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Concentrating on the budget market, Lucky Rentals Australia has 3 depots across Australia and is heavily linked with Jucy rentals. Find out why...

What Lucky Rentals Tells Us

With Lucky Rentals, you'll probably get lucky in terms of spending your money on adventures rather than on expensive campervan hires. Well, they are an ultimate budget campervan rental company in Australia that caters those looking for the cheapest campervan around. If you're wondering why Lucky Rentals is heavily linked with Jucy, it is because the latter sends off their older vehicles to Lucky Rentals as soon as these are no longer suited to the Jucy brand. Most major companies do this to protect the brand but continue to run an asset that is still useable, and Jucy is one of them. 


Considering this campervan hire practice, expect the Lucky Rentals vehicles to be older and have some wear and tear― but, of course, they will be much cheaper. Jucy have been making quality vehicles for years and whilst the new ones under the Jucy brand have better designs and attributes, the older model available at Lucky Rentals are the reason why Jucy has become the one of largest campervan hire companies, not just in Australia, but also in New Zealand. The Lucky Rentals fleet is composed of Toyota and Nissan models, all automatic transmission and sleeps 2 to 4 adults. 

Lucky Rookie

A 1997-1999 Toyota Tarago, Lucky Rookie is a 2-berth campervan that acts like a race car with a hostel room in it, which means you have lots of freedom to wander along the scenic roads and park your vehicle at times. This ex-Jucy campervan is the cheapest selection on fleet so it may be pretty worn out yet still reliable on the road with camping facilities like gas cooker, double bed, CD player and radio. So far, the Lucky Rookie is ideal for couples or backpackers on a very tight budget. 

Jucy Crib

Another 2-berth campervan on set is the Jucy Crib― a more compact and fully stocked Toyota Tarago with camping essentials and even upgrades like powered chill box and a kitchen sink. However, compared to the Lucky Rookie, this one is pretty much bold with lots of marketing slogans and company name scattered all over the vehicle. Still, it's a nice option if you want something way convenient and comfortable. 

Lucky Roamer

The Lucky Roamer, a Nissan Elgrander, sleeps 4 persons and provides all the modern and significant features of home. For larger groups, this economical campervan is a suitable pick as it comes with a kitchen at the rear that has a 2-burner gas cooker, fridge, and even a lock box for your valuables. There is a double bed in the back and another double bed on the roof top pod. 

Jucy Condo

A Toyota Hiace or similar, this Jucy Condo comes with two double beds that sleeps 4 adults. The custom-built interior provides a more spacious living room with large TV with DVD player. The kitchen is also fitted out with 2-burner gas cooker, compressor fridge and more. 


As recommended by most companies, either to earn sales or help renters, you can pay the priciest yet the most safe insurance option. For Lucky Rentals, they suggest the 'Stress Free' coverage that requires you to pay $30/ day and you will enjoy NIL/ $0 excess and piece of mind. If you think the first option is quite pricey, then there's the 'Chance It' at $20/day with a liability of only $1, 500. And if you really don't want to bother having an insurance coverage, then take the 'Risk Taker' that does not require a single cent but provides a risk of $3000 on your bank account.


Lucky Rentals may be offering outrageously cheap campervans that continue to entice the budget market, but its reputation is something to ponder on. There have been several bad reviews that significantly put the company out of the top picks. The competitive prices are serious lures, but of course, campervan dependability along with nice customer service, is much more important. And that's something that Lucky Rentals haven't perfected for years. 


We consider Lucky Campers Australia an OK company, especially if you are looking for cheap camper hire. But hire from this company with your eyes open; the campers are old, they have been used a lot, there is a large fleet that has to be maintained, and the older vehicle, the more maintenance it needs. All of these mean that you should, at least, expect something wrong with your campervan. The question will be just how wrong that thing will be maybe a broken cigarette lighter, maybe stained curtains, maybe a glowing engine light and maybe a full breakdown. There is going to be wear and tear and lots of KM's on the clock. Aim low and you won't be disappointed, go in the believing you got a 'bargain' by getting a flash campervan at a bargain price and you may be in for a surprise.

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, Australia
1 Review

"Completely and utterly unsafe, should be shut down"

  • Reviewed 6 days ago

We booked three vans for a weekend trip and two of the three had issues - one had the key snap in the lock resulting in us having to call out a locksmith and pay $220 to get a new key cut, lucky for us there was somebody available on a Sunday or else we would've been stuck there. Another of the vans had completely worn out break pads and as it turned out several other things wrong with it, resulting in four of our group having to stay away from Sydney for another night, pay for a campsite etc and miss a day of work, because the vehicle simply was not safe to drive home. Terrible customer service and entirely unacceptable to be renting out vans which are clearly not serviced properly. They not only put their customers in danger but everybody on the road. Highly recommend steering clear of this company.

1Service 1Mechanical 2Interior 1Value
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Cairns to Sydney in lucky rookie"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

I spent 77 days in a lucky rookie ( toyota estima ) going from cairns to sydney and was a little sceptical about hiring going off other reviews but im glad i went to check them out for myself, As most people only review if they have a bad experience. The estima had 500,000 ks on the clock but run well had new tyres and everything worked except the rear curtain was broken, As a used car salesman by trade i can accept the car isn't going to be perfect, Pete at cairns gave me a good deal $1000 cheaper than the jucy rental equivalent. I traveled 9000 ks and had no issues at all. I would suggest anyone thinking about hiring one especially if you're coming to Australia in the winter as there will be more vans available go check lucky and other rental companies out before you buy. Will be coming back again cheap deal and nth qld is amazing in the winter

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Worst experience ever"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

And I say that from a perspective of a former hostel manager who knows exactly how to deal with customer complaints. Our battery light went on in the outback of Western Australia, and although we paid $300 extra for a so called outback fee, the company refused to give us any roadside assistance due to the nearest RAC mechanic being too far away. They asked us to stay at a rest area beside the highway for three nights until a closer mechanic could pick us up on Monday. We had no running water, amenities and no electricity. Even though we were scared to break down in an area without phone reception we decided to keep on going to the nearest town where a friendly mechanic fixed the alternator for us for free. Today we returned the car and asked for a refund of the $300 outback fee as we were not offered roadside assistance after all and the manager of the Perth depot got aggressive and ended up putting my fiance in a headlock and injuring him by pushing him against cars and the fence. He was the same person who told me to stay in that bush rest area for three nights and threatened to hang up the phone when I got aggravated about that prospect because I was apparently swearing at him. This man should not be working in the service sector, he was completely unwilling to help us out from the first moment on, he scared the shit out of me when he assaulted my fiance. This is unacceptable. Please just don't ever rent with them, the state of the cars is ridiculous and you're more than likely to encounter problems with them and they won't help you out if that is the case. I could understand the whole business model if they were lenient and forthcoming but they are not, so it ends up being a complete ripoff.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review


  • Reviewed 9 months ago

We were apauled with the outcome of our "lucky" Roma vehicle so many issues occurred which was unacceptable. Firstly after having been told we would receive full gas cans one was empty and another half full, secondly we were given the van with every item of kitchen wear dirty...nothing had been checked to be clean. Thirdly our radio and speakers had issues. In addition to this our altinator (which functions the battery) was broken clearly telling us the car had not been serviced correctly before handing to a customer which resulted in leaving us broken down starting on the highway in a highly dangerous position. This breakdown lasted 22 hours and left us 18 year old girls over night in a car park behind the back of some buildings in an unsecure state leaving all windows open without being able to close them as well as all 4 of us having to sleep downstairs with easy access for the public. Thank god we got full insurance...this was a $700 job. We worked hard to achieve a refund of $200 for the 2 days we missed out on travelling.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value