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Geared towards a more personalized rental, Dragonfly Vans represents an old-school, simple campervan hire through its customized VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender.

About Dragonfly Vans

Positioned in the heart of the Northern Rockies, Dragonfly Vans focuses on small and simple family camping with no frills. It's just you, your loved ones, and your vintage van. The pick-up and drop--off location of the vans are positioned near Missoula International Airport, which is quite convenient. The company is not that huge but has catered a decent amount of renters, who are mostly happy with their rented unit. They do not allow choosing of vans and one-way rentals.


The Dragonfly Vans are all classic vans that are mostly 23 years old or more. These units are fully rebuilt and furnished to be utilized as reliable road trip buddies. But of course, you may want to lower your expectations with these old-fashioned cars. The vans require a dose of patience but once you get a hold of how things work, you'll fall in love with these 1986- 987 VW Weekenders, all with the same layout but in different colors. There are 10 VW vans on offer, either power steering or not and either automatic or manual. These campervans do not come with sink, refrigerator, shower and toilet,  so you better prepare for a bare yet unique campervan hire. 


Base Van

The Base Vans are suitable for those who wouldn't mind renting a simple van with few basics. There are no fancy facilities inside, just essentials like captain chairs with armrests and comfy seats. Plus, you are provided with free camp chairs, single-burner stove, cooler, teapot, and cooking pot. Since there's no fitted bed inside, you need to rent out their sleeping kit that includes sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, pillows, sheets, and pillowcases. Some Base Vans have Yakima crossbars for different mounting options.

Full Van

The second option is recommended for those looking for some slight improvements for an added comfort. The Full Vans feature Firestone 225/70/14 Destination A/T tires. Not only that, since this is now a full van, no need to spend extra money for the BBQ and cooking kit, sleeping gears, and other extras because this model is already equipped with all the basics plus some extras. Just like the Base Vans, these units also feature privacy curtains for all windows, rubber floor mats, and more. 


An important requisite, renter must have a full-coverage insurance policy that extends to the rented campervan. So, you cannot complete your rental without having an insurance. 


Dragonfly Vans spells out a unique and self-paced adventure. The VW Weekenders may have some slight wear and tear features but these are still in tiptop shape. Most renters noted that they had a comfortable road trip because of the highly-maintained units, though not really suitable for steep uphill grades (quite expected!). Driving these units also needs patience and familiarization because these are vintage vans, which are no longer on the market. Accordingly, that's the main reason why the company is strict when it comes to rentals. 


Overall, If you're the type of traveller who wants something out of the norms of large motorhomes and normal campervans, then you can experience a rather special vacation with Dragonfly Vans' range of VW Weekenders. 

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  • Classical campervan ride
  • Decent price
  • Unique rental range
  • Convenient location


  • One pick-up and drop-off point
  • Restricted rental options
  • Possible wear and tear conditions


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