches scattered all over Tasmania―Hobart, Devonport, Launceston, and Burnie―to make your campervan/ motorhome hire more convenient. Since they have multiple branches across Tasmania, they allow one-way rentals at a certain fee. 


Discover the charms of Tasmania with the help of Autorent Hertz's set of campervans and motorhomes. All vehicles on fleet are automatic, so no option for manual lovers. Still, you may enjoy the selection that ranges between budget backpackers to premium travellers. Catering up to 4 persons only, there will be lots of choices on hand, depending on your preferences and budget. And if you're travelling with your kids, there are certain vehicles that come with child restraint anchor points. But, all models on fleet do not have a self-containment sticker, which means you need to shed a couple of dollars if you want to park and charge the battery at powered sites. 



2-berth Camper Wagon

This tiny camper wagon is all you need for a little adventure along the Tasmanian roads. Complete with basic camping equipment like gas cooker, cutlery, and crockery, the vehicle is suitable for 2 adults on a budget. The dinette that is convertible to bed gives you extra space for your luggage. And if you want a more exhilarating road trip, then consider hiring a bike as all vehicles do not come with unlimited mileage. 

 4-berth Campervan with high roof

An upgraded campervan with bigger sleeping capacity and comfier standing session. With a high roof, this vehicle is suitable for those wanting to stretch their legs after hours of driving and driving. This model also comes with a child restraint anchor points so your kids are secured all throughout the trip. At the end of the day, the dining table easily converts to a double bed, and there's an overhead bunk in the roof area for your two kids. To save space, it is ideal to bring soft bags instead of suitcases. 


2-berth Motorhome without shower and toilet

A more compact yet still cost-effective choice, this 2-berth motorhome features a full kitchen with gas cook-top, refrigerator, electric toaster and a spacious living quarters with flat TV with CD/ DVD/ USB/. Watch your favorite videos from your permanent double bed or if you want more room, let your companion relax at the convertible dinette. If you think the kitchen, living and sleeping areas already consume the entire stretch, well, there's still an extra space at the rear for your wardrobe, food and more! Even without shower and toilet, you'll love the unique interior features and quite sophisticated aura inside the motorhome.

2-4 berth with shower, toilet, and optional awning

This 2-4 berth motorhome is quite more appealing than the former as it provides a shower and a toilet, on top of the existing camping facilities. It is also versatile to cater to couples or even larger families because of its well-fitted layout. If you're travelling with two kids, let them sit securely behind the driver's seat with the help of the child restraint anchor points. And if you want, you can add an external awning and dine outside. And when the sun goes back to its horizon, the diesel-powered heater brings comfort and warmth without the need to charge at a powered site.

Premium Motorhome

Beautifully built on a Fiat Ducato model, this Premium Motorhome is the priciest and the fanciest among all vehicles on fleet. There are big external lockers to secure your things and cabinets for the kitchen utensils and food. The kitchen is more elegant with 3 burner gas stove, microwave oven, oven with grill, range-hood, separate and more. Of course, the living area is also equipped with TV with CD/ DVD/ USB/ and the like. The sleeping quarters allows two to rest on the permanent double bed and the other two on the dinette that is convertible into a double bed. There are 2 child restraints in this motorhome, making it ideal for couples with 2 kids. So, if you're travelling with the entire fambam, then you'll get a pretty good deal with this motorhome.  


Compared to other companies, AutoRent Hertz does not require any bond or deposit in advance, which is great! The liability of the renter is payable at the time damage or loss and not beforehand. There are three liability reduction options: option 1 at $25/ day reduces the liability to a certain manageable amount; option 2 at $40/day reduces the liability to zero, plus coverage of tyre and glass damage; option 3 at $52/ day is pretty much the same with option one, but provides free usage of personal kit, camping table and chairs, iron, GPS, and child restraints. 


AutoRent Hertz has continuously lived a good reputation all throughout the years. The extensive choices ranging from budget to high-end market is a nice attraction for different types of traveller. Aside from campervans and motorhomes, there are also cars, wagons, trucks and the like, making it quite favored than smaller, local businesses. However, the multiple branches exclusively in Tasmania is a thumbs up and also a thumbs down. It is because vehicles may not be taken out of Mainland Tasmania. Still, AutoRent Hertz is a pleasant choice for couples and families travelling with children. 


With AutoRent Hertz, you have 2 to 4 berth unique campervans and motorhomes to choose from, which means there’s bound to be a vehicle to suit your needs. With several depots in Tasmania, it is a convenient choice only if you are travelling within the island state. 

From the Agency

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  • Multiple branches in Tasmania
  • Caters budget to high-end market
  • Some vehicles come with child restraints
  • One-way rentals


  • Vehicles may not be taken out of Mainland Tasmania
  • Not pet-friendly
  • Caters to up to 4 people only
  • No option for manual transmission


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  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Tasmania is a fun wild place, which is best to be traveled in a van giving you so much freedom. The van was great for early starts, meals in your wheels backed up to beaches, quick changes on the go, immediate access to all you may need to spontaneous situations and fun, etc. We have a van at home for such travels, and were ready for this adventure.

READ, before you get your van, you must take the time to make sure that it works! They will go around and explain things to you. It is at THAT time that you should make sure that your van works. For reference, we rented the 4 berth van Fiat (bed goes down in the back over two twin beds).

Here were the items broken in the van, that I know of. The heat .... we were in 30 - 50 degree F weather, and the heat did not work. This was a big deal. In the van tour, Hertz told us that the heat was wanky. Take that as a sure sign. Also, a sign is that they put a heater you plug in, in your closet. Get a new van. You will not always be at plug in sites, too. Tasmania weather is all season in 24 hours. Heat is a must.

The kitchen water facet was a tiny, ever so tiny, thread of water. We just gave up and bought wet wipes and hoped the best for our health. Shower facet did work, though.

The glass which flips over the the burners had broken leaving no counter space. They built in a fold up on the side, but that blocks the sliding door. We just kept that up and never used the sliding door. Our kids would just use our front doors. Not a big deal, ....

The back up camera. It may not seem important, but when it is going like an amped up techno party in the dark, we all were exhausted from it. We used my neck wrap, but it did not completely block it. And really it was not supposed to be blocked, but be a helpful device.

The table broke on us in the middle of the trip, the screws just fell out. We ziplocked the screws and placed them with the table under the seat, and did not use a table again.

Also, I would asked them if you have to transport some of the items you may not want to take up space, i.e. the toaster, the grand cheese grater, the step ladder, the second table for the front, all of the blankets and towels (you may not need all of them), the bucket in the shower, etc.

The guy to show us the van was super cool. Maybe that is why we did not think to check it all out. BUT the extra hour or less of checking things out would have been worth it to us...... I did not want the surprise of the shower. So it was never used. FYI, campsites in Tasmania do not have heated bathrooms and some have timed showers.

I saw some other vans on the lot as we drove off. Our had around 100, 000 miles and was pretty loud traveling down the road from the get go. Take that as a sign. Ask for one of the other vans. Since we were traveling away from Hobart and not to be close to another return location until the end, we did not call and ask for another van - no time. I would have asked at Hobart if I had read this review.

To be fair, I did not complain to Hertz. We just got back, and I am exhausted ..... from shivering. Maybe when my toes unthaw. Ha! I hope you have a great trip. Get your van, right!!!! The vamping opportunity and fun is great!!!!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value