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Try the #vanlife with an Honest Camper, and get to experience either a modern or a vintage-like camping adventure around Canada and the USA.

About Honest Camper

Honest Camper is a business built on beautiful camping experiences. They want you to know how to live in a small and functional space. Their physical depot in Vancouver isn't noted on their website but they provide valet-style pick-up and drop-off service from Translink Skytrain Stations. The stations include Waterfront, VCC–Clark, Main Street-Science World, Coquitlam Central, Gilmore, Moody Centre, Lincoln, and Lafarge Lake–Douglas. Upon arrival at the station, you'll simply get the keys and hit the road! Honest Camper got its name from the real sense of camping―genuine encounter with nature and its beauty. So, when it's time to get back to reality, you can be honest with yourself and say that it was one of the best and truest adventures in your life. 


Honest Camper holds a fleet of two different campervans―the Modern and the Retro. If you are the type who'd prefer a smoother ride in a fancier vehicle, then you gotta pick the Modern. But if you want some retro vibes while exploring the lush landscapes, then the Retro is the best option. Rentals include 150 km per day as well camping essentials like chairs, towels, sheets, pillows, cookware, and a lot more! 



The deluxe Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is just the right unit for a smooth, sophisticated road trip. Amazingly, this modern model fits up to 4 people as it has 2 sleeping areas―queen sized bed and rooftop tent. At 21', this camper easily fits standard parking spots. Another impressive feature that deserves a mention is the classy styling, inside and outside. You really can say that this one is a clean and newer model. Plus, all amenities spell out elegance and functionality, including the 50L fridge/ freezer, 2 burner propane cooktop, sink with cold water, Bluetooth, backup camera, and a lot more! 


If you're the type of camper who want to slow things down, literally, then here's the beautiful Volkswagen Westfalia. This modernized retro campervan lets you explore the scenic roads in a more laid-back style. Equipped with 4 seatbelts, this one also provides two sleeping options, at the rear and at the pop-up roof. There are heaps of storage options inside. But of course, you can't expect for a super smooth ride from a 30-year old model. These vintage vans can creak and make sounds, and are not meant for steep hills. So, if you're quite concerned about these features, then go back to the first option. 


Renting a unit from Honest Camper already includes comprehensive insurance (fire, theft, and vandalism), collision insurance, and third party liability insurance. The insurance deductible is $500, which is much lesser compared to other rental companies. If you want a more secured holiday, then you can bring additional coverage from your own auto insurance company. 


Honest Camper has been running for many years, and for that, they have carved a great rental reputation. Even with only two campervan styles on offer, they always provide quality service and well-maintained units. Further, all their vehicles are well-stocked with important amenities and camping extras for a memorable adventure. They also allow pets inside their units. Unfortunately, their units aren't for big families. The maximum number of persons in each campervan is 4. 


Whether you want to have a smooth ride or a retro-kind of adventure, Honest Camper gives you quality rentals. 

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  • Well-maintained and fully-equipped units
  • Great reputation
  • Pet-friendly


  • Limited options
  • Not meant for large groups
  • Vague branch location


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