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A trace of pure bliss with Bliss RV― this Palm Springs RV rental specialist is reputably known for their lavish units that are not covered with all-out marketing jingles or stickers. Yet even with the simple exteriors, be ready with admiring glances from a far because these are not just vans but luxury and newer Mercedes models. The appreciation doesn't stop there as all units are completely loaded with outfitted rigs. The glamour layout and fittings redefine classy outdoor adventure, but this may only be appreciated by couples or smaller families. Relatively, there are only two types on collection― the Free Spirit SS and the Serenity, yet both stand out on its own. The Free Spirit is the only Mercedes Sprinter with extensive slide-out and large sliding door that lets you connect to the magnificence of open roads. The Serenity is also a great choice because this top-of-the-line Mercedes Sprinter is so fun and easy to maneuver and park in standard areas. 

The luxury units may be quite pricier for budget travelers but the all-inclusive pricing is simply captivating. Driving an efficient vehicle that seems like an elegant studio apartment on wheels is a great way to start your great American adventure in style and luxury. 

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