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Get a taste of the coveted #vanlife with Due North Rental Co.'s iconic and classic VW campervans in Toronto.


A Toronto-based rental company, Due North Rental Co. offers you a campervan that takes you to an amazing road trip, whether just for the weekend or a month-long expedition. This modest campervan hire is a recent venture by a woman's constant quest for outdoors. Established in 2018, their rates depend on the season, though these already include all essentials and even some extras. 


The Due North's fleet is armed with quintessential campervans that cater to couples and small families. Travel in style without the need to catch up the fast-paced world. As of this writing, they offer only one campervan type―VW model. These fully-outfitted campervans are traditional vehicles that let you slow things down and enjoy each trip to the fullest. Driving an older van means you might need to extend your patience. Still, these models are reliable on the road and have plenty of room to move around. 


The Westy

The one and only campervan on offer, this 1986 Volkswagen Campervan is smartly and beautifully designed for a quintessential kind of holiday. As one of the most iconic vintage vehicles in the entire world, it's not hard to get stares from this classical campervan. The 4-berth Westy is known for its simple yet highly functional layout and amenities. At 15 feet, it's like you're driving a car, but in a slower mode because of its model. This automatic campervan comes with basic yet practical comforts like beds, sink, mini-fridge, utensils, dishes, and storage. 


All rental rates from Due North already include insurance. Dig deep into their insurance coverage and options by sending them a message. 


Surprisingly for a new business, Due North Rental is quite impressive. Targeting couples and small families, their fleet is composed of well-maintained vintage vans with great amenities. These classic and iconic campervans only cater to up to 4 persons, hence not suitable for bigger groups and even very picky travellers. Renters noted that the owners are friendly and accommodating. Unfortunately, their website does not specify their particular depot location so you need to verify with them first. 


Highlighting some fully-furnished, well-maintained vintage vans, Due North Rental puts into life the #vanlife adventure in Toronto. 

From the Agency

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  • Well-maintained vintage units
  • Great amenities
  • Newly established business with a good reputation


  • Vague depot location
  • Only 4 berth campervans
  • Not suitable for big groups


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