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Picture yourself watching the sky light up in the rose and golden hues of a stunning sunrise on Te Araroa, the easternmost point of New Zealand. It’s an enchanting, once-in-a-lifetime experience and Sunrise Holidays Campervan Hire (Sunrise Holidays) can make it happen. Intrigued? Learn more about this campervan for hire company in this review.

Sunrise Holidays is a family-owned and operated campervan hire company in New Zealand aimed at the mid-range market. They’ve got a nice selection of campervans available at good prices. You’re not going to find any incredible bargains here, but their prices are fair and in line with other mid-range market options.

One of the best things about Sunrise Holidays is that they seem to have vehicles available to fit whatever your particular travel needs might be.

Taking the whole family out on the road? The 6 berth Ford Transit available at Sunrise Holidays is perfect. With a 6 speed transmission to get the family where they need to go; CD, TV, and DVD player in the living area to keep the kids entertained on those long stretches of highway; and enough space to keep everyone out of each other’s hair this is a great way to treat the family to the vacation of a lifetime.

Traveling in a smaller group? You might be interested in the 2 berth Ford Transit. This little campervan gives you and a mate the chance to experience New Zealand’s rugged wilderness up close and personal. You won’t find a bathroom or shower on board so the 2 berth Ford Transit is a better fit for folks who don’t mind roughing it a bit.

Whatever your travel situation – from two friends to the whole family to anything in between – you’ll likely find a campervan for hire at Sunrise Holidays that’s just what you’re looking for.

The only downside is that Sunrise Holidays operates a fleet of later model, higher mileage vehicles. Yes, they do have a few 2011/12 models, but the majority of campervans available for hire are older than that. Does that mean you’re hiring a sub-par campervan? Not at all. Every one of the vehicles available at Sunrise Holidays is well-maintained and comes with 24/7 roadside assistance in the unlikely event your campervan has issues. They may not be the newest models available, but they’re nice and reliable.

Older model campervans are what you expect with a campervan hire company in this price range. No surprises there. What might come as a surprise is just how excellent Sunrise Holidays’ customer service is. This is a family-owned business and it shows. Little touches like familiarizing you with your campervan, helping out with personalized trip itineraries, and setting you up with coffee, tea, and sugar at the start of your trip go a long way.

When you consider the selection of vehicles and excellent customer service, Sunrise Holidays is an easy recommendation for travelers looking for campervans for hire in the mid-market range. Definitely worth checking out.

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