Britz's Summer Fleet Hit The Road Again

Britz Australia Summer Fleet Campervan Review

Britz Australia has launched it's summer peak-season range again - and they're looking good and selling out.

Britz Australia LogoAs any good business should, Britz tries to take full advantage of the summer peak season demand on campervan rental in Australia. To this end they have re-introduced their summer-only fleet again this year starting in late October and going through to end of April 2018.

There are 4 campervans and motorhhomes this year, including a 4wd catering for 2 berth, 4 berth and 6 berth.

The Action Pod

Britz Australia Action Pod interior image - the summer fleet

The Action Pod is the smallest camper. It's a 2 berth based on a long-wheel-base Toyota Hiace where they simply slide in and lock down some basic furniture pods that results in a kitchenette, storage and and bed. It is simple in design and function but provides all the necessities at a low price. And it's all new! This is only the 2nd summer the Action Pod has been available and I dare say the removable interior pods have just been sitting in storage for the last 6 months so they have hardly been used. The vehicles will be on lease and you can expect them to be brand new too. So, a nice shiny new campervan with a shiny interior in the lowest budget tier. What's not to like? So, yes, they are booking out fast.

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The Discovery

Britz Australia Summer Fleet - The Discovery Interior

The 4 berth is the Discovery. This is a stock standard motorhome with lots of bells and whistles that only comes out to play at summer. The kids will love the european modelling with bunk beds and a bed that lifts up to the ceiling during the day. This unit can be fitted with child seats and is very family friendly. At 6.3 meters long it is a little shorter than a 6 berth so if you are unfamiliar with driving in Australia on the left hand side of the road, or you don't like the idea of a huge vehicle, this might be the unit for your family. Full kitchen, fridge, toilet and shower included.

The Traveller

Britz Australia Summer Fleet - The Traveller Interior

The 6 berth is the Traveller. This is a fairly traditional kind of full-featured motorhome with what I like to call the "American Design" as the bed in the rear is permanently set up with the toilet/shower next to it. As usual there is the permanent bed above the driver cabin, leaving the eating dinette as the only section that converts from seating to bed in the evening. Advantages are there is less messing around assembling beds in the evening, disadvantages is that if that is where the kids are sleeping and they go to bed early, you have nowhere to sit and continue your night. There is a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, toilet/shower, black and grey water tanks (and fresh water of course). But when it comes to entertainment ba-bowm - no TV or dvd player - you're just going to have to entertain your brain some other way.

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