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A well-established campervan rental in Australia and New Zealand, Travellers Autobarn has made its way to the US roads! With multiple depots across the country, the company brings its flagship 2-3 berth campervans to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

About Travellers Autobarn US

Welcome to Travellers Autobarn US! The budget-based company from Australia has now expanded its fleet of affordable campervans to three US cities. Their campers are meant for those who are on a budget, whether you are a solo backpacker, with a partner, or with your small family. Travellers Autobarn provides discounts on long-term rentals. And of course, they stand out among all other campervan companies because they offer unlimited free miles! Because of this, you can travel from the US to Canada conveniently, attend various music festivals (except Burning Man), and have the time of your life on the road. 


The Travellers Autobarn US' fleet is a mix of new and old vehicles that cater to 2 to 3 persons. These units range between 2012 to 2019 age models. The campervans are well-equipped, though you need to rent the sheets, duvets, and cooking materials for an extra fee. The best thing about these campers is that they are compact in size, making it easy to park in standard spaces. Both their Hitops and Kugas allow standing up inside because of the extended roof. 


Station Wagon

Technically, this isn't a campervan but a car for those who prefer a smaller unit that easily takes them from point A to point B. The Station Wagons are based on a 2012- 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan model that seats up to 5. Since there's no built-in bed inside, you can just rent a tent, including some optional camping stuff like chairs, esky, and gas cooker. This model is the perfect unit for those who are on a super tight budget. 

Hitop Campervan

If you want extra comfort, go for the Hitop Campervan that easily sleeps up to 3 persons (2 adults and 1 child). Built on a 2013 - 2015 Chevrolet Express fit-out, you'll love this camper because of its interior facilities, which include a well-stocked kitchen, comfy rear area/ sleeping space, and plenty of storage spaces. The L-shaped kitchen at the back of the driver's area is furnished with a microwave, gas stove, fridge, and a sink. Plus, there are 240V power points and USB plug-ins, giving extra convenience to everyone on-board. And because of the hi-top roof, it leaves more room inside. 

Kuga Campervan

The Kuga Campervan is the newest vehicle with a brand new Chevrolet Express fit-out. These 2018- 2019 vehicles are more or less the same with the Hitop, except for the year model and added interior features. Aside from the full kitchenette and convertible rear lounge, this one provides solar panels so you'll have more time exploring the road than staying at powered campsites. These solar panels will recharge your batteries, which will then power your lights and fridge. This unit also accommodates 2 to 3 adults.


If you can't provide your own insurance, you've got four insurance coverage options: Mininum Cover ($0/day), Collision Damage Waiver ($10/day), Supplemental Liability Insurance ($12.25/day), and Protection Plus ($22.25/day). If you want a stress-free road trip, then it's recommended that you choose the Protection Plus because it already includes both CDW and SLI, as well as coverage for two tyres and one front windscreen. 


Travellers Autobarn is a well-established campervan hire company in Australia. With its expansion to the US, they have now three international branches. Since they are relatively new to the US, their fleet is still not extensive, offering only 3 units out of their normal 6 to 7 campervan models. These units mostly cater to couples and small families up to 3 only. On the bright side, they have multiple branches in the country. And just like their Australia and New Zealand branches, they focus on budget hires, with a rental range that consists of new and older models. 


Travellers Autobarn US is a good option for budget travellers eyeing for 2 to 3 berth campervans that can travel across the country up to Canada. 

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  • Budget campervans
  • Multiple branches
  • International recognition


  • Not for big groups more than 3
  • Some older models
  • Not suitable for fancy travellers


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, United States
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"Minimal and spacious!"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

Making reservations was really easy to connect with someone and when we picked up the van everything was ready to go. It is definitely a quick process when you do the pre check-in with your license and insurance etc. online before you head there. We took the KUGA van from SF to Oregon for a few days. I honestly am a tent camper; I love sleeping without the rain fly and seeing all the stars. But this camper van was really awesome especially for a further drive and making pit stops on the road to eat or sleep. The van is minimal yet gives you what you really need. Anytime I go camping I always struggle with washing my dishes. So it definitely was great having a sink in the van! Everything is really straight forward with how to use and set everything up. The bed is pretty comfortable too. I think the other big plus of this camper van was that it's spacious enough yet it still pulls in easily at a gas station or parking lot. There's a vent/fan that also made the night comfortable since it was a bit warm where we camped. Always make sure to turn the water pump off also! The amount of outlets in the car make it really easy to charge all types of electronics. I was able to do some homework in the back which made life so much easier. The cabinets are spacious and there's plenty of room to store stuff under the seats and above the counter. I really enjoyed my experience with the van and definitely plan on future trips with it.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value