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Amber Leisure Motorhomes UK has been in the rental game for quite some time already with a fleet of modern vehicles as their weapons. After renting from them, happy customers continuously add-up to their positive reputation.

What Amber Leisure Motorhomes UK Tells Us

The company is one of the most highly regarded and popular picks when it comes to motorhome rentals. First, they have more than 30 years of rental expertise that surely gives them a bright edge among small and newer motorhome hire companies in the UK. Second, they have catered a serious number of rentals for the past years, allowing them to hone their competence when it comes to providing the needed camping essentials and some lists of thoughtful extras.  Third and the last, their fleet serves almost all range of renters, from couples to families to larger groups. However, with all these highlights, they only have one depot to shelter their fleet. 


The selection of modern vehicles has been one of the charms of the company. All used motorhomes are less than two years old so wear and tear may not be an issue at all. Offering a wide variety of motorhomes for small to bigger groups, each rental is equipped with more than enough essentials and extras. A standard motorhome is furnished with everything you need, really, plus some exciting perks all for free— unlimited mileage, one vehicle parking, linen kit, luggage storage, certain transfers, privilege camping and caravanning club membership. 


2 berth

For couples or travellers in two, this Just go’s 2 berth could be the perfect treat for you. A compact, low-line motorhome with enough facilities inside such as a neat kitchen, comfy sleeping areas and spacious bathroom, the unit is very easy to drive around. The well-utilized layout furnishes a roomy lounge area behind the cab seats, and the electronic drop down bed gives a roomy sleeping quarters at night. And to make it more attractive, this model also features a 100 watt solar panel, as well as a nice entertainment system with TV and status aerial. 

4 Berth Fixed Bed

There are four Just go 4 berth motorhomes, each with distinct appointments that make them unique. For this motorhome in particular, it provides a fixed low double bed and upper electronic double bed from the ceiling; hence, allowing to sleep up to 4 people. Its engine size is quite smaller at 2287/130, but still runs perfectly. Unlike the other three 4 berth's with classic all white exteriors, this one has a bold blue frontal color that makes it sleeker. However, there aren't much windows on the living room area.

4 Berth U Lounge

This Just go model may be a 4 berth motorhome but it is equipped with 5 seat belts. It also provides you with scenic views inside through its large windows and rear lounge. The dramatic layout at the back makes this unit a favorite among those in need of sociable and panoramic scenes. The full rear lounge converts into a spacious double bed at night, while the dinette area also transforms into a cozy sleeping area for two. Positioned right at the center to divide the two sleeping quarters is the bathroom with separate shower and toilet. And if you're a ski lover, this vehicle can give you enough storage locker for your equipment. 

4 Berth Twin Beds

The versatility of this 4 berth motorhome makes it a gem among other options on fleet. Featuring 2 single twin beds that can also be converted into a large double bed, the rear area is all allocated for your sleeping sessions. Just choose the layout that suits you well. Other passengers may also relax on the dinette area that comes with an electronic drop down double bed. Just like the previous two 4 berths, this one also has a bathroom at the center area and a nice galley kitchen with sink, oven and fridge.

4 Berth Luxury

If you're not very enticed with the other three 4 berths, then this luxury motohorme for four may be the one for you. Offering every bit of style and elegance, the unit is the ultimate choice for luxury travellers. Actually, this one is pretty unique because this is a class A motorhome, hence providing you with bigger and better driving views. The entire rear boasts of the private bedroom with panoramic windows and multitude storage areas. The second sleeping area is located at the front ceiling while the bathroom is at the center. 

6 Berth Fixed Double Bed

For bigger groups up to 6, no need to look further because you have two choices on offer— either the unit with double bed or the one with rear bunk beds. If you choose the first one, then you will be provided with more space and heaps of storage areas as the sleeping areas are located at the rear, over the luton and from the convertible dinette. The bathroom features a divided shower and toilet, which are located just before the back bedroom. 

6 Berth Rear Bunk Beds

For those travelling with kids or those groups of friends, then you can opt for this 6 berth with bunk beds. The two single bunk beds give flexible accommodation to some passengers on-board. The remaining travellers may sleep at the other double beds also situated at the cab-over and transformable dinette. The kitchen and bathroom layout is just the same with the other 6 berth motorhome.


A fully comprehensive insurance is already part of the rental, but you will still be driving on a £1,250.00 excess. This amount is also the corresponding damage deposit that must be presented during pick-up through a pre-authorization debit or credit card. One downside, however, is there are no insurance options to limit the excess and just like most rental companies, any damage to tyres and windscreen is not covered by our insurance, which will be a possible additional expense. 


Catering all rental groups, their fleet of newer motorhomes at mid-ranged market is still very attractive after more than 30 years in the business. As one of UK's rental leaders, Amber Leisure Motorhomes UK has catered a lot of happy customers and that proves their reputation in the industry. Though they only have one depot and even if their prices aren't the cheapest, they are reliable and recommended with only few negative reviews.


A reputable motorhome hire with a depot in Luton, Amber Leisure Motorhomes UK gives you a road trip with less worries and hassle. Their 30 years rental expertise will prove that, but of course, you still need to rent with all eyes and ears, especially during vehicle orientation. 

From the Agency

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  • Caters all rental groups
  • Motorhome age is less than two years old
  • Extensive experience of more than 30 years


  • Only one depot
  • Not very affordable
  • No insurance options


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