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Last Updated: 10/19/19

Cruzy Campers is an affordable family-owned and operated campervan in New Zealand. The company offers either diesel or petrol type of 2-3 berth campervans and specializes in relocation from Auckland to Christchurch and vice versa.

About Cruzy Campers

Cruzy Campers has been in the campervan rental business for quite some time. They provide cheap campervan rental for tourists who want a more affordable vacation in Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand. They claim that all their vehicles are 'Certified Self Contained', which means that these are fully equipped with all rental essentials, from living to sleeping equipment. Since their vehicles are self-contained, they assure that tourists can camp in general areas. 

But of course, when you freedom camp, that entails following specific rules per district. So, get this chance to gain information on whatever NZ district you're planning to visit in the future via this freedom camping tool.


The company focuses on providing affordable campervans in New Zealand. However, they only have limited selections for rent. Cruzy Campers has two types of campervans: diesel type and petrol type. And all vehicles can accommodate 2- 3 persons only. Popular Toyota Hiace models are the vehicles used by the company for their campervan rental. Though older than other campervans on the road, Cruzy Campers fully guarantees that all vehicles are well maintained and reliable and many customers have attested to that. 

Cruzy campervan fleet is smoke-free and not pet-friendly, except for guide dogs for blind customers. Each Cruzy campervan has the following special inclusions: all kitchen equipment, linen, beddings, portable toilet, NZ touring maps, prepaid mobile phone, fire extinguisher, camp table, and chairs.


Diesel Campervan

Let's start with their 2/3 berth diesel Hi-Top campervan. You have the option to choose whether you will use the manual or automatic vehicle. Though diesel is a lot cheaper than the other campervan type, the customers will be the ones to pay for the separate tax or road user charge. The diesel campervan features gas cooking equipment, 3-way fridge, hot/cold pressurized water pump with shower head, full thermal drapes, wide-angle mirrors, radio/ CD players, and air conditioner in the cab. 

Petrol Campervan

For their petrol campervan that is also a 2/3 berth Hi-Top vehicle, you only have one selection which is manual. The petrol campervan includes 2 burner gas hobs and grill, fridge, pumped water system, wide-angle mirrors, radio/ CD players, full thermal drapes and solar panels. And since the petrol campervan has limited features, the rates are way cheaper than the diesel vehicle. However, all campervans are designed for a reliable and comfortable drive for all tourists.


The comprehensive insurance coverage is already included in the Cruzy Campers daily campervan rates. The company specifies that there is an excess (deductible) depending on the age bracket, $3, 000 for drivers 18-20 years, $2, 500 for 21-24 years and $2, 000 for 25 years and above. The insurance excess is represented through a bond, in the form of an imprint of the credit card.


Cruzy Campers has great reviews from customers who experienced their excellent services. And some stated that even if you're a camping novice, the owners are very hospitable and would answer all your inquiries immediately. There may be petty downside from some customers who complained regarding dented windows, damaged refrigerators, and leaky water cylinders, but all issues were properly handled and resolved by the management. And even if their campervans are quite old, there has been no problem with the engine nor the tires for the past years. However, their campervans are just limited to 2-3 berth vehicles, so no options for bigger families. All in all, the company has a good reputation taking into account the many positive feedbacks, which are real plus points to the company.


If you're traveling to Christchurch and Auckland, then Cruzy Campers is one of the most affordable campervan rentals in New Zealand. The company focuses on cheap rates, yet quality services.

From the Agency

We are a proud New Zealand family owned and operated business with over 16 years of experience with our fleet of trusty Toyota Hiace high Top camper vans. Mum, Dad and 4 growing teenagers that each contribute to our Cruzy way of life. It is our honor and responsibility to look after you while you explore New Zealand. We love what we do! With our fleet of 29 vans we have 2/3 berth Petrol and diesel campers. All are self contained. We are well known for the personal service and the extra mile we go to ensure our clients have a great holiday. It is our priority to ensure our clients travel comfortably and safely while travelling with one of our Cruzy Campers.


  • Cheap campervan rates
  • Self-contained vehicles
  • Great reputation
  • Extensive business experience


  • Limited scope of service
  • Campervans are for groups of 3 only


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"south island tour"

  • Reviewed 7 years ago

our little camper didnt miss a beat. not the newest vehicle on the road but the price reflected this and everything worked fine. Kylie and Daniel couldnt do enough to help great service and would not hessitate to recomend cruzy campers

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value

  • Brand Manager

    Thank you for your great review. We hope to see you again sometime soon.