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Bay of Islands Campervans is a small owner/operator motorhome rental company based in Paihia, 3hrs drive north of Auckland. They have a limited fleet of high quality 2 berth motorhomes and are aimed at those who's desire is comfort and space over budget.

You can expect to get high quality specialized services when you go through a company that is operated by its owners. Bay of Island Campervans is a small motorhome rental company owned by Nick and Rob. It’s fleet consists of only two types of motorhomes, the Explorer and the Seeker, both of which are only 2 berth motorhomes. So if you are looking for more than a 2 berth, this company isn’t for you.

On top of their services, Nick and Rob also provide some advice on route Planning, type of vehicle to hire and the best way of exploring New Zealand. Well, Bay of Island Campervans has its depots on all major Airports in New Zealand. Vehicles can be collected and returned at any Airport, and this provides a convenient way for long distance travelers to easily access their specialized services.


Since Bay of Island Campervans is operated by the company owners Nick and Rob, Most clients who have used the company have highly appreciated and praised the personal care they received.  All campervans are always equipped with all amenities such as accessory devices, extra chargers, maps and towels before being hired to clients.

Any complaints are always given a lot of attention and immediate actions are taken to prevent further inconveniences. Generally, their reputation is quite good and the company has prooved itself as one of the best motorhome rental companies in New Zealand.

The Fleet

Nick and Rob specialize in providing only two types of motorhomes; The Explorer and The Seeker. Their fleet is relatively new and most of their old vehicles are well maintained to the fullest. (Approximately 3-5 years old)

The Seeker Motorhome

Touted as 'great for glamping..' the Seeker motorhomes are spacious and allows one to travel in comfort. They are based on the Fiat Ducato and come with a turbo diesel engine, cruise control and 6 speed auto. There is a permanently set up bed in the rear, full height roof and you can walk from the drivers cabin to the rest of the vehicle aka Interior Access. The pilots chairs swivel around to face into the heart of the motorhome. The motorhomes come with a fully equipped kitchen, and shower facilities. Its automatic transmission will give you peace of mind and easy driving if you come from a country that drives right-hand vehicles. The Seeker Motorhome is ideal for 2 people who would like to explore New Zealand with comfort.

The Explorer Motorhome

The Explorer motorhome is a fantastic option for a couple that wants to travel in style and enjoy a comfortable ride. The vehicle comes with a fully equipped kitchen, shower facilities, a living area and a permanent double-sized bed. The explorer motorhome is ideal for luxurious camping and comfort. It is the smaller of the two motorhomes on offer from the company. However, whilst it is smaller it is only slightly smaller. The main noticeable difference between the Explorer and the Seeker motorhome is the extra seat against the side wall of the Seeker Motorhome . Other than that all the necessary items are still there. The fridge is also another noticeable size issue with the one in the Explorer being a sizeable 63ltr smaller.

You can easily find parking slots for an Explorer motorhome at most remote areas and small towns in New Zealand. Upon hire, you will be entitled to receive a comprehensive insurance that will cover underbody and overhead damages.


Bay of Islands Campervan rentals offer luxurious motorhomes at a good price with no any extra hidden costs. The basic insurance includes overhead and underbody damage (excess/deductible applies), taxes and fees and you also pay no extra for extra drivers or cleaning

If they don't have a motorhome available for you at the time you need it, they direct you towards Wilderness Motorhome Rentals in Auckland. There must be a link there somewhere or at least the owners of Bay of Islands consider Wilderness to be an on-par company with their own.


Overall Bay of Island Campervans is offering some class vehicles aimed at the luxury market. The fact that it is managed by its owners, Rod and Nick makes it convenient for anyone who would like some personal attention and individual services. With such a high reputation in New Zealand, Bay of Islands Campervans is a company that you should consider when looking for the best campervan hire company in New Zealand.

From the Agency

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  • quality motorhomes
  • great inclusions
  • Personal touch


  • Miles from a major city
  • Pricey
  • Small fleet books out


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Maaike - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Campervan was defect"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

We are dissatisfied with the service, they could not offer what they had promised and what we paid for.

- We rented the Seeker (largest and most luxurious model), but this model was not operating due to a defect. They knew this on forehand, but they decided not to inform us before our arrival
- They gave us a Explorer (downgrade) and said we should be happy, as they provided a campervan with the same comfort (definitely not!). The explorer is smaller and is missing the comfortable extras such as awning, XL size fridge/freezer and solar...)
- We received a refund, but this was only NZ $ 25, - (€ 14.70) per day (we travelled 25 days) on a total amount of NZ $ 10.450 (€ 6145, -). The prices are not transparent, so we had to trust them that the difference in price between the Seeker and Explorer is indeed NZ $ 25, - per day.......
- No compensation provided for the inconvenience and the comfort we have missed during our trip

2Service 1Mechanical 4Interior 1Value
Francesco and Pauline - avatar not loaded
, France
1 Review

"Campervan holiday in NZ"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

I must admit that I was a little bit skeptical about The Bay of Islands Campervans website. Nowadays there are so many fake sites on the Internet that I thought it could be a risk.
But the site of Bay of Islands Campervans is definitely not a fake site, it belongs to 2 hardworking men (Nick and Rob), originally from the Netherlands.
We arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday, January 18 and the next day we had a domestic flight to Kerikeri. It was there that we met Nick and Rob and they brought us to their home at Paihia, where we were welcomed very good. They invited us to have dinner with them in Paihia and the next morning, after having slept in their B&B, they explained the Seeker to us. In a relatively short time you receive a lot of information, but they were very patient and explained all the functions of the camper.
The service given by Nick and Rob is top. Whenever we had a question, while being on the road, we got an immediate reply. Communication with them (and the home front) was very easy thanks to the internet connection on board of the campervan (the signal was excellent for 39 days out of 40).
We think that internet on board of the Seeker is a big advantage. The self-contained campervan has an excellent bed (very important for elderly people), a specious fridge and enough room in the freezer, a toilet and shower (although we never used the shower). We were very satisfied with this campervan. The car was not difficult to drive, although I have to admit that I made a stupid accident at extreme low speed when I started the car and overlooked a car which was parked in front of me (luckily no personal injuries). I was very much confused because of this accident and when I phoned the boys their support came immediately. I am still thankful for that.
I can highly recommend to rent a campervan with them. Of course it is far from being cheap, but you are on holiday and with their campervan you can drive safely and enjoy the paradise, which New Zealand is.
After being with this campervan for 40 days we left New Zealand on Wednesday, February 28. It was a fantastic holiday.

Francesco and Pauline NL

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value