Jucy vs Spaceships: Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta - The battle of the mini-van campervan

We compare Jucy and Spaceships head to head to see who's the best. When it comes to the battle of the mini-van campervan, who's got the goods? The results might shock you.

When searching for a campervan rental in Australia, you’ll no doubt be overwhelmed with the number of options. You may be interested in a couple of models from different companies but don’t know which is best for your road trip needs. Rather than have you spending hours pouring over the internet to research, we are doing all the hard work for you and comparing two similar campervan models from different providers, so you can quickly make a decision and book.

Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta

Spaceships Beta campervan VS Jucy Crib campervan

We are comparing 2 berth mini campervans. While neither of these have bathroom or full kitchen, they are ideal for a couple or two friends to explore the country with and plan to mostly stay at campgrounds or holiday parks with facilities. Both come with a double bed.

The Jucy Crib campervans are a 2001 or newer model Toyota Tarago that has been fitted out between 2015-2018. Spaceships Beta campervans are 2003-2005 Toyota Estima models that were fitted out between 2011-2016

Both are automatic, with the Jucy Crib consuming 12 litres of fuel per 100 km, and the Spaceships Beta only consuming 9 litres per 100 km (Their numbers not ours)

If you are looking for a 4 berth version, check out our article of Jucy Champ v Spaceships Beta 4

Who are the companies we are comparing today?

 Jucy campervan hire is easily recognisable with it’s bright green and purple coloured cars and campervans. From starting in New Zealand back in 2001 with just a small fleet, they now have over 4000 vehicles being rented out in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. The family-owned company is popular with young adventurers, and they pride themselves on having excellent customer service and a strong community of fans. They provide a free airport pickup.

Spaceships Rentals is a campervan hire company that promises stress-free campervan hire and has a unique on road community to be able to meet other travellers while on the road. They have a fleet of campervans across NZ, Australia, and the UK, and either have fully branded orange and white campervans or vehicles with a smaller logo sticker. Spaceships doesn’t charge extra for one-way journeys and offer free airport transfers for hires of 21 days or more.

Rental Costs

The daily base rate for both of these campervans can vary according to the time of the year and seasonal promotions. For example purposes, we made a booking enquiry for the 1st April 2019 to the 15th April 2019 (2 weeks).

Jucy Crib
Spaceships Beta
AU $850.65
AU $981.56
AU $56.71
AU $70.11

The prices mentioned for both companies include a standard insurance excess of $3000.

What’s included in the price?

Jucy Crib
Spaceships Beta
CD/radio with USB connection
AM/FM radio with USB and MP3 connection
Single Burner
Dual Burner
18 litre fridge
10 litre fridge/freezer
Water Tank
10 ltr
20 ltr
Unlimited mileage
Unlimited mileage
24-hour assistance
Air Conditioning
Tourist info and maps

Jucy Crib Campervan kitchenSpaceships Beta campervan kitchen

Optional Extras

Jucy Crib
Spaceships Beta
Camping Table
Camping Chairs
Additional Driver
Booster Seat (14-26kg)

Child Seat (8-15kg)

Solar Shower

Summer Pack



Please note: Prices are one time unless otherwise specified

You also have the option of choosing Motorhome Cancellation Charges Cover for AU$5.95 per day for both models.

If you are just looking to hire the campervan only, then from a cost side, the Jucy wins. If you are looking for a bunch of extras then the answer is less clear. But most the time, people just want the basics, so....

Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta Costs Winner: Jucy

Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta Design

Jucy Crib campervan bed unfoldedSpaceships Beta campervan bed canopy

When we look at Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta 2 berth in terms of design, there is not much difference to note. A mini campervan is not the kind of vehicle that you can stand up and move around in – they are more suited for people who want a place to crash and cook some food along the way, but that mostly plan on staying in campgrounds and parks where there are shower and bathroom facilities. The Jucy Crib does have a sink though which certainly comes in handy!

The Jucy Crib has two bench seats in the back which convert to a bed when needed, while the Spaceships Beta has one moveable back seat behind the driver and passenger seat. The Spaceships Beta has a bed that is slightly bigger, but it’s only 10cm in both length and width so it’s not too much of an advantage. But you do get the privilege of an extended external bed meaning 30% more space and ventilation.

The Beta gives you 2 cooking burners rather than the 1 with the Crib, which comes in handy when wanting to cook a meal. The Beta also provides an awning – an option not available for the Crib. The Crib does include a larger fridge space at 18l, whereas the Beta has only a 10l – but this is a fridge/freezer. The Crib has a CD player, whereas you’ll need to rely on playing music through your phone or MP3 player with the Beta.

Jucy Crib vs Spaceships Beta Design Winner: Spaceships

Company Reputation

Before I start, I’d like to point out that both Jucy and Spaceships have thousands of rentals every year. Of those, only a small percentage leave a review online so it’s difficult to grasp a clear opinion of each company’s reputation by the general public. We also have to remember that often it is the ones that have a bad experience (for whatever reason) that will take to the internet to leave their feedback and may even exaggerate their rating out of anger or disappointment. So, for a few pieces of negative feedback, there are most likely hundreds of happy customers.

Trust Pilot reviews give Jucy a 5.9/10, with some bad reviews of late relating to customer service, payment issues, and vehicle problems. Spaceships has a higher 8.6/10 rating and the latest comments speak about how excellent the company was to deal with, how friendly the staff were, and what great condition their vehicles were in.

On Hit The Road, 34% of renters gave Jucy a 5* review, whereas only 20% did for Spaceships.

When looking at each companies Facebook page, similar scores are seen to Trust Pilot. Even though they have 86k followers, Jucy only has 8 reviews with a rating of 3.2/5. Some comments include issues with payment, cancellation, and hidden costs, but then praise is also given to their staff and on road team for their handling of problems. Even though Spaceships has only around 9000 Facebook fans, they certainly have a lot more reviews than Jucy does. Based on the opinion of 185 people, they have a score of 4.4/5. Comments are glowing with thanks and praise to the Spaceships customer service team, how comfortable the beds were, and how relaxed the whole process was from start to finish.

Jucy vs Spaceships Reputation Winner: Spaceships

Insurance Matters

While both companies offer a standard insurance excess, it is recommended that you look at upgrading this to reduce your excess should any accidents happen while you are on the road. Let’s find out what you need to know when it comes to insurance matters.

Jucy Crib
Spaceships Beta
How is the Security Bond/Excess taken?
Deducted from card
Imprint of card
What is the bond/excess for base level cover?
What does it cost to reduce excess per day?
$20pd to $1500 Excess
$20pd to $1500 Excess

$30pd to $0 excess
$30pd to $0 excess
Is there a windscreen protection option?
No, $400 per windscreen, $85 per chip
Yes in the $30pd reduction
Claim administration fee?
Under body or overhead protection option?
Yes, in the $30pd reduction
Tyre protection option?
No, $150 per tyre
Yes, in the $30pd reduction

The cost of the reductions are the same per day, but Spaceships’ “All inclusive over” covers much more, including tyres, glass, windscreen and underbody – none of which are covered by Jucy’s equivalent package.

Jucy vs Spaceships Insurance Winner: Spaceships

Anything else worth knowing?

Spaceships have a program called ‘Space Mates’ which includes local contact points around Australia, from where you can obtain advice and discounts. There is also an online community of ‘Space Travellers’ so you can meet others that are on the road. Spaceships offers you a range of discounts for activities and accommodation around Australia.

Jucy offer the chance to offset your carbon emissions by paying just $1.50 per day. This money goes towards planting trees in Western Australia. By presenting your Jucy keys at any BIG4 Holiday Park, you’ll get 10% off the site fees, plus you’ll receive discounts on many exciting activities around Australia. It’s also nice to know that Jucy encourages their 400 strong crew to take a volunteering day each year to help with a charity of their choice.

Spaceships has free one-way rental – no fees. Very rare. Bonus points Spaceships

Jucy vs Spaceships Extras Winner: Spaceships

Overall Winner - Spaceships!

While Jucy certainly is a popular company, Spaceships has the edge up on many of the categories that we’ve looked into. Even though what you get for the price is almost the same as for the Jucy Crib, the Spaceships Beta provides an awning and you have lots of optional extras to choose from.

In terms of design, we love that you can extend the bed out for extra comfort, and also that you get two cooking tops for more convenience while cooking.

Spaceships excellent reputation is certainly clear from the feedback found online, and certainly surpasses that of Jucy at the moment. The ‘Space Mates’ and ‘Space Travellers’ programs are an excellent way to get involved and meet other travellers on your journey. And of course, the extra discounts on accommodation and activities are always welcome!

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