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Designed for a simple yet epic adventure, these newly hand-crafted Seattle campervans gives you the ticket to travel the Great Pacific Northwest. The company, with a rather straightforward name―Seattle Campervans, revolves around only one campervan style but has all the personal touches you need in for a road trip.

About Seattle Campervans

Seattle Campervans isn't fazed with the rental competition and maintains a range of modern, hand-crafted campervans.  Having a fleet of one campervan style, which are all built from the ground up, gives this smaller RV rental in Seattle a nice distinction despite the unhip standing. Their exact location is quite vague so you need to directly contact them if you want to give their camper a try.  


What makes Seatle Campervans standout even if it has a limited rental option―one campervan style that caters up two people only, is that they allocated hundreds of hours to create a personalized camper that allows travellers to camp in comfort and style. These 2017 Ram Promaster Van models drive like a normal SUV with automatic transmission. There's nothing fancy on the outside but features everything you expect for a nice, modern campervan inside― bed, kitchen, and living space.  


With a queen-sized memory foam mattress for two, this campervan oozes with space― in terms of width and length. The living quarters allow anyone up to 6' tall to stand and stretch with no restriction. Also inside is a kitchenette that comes with a freshwater sink, propane camping stove or portable butane, and Yeti cooler. You will not have a hard time reading your favorite booking at night because of the LED lighting. Not only that, there's a power inverter and USB charging for added convenience. And if you're planning to have some outdoor fun, don't worry because you are provided with two camping chairs! One downside is there are no other windows except for the front and rear areas. 


You need to contact the company as to the insurance coverage and reduction options. 


Even if this Seattle-based company is not that popular, their fleet of limited yet new campervans is way attractive for backpackers. And the people who have rented their campers are completely happy with their holiday on the road. But of course, because of the scarce options, they may book out easily and only travellers up to two can enjoy their modern units. Needless to say, they have a good reputation and can be a good choice for your rental needs in Seattle and Great Pacific Northwest adventures.


Seattle Campervans exists because of their brand-new, custom-made campervans for two. Just make sure to coordinate with them where to pick-up and drop-off your unit, though some claim that they offer free airport shuttle service, which is good!

From the Agency

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  • Modern, well-equipped campervans
  • Custom-made units
  • Quality and personalized service


  • Vague branch address
  • Limited viewing windows inside the camper
  • One campervan style


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