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Planning for an easy-going road trip in Canada? Location Westfalia in Montreal lets you create your own story through its iconic campervans that accommodate up to 4 people.

About Location Westfalia

Location Westfalia is conveniently located in the heart of Montreal. It's a more personalized campervan hire in the city, with a business specializing in vintage vans. Being a small, local entity, they can offer you free service in creating your itinerary. And before each rental, they make sure that they provide personal touches to every unit. Hence, renting a unit from them is unlike most large RV corporations. Here, you get detailed walkthrough from the owners themselves. Also, each rental is equipped with 100 km daily. 


Westfalias aren't your usual campervans. These are vintage vehicles that have created a mark in the car industry; hence renting an iconic unit like this is definitely a head-turner. For Location Westfalia, they have two unique campervans, both sleeping couples with or without kid/s. These family-friendly units are equipped with basic crockery, double beds, storage, first aid kit, and more. Plus, they rent out additional equipment to add more adventure to your rental, including tents, sleeping bags, and the like. If you want extra comfort while on board, you can also avail of their generator. 


Westfalia Combi

The Westfalia Combis, or popularly known as Combi or Bus T2, are quite an attraction. These beautiful, manual campervans range from 1967 to 1979, so pretty old age models. Still, it works well on the roads, though not really the most practical because of its cabin. Its roof-lift area makes it easy to stand up comfortably inside. Not only that, it's the second sleeping space option aside from the convertible rear seats. This brightly-colored vehicle is a perfect match for two adults with a child, eyeing for short trips.

Westfalia Vanagon

Aside from Combis, they also have Vanagons. These are more modern campers are ideal for extended adventures because of its functional interior layout and amenities. Mostly from the 80s, Vanagons or T3 can now accommodate up to 4 people. You have the option to choose either a manual or automatic Vanagon. Both are easy to drive, even in a more remote environment. Plus, it comes with an external propane tank to power the fridge, stove, and heater. 


Upon booking inquiry, you can ask for the insurance coverage as well as insurance options on offer. 


Location Westfalia is all about exploring the road in a more laid-back style. Even if they are a small, local company, this means getting more personalized service. Their fleet of iconic campervans can accommodate couples and small families. Even if these are older models, all are head-turner beauties, though you might need extra patience driving them. Their famous Westies are not just normal Westies because each unit comes with customized features for a more family-like home on wheels. 


For couples and small families, Location Westfalia offers you a decent, Westfalia that will take you a more relaxed road trip in Canada. 

From the Agency

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  • Iconic campervans
  • Accommodates couples and small families
  • Affordable option


  • Cater to up to 4 people
  • Older campervans mean more patience
  • Not ideal for picky, fancy travellers


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