The Top 3 Most Important Places To Go With an RV Rental from Los Angeles

If a visit to Los Angeles is coming your way any time soon, then rent an RV, check out these VIP places and Hit The Road!

If a visit to Los Angeles is coming your way any time soon, then rent an RV, check out these VIP places and Hit The Road!

Motorhome Rental at the Los Angeles International Airport

LAX - the gateway to your RV rental road trip adventure!

The Los Angeles International Airport, also known as LAX, is the gateway to all things L.A., and whether you are visiting the City of Angels for a brief vacation for an extended stay, the airport is going to be a must-visit location.  While there are plenty of different ways to explore Los Angeles and the golden California landscapes that surround it, the best way is to grab motorhome rental at the Los Angeles International Airport, hit the highway, and take in everything the area has to over from the comfort of your own moving hotel! There are 5 different RV rental companies that have depots at LAX so there is plenty of choice as they are pretty much the 5 largest companies in the country. With a massive fleet between them, hiring the motorhome that suits you won't be a problem

 If you do plan on taking an RV adventure through Los Angeles, here are just a few destinations that should be on your to-do list...

Venice Beach

Venice beach Los Angeles.

Few things capture the vibrant culture of Los Angeles like Venice Beach, so if you are taking a motorhome rental from the Los Angeles International Airport, it’s the perfect place to start your adventure. Whether you are hoping to grab lunch, play a pick-up game of basketball with the locals, watch bodybuilders at work, see some sweet skateboard stunts, hear the music of street performers, walk along the Pacific shoreline, or simply watch all of the interesting characters that the area attracts, Venice Beach is a must-see L.A. treasure that is worth a visit at any time of year.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame 

Los Angeles Hollywood walk of fame

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is the hub of the American film industry, and if you want to catch sight of the celebrities that you’ve previously only seen on TV or in the movies, then a visit to Hollywood is absolutely essential. A stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a special treat for movie or music buffs, with sidewalks dotted with stars, each of which pays tribute to a different entertainment legend. From Walt Disney to Frank Sinatra, you’ll see an endless list of names that you recognize. Make a scavenger hunt out of it and see how many names you can tick off your list of favorite entertainers before heading back to the motorhome for the next stage of the adventure.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National park - best seen via an RV rental road trip!

If you’re a U2 fan and you don’t mind doing a bit of driving (hey, that’s what the motorhome is for, right?), then head 125 miles east of the city to enjoy the serenity and wide open expanses of Joshua Tree national park. The trees, which gave U2’s seminal 1987 album its name, are unique enough to catch your attention, but they aren’t the only appeal of this destination. Striking geological features (plenty of boulders and sizable rock formations) are perfect for rock climbers and sightseers alike, and you don’t know great stargazing until you do it from here. Camp out for the night to see the Milky Way with more clarity than ever before. This step is especially essential if you happen to be near Joshua Tree when a meteor shower or some other interstellar event is in the offing. However, a little note for U2 fans, the Joshua tree on the U2 album cover isn't actually IN the Joshua Tree National Park. It's actually near Death Valley National Park a little ways north - oops. And, I heard on the radio the other day by a lady who hunted down and found that tree, that it is actually dead now, however, there are still a whole lot of U2 fans that have visited it and left memorabilia there. So it's still a pretty cool little place to pilgrim to. You can find the coordinates on google.

As you might guess, there are plenty of things to do in and around L.A., and getting a motorhome rental at the Los Angeles International Airport is the perfect way to take advantage of many of them. If you’ve got kids onboard, make sure to schedule a stop at Disneyland, but beyond that, the sky is the limit for the adventures you can have here.

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