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With rates starting at a tiny NZ$20 and a large selection of vehicles and models, Happy Camper offers affordable rates and depots in Auckland and Christchurch. Of course with this name, they are in for a world of pain if their customers are in fact, NOT, happy campers.


Happy Campers offers 8 types of campervans: the Original Sleeper, Happy Sleeper, Happy 2, Happy 2 S&T (shower and toilet), The Original 3, Happy 3, Happier 3 and Happy 4. A closer look at some of the vehicles includes:

  • Happy Sleeper: This is Happy Campers only automatic vehicle. The Happy Sleeper, a 2000 to 2002 Toyota Estima (or similar vehicle) comes with a CD player, large double bed, rear cabin seating and storage space. Also included is a portable gas grill, running cold, a kitchen sink, cookware, and linen. The CD player has an MP3 output, and the vehicle is equipped with dual batteries
  • Happy 2: The deluxe camper includes walk-through access from the driver’s cab to the rear cabin. The 2002/2003 Toyota Hiace SBV Hi-Top is equipped with a CD player with an MP3 output, dining table, large double bed, cold running water, refrigerator, microwave, gas cooker, cookware, linen and storage space. It also comes with 24/7 breakdown service.
  • Happy 2 S&T: The 2003/2004 Ford Transit 2-berth camper comes with a toilet, shower, kitchen, foldaway table, extra large bed, gas stove, heating, microwave, refrigerator, CD player, storage space and 24/7 breakdown service.
  • Happy 3: The 2003/2004 Toyota Hiace Hi-Top comes with a CD player and MP3 connection, double bed, large single bed, refrigerator, gas cooker, cold running water, cupboard and shelf space, kitchen equipment and linen.
  • Happier 3: The 2005/2006 Toyota Hiace Hi-Top comes with a microwave, double bed, single bed, refrigerator, gas stove, cold running water, cupboard and shelf space, kitchen equipment and linen. It also comes with 24/7 breakdown service.
  • Original Sleeper: The 1993 to 1999 Toyota Estima (or similar) comes with basic cooking amenities, a refrigerator/freezer, bedding for two, a double bed, an iPod/MP3 connection, auxiliary battery, automatic transmission, gas cooker, sink, storage space, bedding and living equipment, dual batteries and 24/7 breakdown service.

Insurance, Deposit

Insurance starts at NZ$2,000 or NZ$27.50 per day. A non-refundable deposit of NZ$400 is required. The remaining balance is due 28 days before the rental period. Cancellation fees apply.


In addition to the amenities, standard items include living equipment, complimentary airport transfers, cleaning fees, basic cooking equipment and camping park directors, route planners and other tourist information (which is available at the depots).


Happy Campers has depots in Auckland and Christchurch.

Minimum Hire Period

The minimum hiring period depends on the season. The minimum rental between October through April is five days; the minimum rental period between May and September is 10 days.


Ratings were generally very good for Happy Campers, with an average rating of 76/100.


The main thing to notice about this mob is the age of the vehicles with nothing being newer than 2006 and some being as old as 1993. Pay close attention to the age of the vehicle during your booking process and don’t expect all things to be perfect inside the vehicle.

  • The Good: Some of the customers thought the size of their camper was perfect and comfortable, with all the necessary supplies and accessories. The staff also received high marks from several of the reviews. Another reviewer was impressed with how easy it was to park the campervan despite its size and added that there was plenty of sleeping room. Another former customer said it was the “best way to travel” in New Zealand.
  • The Bad: Maintenance issues came up in a few reviews due in large part to the age of some of the vehicles. One reviewer said many items in the vehicle were broken. However, the same reviewer lauded the helpful staff and their friendliness.

Branch Locations

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, Netherlands
2 Review

"The camper was okays, but really bad service"

  • Reviewed 7 months ago

Happy Campers is a low budget camper rental, but I didn’t expect it to be so low…
The camper itself was quite okay, but I would not recommend it to people without any car/technical knowledge. Throughout the month came across a couple of hiccups. For example, as soon as we started driving the fridge would turn itself off, the water drain was leaking and some regular car maintenance (oil and cooling liquids)
But this is all very minor and these are things that you can expect when you rent low budget, right? The real hassle started when another camper hit our side mirror when we where parked. Since we where in the car at that moment we could contact the other party and that went very well. They where fully insured and our contact was pleasant. So we contacted happy campers to report the accident and they wanted us to buy a new mirror. Since we where almost at the end of our holiday I proposed the resolve the issue as soon as we return the camper. When we returned the car they charged us 125 NZD for the damages and gave us a receipt to claim back the damage. On the airport it appeared that they had given us a receipt for the wrong car with a wrong name. Thereafter it took us almost 2 week to get the right receipt. When we wanted to claim back the damage from Apollo campers they said the claim has to be issued by the owner of the car. Ever since I have been trying to contact Happy Campers, but they did not respond to any of my email. I came back from NZ in the beginning of March and I’m writing this review 2 months later.
I knew I could not expect a lot but this is really below my expectations. This is what they call, bad service. If I would make a recommendation, do not rent with this company. Also it might be good to know that Happy Campers is the same company as Kiwi campers, but under a different name.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 3Value
, Canada
1 Review

"Not Happy Camper"

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

Rented a small camper and assumed the staff at Happy Canper did a complete check before letting it be rented. Once we were on the road and camping, all of the problems surfaced. Brakes shuddered at highway speed, only 1 burner worked on stove, both roof vents were inoperable and would not open, roof leaked, and cupboards were loose and starting to fall apart. They also charged us $375 fir a chip in the windscreen. Bottom line is they should never have let this van be rented without these safety issues addressed. Great holiday, poor service.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value