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Gold Coast Motorhome Hire is a family-run business that offers a whopping 18 different types of campervans and motorhomes from their single depot in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Their vans range from budget 2 berth campervans to luxury 6 berth motorhomes with leather upholstery and solar panels. They have a vehicle that can suit any budget and travel style. If you are planning on renting a motorhome in the Gold Coast you've gotta check these guys out.

Gold Coast Motorhome Hire provides comfort and style in every family holiday trip. They have a very extensive range of motor homes and car rentals. Motorhome hire includes these standard features: 24-hour road assistance, insurance coverage, standard driver's license, full kitchen facilities and microwave, shower and toilet, awning and outdoor furniture, air-conditioning unit, TV/ DVD and dry pantry goods.

Aside from their standard inclusions, they also have additional items which can be added for your comfort and convenience.                                                                               


Ranging from campervans to motorhomes and car rentals, Gold Coast Motorhome Hire offers different types of vehicles fitted perfectly for any renter. At time of writing, they have 18 special campervans and motorhomes for rent, with a capacity of 2-6 berths. Their vehicles are suitable not just for couples, but also for families.

You can choose from their top rated motorhomes like Beach Comber that offers a very modern bed space with baby seat buckles or their Freedom that is unique for tall people with its high ceiling. And with their standard features that cover all the basic necessities, it wouldn't be hard for you to fully enjoy the holiday trip.

Gold Coast Motorhome Hire also provides convenience for your pet. It's something that makes them unique because of pet-friendly campervans are very hard to find. In fact I think these are the only pet friendly motorhomes in Queensland!

Gold Coast Motorhome Hire has wide range of campervans and motorhomes and each one is quite different from the next. There are a myriad of brand names scattered throughout the fleet. – Jayco, Avan. Sunliner, Talvor, Winnebago – it’s a who’s-who of motorhome manuifacturers. I love it! It starts with their 6 berth vehicles: Beach Comber, Sundancer, Adventurer, Paradise, Envy, Sandman and Escape.

The top of the line Beach Comber is 25 foot long that is perfect for any family holiday with its baby seat buckles. Another premium vehicle is their Sundancer that has a rear slide out Weber BBQ & Primus for optional outdoor cooking. And then comes the Adventurer, another 25ft’er with a double axle – nice! All up these 3 top of the line motorhomes are mode up of 2 Jaycos and 1 Avan, brands rarely used in Australia, making them a nice change. The Avan in particular is a unique experience.

Additionally, you can try the Paradise or Envy for a spacious interior design.

Sandman, it is a compact vehicle best for families because of the bunk beds at the rear. And lastly, Escape is just the average type of motorhome.       

Further, the 4-berth motorhomes are Dream Catcher, Gypsy, Oceania, Nomad and Free Spirit. The only 5-berth vehicle is Siesta. Whilst most of the vehicles have the standard inclusions, some of them outclass the others, like the contemporary Dream Catcher with an effortless electric bed and the pensive Oceania with full-sized rear windows. Although most of these campervans can hold 4 berths, special vehicles like Nomad and Gypsy are also ideal for couples who want a more comfortable trip.

For couples who are thinking of a more relaxed mobile vacation, you can choose the following: Indulgence, Pearl, Freedom, Wanderer, Elgrand and Surf Shack. Each 2-berth vehicle comes with a unique feature. The Indulgence is the most comfortable and modern motorhome for couples, while Pearl is loaded with personalized equipment and utensils. And if you are looking for a motorhome that is pet-friendly, you can try Free Spirit or Freedom and you'll never have to leave your adorable pets behind. But skip the Elgrand. I think you can do better elsewhere.


Based on the standard inclusions of their motorhomes, all rentals are fully insured. However, it is a little vague as to the amount of the standard excess. And even the rate per day is not comprehensive, so you need to send them a request for quotation if you want to know about their offers in detail.


Since they are still new to the industry, there are limited reviews about the company. However, based on their website's testimonials, it shows that the company was a great catch for all those who experienced the comfort and style through their motorhome and car rentals.  Further, their Facebook page has an all 5-star reviews, but only for 3 individuals. For a new rental company, it's a good thing, but not impressive though.


Gold Coast Motorhome Hire is a startup family-owned company that offers personalized motorhome and car rental in Gold Coast. Purely because of the haphazard array of campervans and motorhomes, they have just become my favourite motorhome hire company in the Gold Coast :-) I want to have a go in every one of these suckers. Some of them look so plush I don't think I'd ever give it back.

  • They have a wide range of selections for motorhome rental.
  • They have pet friendly campervans
  • Each of their motorhome is uniquely designed to match the needs of the renters.
  • They only cater rentals in a specific area, Gold Coast. 
  • Limited feedbacks because they are still new.

From the Agency

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  • Dizzying array of choice
  • Family owned/operated
  • Pet Friendly!


  • Only 1 depot
  • Nothing standardised


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