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Last Updated: 10/10/19

Hugo Campervans is an old-fashioned yet budget-friendly campervan hire company operating in New Zealand. Unlike other campervan rentals in the country, they take pride with their limited, old vehicle models that are still exceptional on the road. 

About Hugo Rentals

Hugo Campervans is a basic campervan hire company that features conventional yet reliable vehicles and offers very economical deals.  The company sets everything clear—their campervans are older than other models on the road, are basic in every way but are super cheap and very reliable. Hugo Campervans offers economical rental vehicles, perfect to explore New Zealand in the most reliable manner. 

They have depots in Christchurch and Auckland and supply only one kind of 2/3 berth campervan - the old school style. Whether you are travelling from Auckland to Christchurch or vice versa, you should know the freedom camping rules in each district. 


To start, the company only supplies one kind of campervan. They have always been transparent about their campervans and methodology. Their vehicles are not attractive, rather, traditional and simple. However, these vehicles can be charming too, especially with their budget-friendly rates! With only one campervan option, it will not be hard for you to choose what you want to hire for your road trip. The campervans do not have showers, TV's, fridges or even microwaves. It's "economical living on wheels", which is ideal for backpackers on a tight budget but wants a campervan that can get them from A to B with a bed, a kitchenette and not much more. 

But you can add some essential extras to your rental to make your trip more comfortable. Accessories for hire include kitchen and bedroom pack, GPS unit, BBQ, picnic table and chairs, heater, and more. More than that, they also sell some extras like two-man tent, sleeping bag, and linen.


2-3 Berth Camper

Hugo Camper operates using a 2000-2004 Nissan Caravan/Toyota Hiace van and can accommodate a maximum of three people, including the driver. The campervans are not that spacious, so it is really recommended to bring backpacks instead of hard suitcases. And since these vans do not come with a built-in shower and toilet, it is best if you go camping at some suggested camping sites and holiday parks in the country.  These are rugged and rough but reliable vehicles that feature camper essentials such as a small kitchenette with tank water & sink, air-conditioning, stereo with MP3 function, and dining area. This dining space also converts into a full queen-sized bed at night - so whilst there may be 3 seat belts in the front of the camper, you can only sleep 2 unless you bring a tent for the 3rd. 

Basic and budget campervan means no microwaves, shower & toilet, TV, and the like. Still, you can hire some of Hugo's optional accessories for a more convenient stay and of course, you can definitely bring your own essentials like kitchen utensils, crockery & cutlery, sleeping bag, and linen to save money. 


Hugo Rentals provides different insurance rates for their campervans and cars. The standard insurance is already included in the daily rate. However, you will still be held liable for any damaged caused. Yes, their vehicles may be out-of-date, but that does not limit your liability, especially if you hit some elite sports cars on the road. The maximum liability for the campervans is $4,000 but can be reduced if you pay a certain amount depending on your age. The basic insurance is good, but it's always better to upgrade your coverage for a more convenient road trip. 

Ages 18- 21 can either pay $25 or $35 per day and 22 years old and above, can choose to pay an additional of $22.50 or $30 per day. The additional payment can reduce the excess to $1,500 or $0. If you opt for the pricier additional daily rate, then you'll also enjoy any windscreen damage and flat tyres, plus this allows you to travel on gravel and unsealed roads.


Hugo Rentals has been known to provide very affordable campervan hire deals. While most customers rated the company between 8 to 10 out of 10, one clear concern is the overly-basic interior that seems to quite run down over the years. But aside from that, the vehicles are very well-maintained and the service is close to exceptional. Remember, Hugo campervans and cars are basic and old-fashioned models with higher mileage. Thus, you need to think twice if you're looking for a sophisticated holiday because Hugo Rentals can't give you one. Their campervans are basically a bed on wheels, with some added features. But whatever your choice is, you'll be getting a great deal since the company gives the most affordable rates for campervan hire. All their vehicles are a definite bargain compared to other companies.


Hugo Campervans is a basic campervan hire company that features conventional yet reliable vehicles and offers very economical deals. They may have focused strictly on offering smaller and limited fleet, but this gives them the chance to closely monitor all their vehicles, and in return provide quality service. Their vans are quite old, which may come with some bumps and scratches, but they are still very good and reliable on the road. 

From the Agency

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  • Economical campervans at very affordable rates
  • Ideal for backpackers and solo travellers
  • Upfront about the quality of the vehicle
  • Great reputation


  • Quite old vehicle models, going to have miles on them
  • Basic and dull interiors which may need certain improvements
  • Offers only one campervan type
  • Meant for two to three people


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