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Leisure Rent is a brand new player in the Tasmania campervan hire market. Established in late 2017 the company only offers one kind of campervan upon launch and that is a 4 berth hi-top campervan that is brand spanking new.

The owner of Leisure Rent has over 25 years experience in the campervan and car rental market so when he had a chance to start a new company from scratch he knew all the best ways to keep costs low and quality high. In particular he has used the latest cloud software systems to keep the booking process simple and online rather than having to do everything in the depots on pickup. I wish all campervan rental companies would be this smart.

Leisure Rent has had the foresight to make more than one location available for pick up and drop off even if there are some unique and different ways of doing it. At the end of the day, we the renters are really only interested in the convenience of the location anyway right. In fact they have taken a leaf out of the JucyUSA book and just have safe deposit boxes with a PIN code in some locations to drop off and pick up the keys and 3rd party companies helping them out in other locations. This is available because they harness new technology like E-Sign so you can read and sign the rental contract days before you turn up for collection.

Leisure Rent are being cagey about just how many campervans they have and plan to have but they love the Toyota Hiace model and have no plans to move in to larger motorhomes with toilets and showers.

Being a brand new company in 2017 you will be getting all brand new campers, but their business model makes it so that no camper will get to over 4 years old and some will be retired early if they have clocked up too many kilometers so you can be sure you are going to be getting a fresh vehicle.

The Campervan

As mentioned, Leisure Rent is only supplying 1 type of campervan model for the foreseeable future and don't ever expect there to be a model with toilet/shower. It's based on the ubiquitous Toyota Hiace model with a hi-top conversion and a not-so-common interior design. Many of the interior designs put the kitchenette directly behind the driver, but in this case the rear seating goes there. This configuration allows for the 2 single seats in the rear to take passengers and there is an option for one child seat via a single anchor point.

There's a fridge, microwave cooktop sink and even a little wardrobe style cupboard for those things you simply MUST hang up. 2 people sleep "downstairs" on the converted dining table area, and 2 will sleep "upstairs" once the extra panels are pulled across making a 4 berth. I spent a year living in a camper with this kind of sleeping arrangement and it is perfectly comfy whether you sleep up or down.

Pick Up and Drop Off

So without a depot and staff to inspect the campervans how are you going to do the damage inspection report before heading off? Well an inspection report is supplied to you based of the end damage report of the previous renter. You compare the report to what you see on pickup - if there is damage on the vehicle that is not on the report you mark it down. And you better make sure you do because otherwise the next renter will, in which case you are going to get the blame for it and the bill. Get it? So make sure you do a detailed damage report before you go out as it it not likely a staff member will be standing with you. Of course it is common place to also take lots of photos and even video these days, so I suggest you do that to. The reality is no one likes it when a camper is damaged but the goal is just to make sure the person who actually did it has to pay for it, not the next renter.


Which brings us to insurance for damage. Leisure Rent has a base liability of AU$5000 if you take out no extra insurance cover through the company. This WILL be taken off your credit card and held for the duration of the rental. However, there is no credit card fee attached to that. If you return it undamaged the full $5000 will be returned and you are not out of pocket a cent. There is the option to reduce the liability to AU$2500 for AU$30pd or reduce it to NIL by paying AU$45pd. This is a standard custom across campervan hire companies in Australia and New Zealand and the rates to do so are on par with the Australian market.


Being brand new, there is no feedback at the time of writing on just awesome these campers will be but they are coming from a reliable campervan conversion company and are being managed by a man with 25years experience who is committed to service and is doing this as a labour of love. We expect this to be a go to company for quite a few years to come. (but check below there might be a review there by a previous renter by now).

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, Australia
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"Epic new rental took us around Tassie"

  • Reviewed 3 hours ago

My friend and myself from NSW were looking for a easy and price competitive rental company for our chill tour around Tasmania and found exactly what we were looking for. Leasure rent were super friendly and very happy to cator to our needs, making sure we were happy at all periods of the rental. The vechicle was brand
new with all the equiptment one would need bar salt and pepper. Will definatly be using this company in the future.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hey, you were 5 star guests and returned the campervan back in a spotless condition, thanks so much for taking the time to do this; it was greatly appreciated.

    And thanks for your wonderful feedback, we look forward to welcoming you back anytime.