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Great Alaskan Holidays is a large RV rentals and sales in Anchorage with more than three decades of service in providing premium quality RVs for small to large groups.

What Great Alaskan Holidays Tells Us

For more than 30 years now, Great Alaskan Holiday is one of the most popular choices when it comes to RV rentals in Alaska. Because of its prominence, they have ventured into RV sales and service to cater everyone in the market . Being a pioneer in the RV rental industry, the company has been awarded with lots of 'firsts'— first company to offer free dumping, cleaning, and flushing of tanks, toll free number, motorhomes with slide-outs, and the list continues. Also, they are an authorized Thor and Winnebago service center, making it convenient for every customer.


As of this writing, the company specializes in Thor Four Winds and Winnebago Winnie Minnie rentals. The RVs are big enough to cater big groups up to 8. The smallest option is the 22' Thor Four Winds, while the biggest are the Winnie Minnie at 31K and 31H. All motorhomes are owned by the company, which is a great advantage for customers as they get what they reserved during booking. These are custom-built that features Ford chassis V-10 Triton engine, automatic transmission, power steeling, door locks and cab power windows, and are equipped with all essentials like air conditioner, power generator, cook top, microwave oven, refrigerator and a lot more. Additionally, the great thing about each rental is the extensive inclusions, ranging from housekeeping package to linen items. 


Thor Four Winds 30D 

Because of its length, this Thor Four Winds motorhome is perfect for large families up to 8. These units come with two slide-outs that extends the living room and bedroom. There are enough sleeping places inside— rear queen bed, bunk beds at the back, overhead bed (with TV set!), convertible dinette and sofa. There's a closet and dresser in the bedroom, as well as overhead storage cabinets in the living quarters. The L-shaped kitchen is smoothly located near the shower & toilet. 

Thor Four Winds 28Z 

Thor Four Winds 28Z is a 6-berth motorhome with four sleeping areas. With one slide-out that expands the dinette and kitchen, this leaves a more spacious layout in the living quarters, plus, there's a nice entertainment system fitted out between the transformable dinette! At the bedroom, there are convenient step-ups to give way to the closets. However, unlike the above-mentioned, the overhead does not have a TV set.

Thor Four Winds 24F 

The second to the smallest vehicle on offer, this motorhome provides 4 seat belts and sleeps up to 5. This particular model is quite unique as its slide-out starts from the living room up to the bedroom. Because of the slide-out, this allows the shower & toilet to be nicely positioned out at the back area, giving a roomier ambiance. On the right side of the unit features the kitchen with a fascinating flip-up C-top, together with the pantry and fridge. 

Thor Four Winds 22B 

Despite being the smallest unit, the 22B Four Winds still can sleep up to 5 persons. But, of course, there will be slight limitations inside, though not really cramped up as the layout is comfortably tailored and there is one slide-out in the rear that allows the bathroom to be set also at the back. To save space, the motorhome does not provide a sofa so that leaves you with sleeping areas at the back, dinette and overhead.  

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 25B 

Even with its restricted dimensions, the motorhome is designed for up to 6 adults, with sleeping places at the rear bedroom, overhead queen bed, dinette and sofa sleeper. However, it may not be fully recommended for those wanting some extra space. Also, there aren't lots of windows for this one, but there are enough cabinets and closet for your stuff. 

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 27Q 

Bigger with lesser sleeping capacity, this 5-berth 27Q Minnie Winnie is perfect for everyone who needs a spacious accommodation on wheels. With the limited sleeping areas— only at the rear bedroom, dinette and overhead beds, this gives more space inside. The slide-out in the living room also expands the area. But, this motorhome does not provide a sofa so you can only relax or watch your fave shows from the dinette area. 

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H 

An 8-berth unit with 6 sleeping areas and two slide-outs, the 31H Minnie Winnie has a lot of extra space, really. Starting from the living quarters down to the bedroom, there's more than enough space for standing or even stretching your legs. The rear bedroom provides wardrobe and drawers for storage, while the overhead bed at the cab-over has a TV set for your entertainment needs. But of course, since this one is pretty big, this might be difficult to park around.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31K 

Featuring the same length, width, and height as above, the 31K is the ultimate choice for a luxury holiday on wheels. Families up to 6 will enjoy the large walk-through that extends up to the bedroom. Unlike other models, the sofa sleeper and dinette are located on one side of the vehicle— on the right and these sleeping areas do no impede the space in the living room because it comes with a slide-out. The left side of the unit is all for the kitchen, while the rear is just for the bedroom. 


Every rental from Great Alaskan Holidays includes a liability insurance that covers the state statutory limits: bodily injury at $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident, property damage at $25,000 per accident and uninsured motorist at $50,000/person and $100,000 per accident. The deposit and insurance deductibles, on the other hand, can be reduced if you avail of their insurance options for an additional cost: from $2,500 to $250 collision deductible and $2,500 to $0 comprehensive deductible. Still, the $500 reservation damage deposit remains the same even if you avail of their insurance options. 


Great Alaskan Holidays is a very popular and reputable RV rental in Alaska with over 30 years experience. Their rental expertise allows them to stand out among small rental companies in the area. However, as this one is a very large company, personalized rental and friendlier customer service may not be something to expect to. Instances about overly sales pitch during vehicle orientation have been raised by some customers, as well as vehicles not properly maintained. Also, the rental rates along with thr insurance options are bit pricey. 


Because of the wide array of motorhomes on fleet, there are a lot of options for renters. But also because of the several units on hand, some motorhomes may not be very well-maintained, as experienced by some customers. Nevertheless, Great Alaskan Holidays is a reliable RV rental that has been servicing renters for more than 3 decades. 

From the Agency

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  • More than 30 years rental expertise
  • Offers not just rentals but also RV sales and service
  • Luxury rentals
  • Suitable for small to big groups


  • Some units not properly maintained
  • Few negative reviews
  • Not-so personalized service
  • Only one depot
  • Pricier rental rates and insurance options


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, United States
1 Review

"Poor Vehicle, Poor Service"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

I recently rented from Great Alaskan Holidays and although we loved the trip, the quality of the new Forester RV we rented was poor. Unfortunately, that led to us getting charged for damage that would not have occurred with a vehicle of higher quality.

During our weeklong trip, numerous items came loose, didn't work well, didn't connect without extra effort, or were otherwise indicative of corners cut and shoddy craftmanship. This isn't necessarily Great Alaskan's issue (that's to come) but it did have consequences for us. When my daughter shut the side window above the couch with regular force (the rest of my family of 6 were all watching her and can attest to that), the window completely shattered. Great Alaskan charged us $591 for the window. Luckily, we had purchased the extra insurance coverage so we only had to pay a $300 deductible.

Had this been my fault, I would have been totally ok with it (I’ll own up to my mistakes) but I shouldn’t have to subsidize Great Alaskan for choosing cheaply made RVs.

My issue with Great Alaskan is that (i) they were completely unwilling to work with me on it and charged me the full amount regardless and (ii) the customer service related to this was horrendous. The two managers I spoke with turned combative nearly immediately and made little effort to hear me out. When we picked up the RV, I heard them literally yelling at a customer and threatening to call the police if they didn’t leave. I thought that was a one-off, but it’s obviously not. We didn’t come to yelling but they clearly don’t provide the level of service you would expect from a professional organization these days.

Did the window break while I had the RV? Yes. But most other companies would be willing to accept product deficiencies and not charge you for that.

So, if you do rent from Great Alaskan, beware. Understand that if anything happens to the RV, even if the result of shoddy construction, you will be charged for it. Treat everything in it with kid gloves, even if you already think you are.

Alaska is a beautiful state with wonderful people and I plan on going back there again and often. But I will never rent from Great Alaskan again.

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