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Situated in South East London, Dub Dub and Away is a local company that rents out classic VW campervans for groups up to 4 persons. Their vintage vans are not just for couples, families, and friends but also for your furry pets.

About Dub Dub and Away

Dub Dub and Away is a family run business providing Classic VW Campervan hire from their brance in South East London. Pick-up and drop-off of units are done at their depot, which is a residential area. They have street parking available for your personal vehicle but this will be at your own risk. For those travelling with pets, luckily they allow well-behaved ones inside their units (for an extra fee). All drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 before you can rent their vintage campervans. These vehicles can travel anywhere within the UK, except Scotland and Northern Island. Plus, these units are right-hand drives so it will be easier when driving around the country. 


At present, Dub Dub and Away offers four beautifully restored classic VW Campervans that are perfect for 4 people, though can extend up to 5 persons. Each camper contains all the things you need for a cozy road trip. You are provided with kitchen essentials like pans, pots, cutlery, crockery, and a kettle. If you want more comfort, you can rent out camp beds, sleeping bags, beddings, towels, and cycle rack. Do take note that the vehicles are all 1970's models, hence they are around 50 years old already. They are manual units so you need to change gear. Plus, they don't feature power steering and ABS on brakes, which means you need to exercise patience to enjoy your trip even more. These units have a mileage limit so a 15-minute break is necessary every after a 3-hour trip.



You can't miss this sophisticated and stylish campervan in burnt orange and ivory features. With its pop-top, you'll have more space inside. It can sleep 2 adults in the rear bed and another 2 people in the provided awning. You can comfortably relax and even dine inside with the built-in seats and adjustable table. So, if you want to turn heads while on the road, this stunning camper does not disappoint. 


Sunny is like a breath of fresh air with its bright and beautiful yellow paint job. This 1971 model is also a perfect campervan for 4 but can fit an extra passenger (a child up to 50 kg). The two adults can relax in the convertible rear area and the other two in the pop-top space. For the extra person, there's the front cab bunk. 


Another 4 berth option is the vibrant Moneypenny built on a 1971 Devon Moonraker Early Bay. Featuring a beaming orange and white exterior, this beautiful campervan is ideal for long drives. It also comes with a pop-top to provide extra sleeping area and extra interior space. This allows you to easily stand up inside the camper. And just like Sunny, this one can cater to a fifth person (child up to 50 kg) in the front cab bunk.


This blazin' red, 1972 Devon Moonraker is fondly called as Poppy. It has the same interior plan as Moneypenny; hence, it's best for 4 people but can accommodate a child up to 50 kg in the cab bunk. It also has a pop-top to add ventilation and space inside the unit. 


Insurance coverage is provided for the first-named driver, though it's subject to terms and conditions. Also, you will be required to pay for a security deposit of £750 via credit or debit card. And, they'd highly suggest that you also purchase a personal holiday or travel insurance for a less stressful trip. 


As a family rental business offering vintage campervans, Dub Dub and Away is hands-on with their fleet. Unlike modern campervans, these are classical units that need constant maintenance to ensure efficiency on the roads. As a result, their vehicles still work reliably even if these are 1970's models. However, you cannot expect a flawless unit because of the vehicles' age. They may not be that popular but they have kept a good reputation all these years. 


If you're planning to hit the UK roads in a slow yet stylish manner, Dub Dub and Away's fleet of beautiful, vintage campervans is definitely a great option. 

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  • Suitable for groups up to 4-5
  • Pet-friendly units
  • Well-maintained fleet


  • Really old campervan models
  • Not meant for picky travellers


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