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A rather infamous campervan hire that lives up to its name, Wicked Campers provides 2 to 5-berth sleepers ideal for budget travellers. The controversial company has three branches in Canada and one in the US.


Over the years, Wicked Campers has been on the limelight because of their flashy campervans that come with funny graffiti, and sometimes sexist slogans. Still, they have carved a name in the rental industry. They are one of the few rental companies in the world that provide unique and not-so-discreet campervan styles. Even if they are on the other side of the spectrum, Wicked Campers has lots of Branches, not just in Canada but in the entire world. And their price beat guarantee is another plus factor for those wanting a wicked and ultra-budget adventure.


Wicked campervans are mostly about head-turner designs and basic road trip essentials. Well, who wouldn't miss their notorious paint job and intriguing slogans? Just like the other Wicked campervans from different parts of the world, the Canadian Wicked units are also meant for young travellers, at least 18 years old. All campervans provide accommodation and comfort to 2 to 4 people. To complement the age bracket or even attract the older generation, their rental range features smaller, simpler, and sometimes sinful campervan styles.  


Iconic 2-Seater Campervan

Gracing the Wicked fleet is their Iconic 2-seater campervan―a funky model with essentials like gas cooker, convertible bed, and outdoor table and chairs. Even with its limited space, you'll be surprised because the inside comes with heaps of luggage storage. Ideal for backpackers on a budget, this 2 berth unit is the perfect definition for a cheap yet compact campervan without any frills. 

Premium 2-Seater Campervan

If you need a more decent and private road trip for two, then the Premium 2-Seater Campervan might be too hard to ignore. Still a budget-friendly option, these modern models are more modest compared to the other 'wicked' campervans. Also, these premium units are loaded with a nice double bed, rear kitchenette, and heaps of storage areas. Conveniently, the kitchen already comes with a gas cooker, cooking equipment, and ice box.

Premium 2-Seater Campervan RH-Drive

Only available in Canada, this 2-seater unit is meant for those who prefer right-hand drive. Technically, the campervan is similar to the other premium model―same sleeping area, facilities, and other inclusions. 

Mini Camper 3-Sleeper

Planning to take your two best buddies on a road trip? You can rent out Wicked's Mini Camper 3-Sleeper―beautiful, step-up little cars in different vehicle types. These campervans may either be Wagons or SUV's, with simple or flashy paint job. Just pick your preference! Further, all three of you will sleep in the easy-to-assemble rooftop tent and not inside the unit. 

Fantastic 5-Seater Campervan

For adventurous groups up to 5, there's something to look forward to from Wicked Canada's fleet―the Fantastic 5-Seater Campervan. The unit is bigger compared to the other 4 listed campervans, though there's no sleeping area inside. Instead, all 5 of you will sleep in the roomy 5-Berth rooftop tent. Also at the rear is a small kitchen area that is furnished with some basic cooking facilities. 


So, it's time to discuss their insurance options. For drivers aged 18-20, their standard liability/ bond is $3,200 at $15 per day. If you want to reduce your bond and liability to $500, then you need to pay $30 per day. This liability reduction now includes front windscreen, tyres, additional drivers, and the like. For drivers aged 21 and above, the standard liability/ bond is $2,700 at $10 per day but can be limited to $500, including tyres, windscreen, and additional drivers, if you pay $25 per day. 


Wicked Campers has created its own reputation. Their name, of course, outlines their rental fleet―often shady and intriguing. And obviously, their reputation has been pointed out for years now. Yet even with if they do not hold the best rental reputation in the world, Wicked Campers is a well-known choice for young, quirky travellers on a budget. So, if you're travelling with kids or you are a picky renter, then the Wicked units are not for you, especially that their campervans have no bells and whistles―just basics like bed, kitchenette, tables, and storage. 


For young travellers wanting to experience the true sense of camping in a wicked way, Wicked Camper rents out their budget campervans for a one of a kind Canada adventure. 

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  • Budget campervan
  • Multiple branches
  • Unique paint job


  • Some offensive exteriors
  • Overly basic interiors
  • Few bad reviews


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