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Jucy New Zealand is an icon in the land of the long white cloud. From small beginnings, Jucy is now a major force for campervan hire across New Zealand and Australia and is also expanding into the USA. The quirky artwork and stand-out colors, as well as well thought out original designs, have seen them shoot to the top and stay there.

About Jucy NZ

JUCY is one of New Zealand's leading and fastest growing independent tourism brands― years ago. This dynamic campervan rental company focusing on the youth market who are looking for funky yet quality campers is still very popular but now plagued with inconsistency. They have catered to a number of rentals over the past years, some of these were great, some were so-so, some were disgusting. But because Jucy is one of the rare companies that rent to 18yo +, not just 21yo +, they continue to attract those unassuming and youthful renters, but maybe not the fancy retirees.  Jucy has depots in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, and Dunedin and offers some exciting rental inclusions like unlimited kilometres, free maps, and free airport shuttle transfers.


Jucy was the first to move away from the “van” style and go for more of a “people mover” style of vehicles. And their range of compact and easy to drive green and purple campervans are pretty much very popular around the world. Their units are more like a car to drive, handy if you are inexperienced at parking vans or don’t like sitting on top of the engine. But the roof is lower than van style campervans and generally, they are a little smaller. Jucy has a nice rental fleet of 2, 3 and 4 berth campers with 2014- 2017 fit-out and recently introduced 4 and 5 berth motorhomes. All units are automatic and are equipped with almost everything you need, from a nice kitchen to a comfy bed. However, smaller campervans do not come with shower and toilet. Additional items include GPS system, picnic seats, roof racks, snow chains, child/baby seats, Tourism Radio (which is free) and more. 


Jucy Cabana

The Cabana is the smallest campervan option, suitable for just two people. The fitted bench seat makes for a much comfier bed when folded out and better for eating with the interior table. Whilst the kitchenette is at the rear and you must cook with the back door up, the quality of the equipment in there is quite impressive. Even though this is the basic model, it still has a fridge― a stingy 18L. But a fridge is a fridge and the fact that it's in there is a great plus for Jucy campers. Also, with the Cabana, there is no awning supplied for at the back door, so you are fully exposed to the elements when cooking. But this is actually great to cozy up in front of at night.

Jucy Condo

The upgrade to 4 berth is the Condo campervan. This model seats 5 but can only sleep 4 - 2 peeps up, 2 peeps down and all are inside the campervan. They have done a great job in converting this campervan that allows you to stand fully upright inside. Cooking facilities are entirely inside the vehicle and the whole campervan is kitted out in style. There's a sink with grey water capture, dual battery, blinds on all windows and plenty more. This is an impressive conversion with handy pouches that are lined on the upper walls. These are great places to store things you need daily like toiletries, flashlights, and other small things. 

Jucy Chaser

A 3 person camper with bathroom, this compact vehicle is definitely a charm. The campervan comes with two double beds even if it's just a 3 berth model so that one person can fully enjoy a cozy double bed at night. TV/ DVD player, 50ltr fridge, CD player and a bunch of other mod-cons are provided on your campervan ride. The great thing is― even with all these onboard amenities, you don't feel restricted and space isn't compromised. 

Jucy Coaster


The newest addition to the fleet, this 2 berth Jucy Coaster is also the youngest model. Built on a 2017 or newer Toyota Hiace, the campervan is more than spacious for two, with a nicely-kitted kitchen, portable toilet, panoramic windows and inside table & bench seats that convert into a comfy double bed. So, if you're travelling on a strict budget, then this economical diesel camper is a fantastic choice.

Jucy Compass

The Jucy Compass is another addition to the range, which is aimed for picky travellers looking for a newer family campervan model. A 4 berth campervan fitted on a Toyota Hiace - 2017 or newer, this unit highlights its 2018 custom built interior. Because of its layout, the unit gives a very spacious impression. Plus, it is packed with facilities including a kitchen with two hob cooktop, sink, fridge, and toilet and water tanks. There are two double beds inside, one from the convertible living space and the other in a pop-up roof tent.


Jucy offers insurance options to reduce the excess of $ 3,000. The Stress-free at $30/ day will reduce your liability to $0 and the Chance It at $20 for an excess of $2000. Take note, no insurance options for roof damage, glass damage, and single vehicle rollover incident. If you do not want to avail of the insurance options, the total excess will be pre-authorised on a credit card before the start of the rental. 


While Jucy Campervans isn’t the only campervan rental company looking to capture the youth market, they work a lot harder than most of their competition to provide some real value to rope those customers in. All their units are NZ owned and operated that can be driven by anyone 18+. Over the years, the younger driving age really sets this popular company apart from other campervan hires. Further, the vehicle age of their fleet will not be too far gone as they have relatively recent additions. But, of course, you are going to start getting some campervan models approaching 3 years that may have visible wear and tear. In terms of customer service and vehicle maintenance, the company is struggling, especially that these negative reviews are piling up the good reputation of the business. 


Known to be a young, fun and funky campervan hire, not just in NZ but around the world, Jucy is, no doubt, a popular pick among younger travellers who wouldn't mind renting a bright, attention-seeker unit with unassuming facilities. 

From the Agency

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  • Unique campers and camper colors
  • Reasonable rates
  • Rents to 18+
  • Multiple excess reduction options


  • The budget models are not as roomy as a budget van
  • Everyone knows your renting - no hiding the brand
  • Some models will be getting age wear


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S. Laforgue - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review Of My Rental With Jucy-New-Zealand"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

I think the problem doesn't come from JUCY but from HIT THE ROAD. Be careful if you decide to rent a Campervan from this website. I had a huge problem, when we arrived the first day to take the Campervan, there was no booking at all !!! Even if Hit the road had already taken all my payment...!!
So we lost one day of driving and we had to bring forward a lot of activities... And you can imagine that the time is precious in NZ because you can't drive very fast....

Soyez vigilant si vous réservez avec HIT THE ROAD, Ils m'ont débités la totalité de la réservation et la mauvaise surprise quand nous sommes arrivés, c'est qu'il n'y avait aucune réservation à notre nom !!!! Donc obligés de rebrousser chemin avec nos bagages, prendre une nuit d'hôtel et attendre le lendemain pour avoir notre van.... Bref une journée de perdue et sur 11 jours en NZ, ça fait beaucoup car vous ne pouvez pas rouler à 100km/h !!!

3Service 3Mechanical 2Interior 1Value
L. Vanderhoek - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Horrible customer service"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

Arrive to pick up our van on time and we were there for almost 3 hours. Roof rack we had pre-booked was not installed and they had no staff available to do it. We ended up installing it ourselves. No vehicle walk through. I asked how to use the stove and when they went to show me they found out it was broken. So had to wait to have it replaced. Then even after we prebooked with GPS and wifi tablet they tried to give us just the GPS. No instruction on how to use it. 3/4 of the snaps for the curtains were broken so not very private and no sleeping in. Key fab to lock doors was broken so we had to lock doors every time from drivers side. Van was dirty inside especially on ceiling. When we returned the van we complained and were told they couldn't do anything for us because we picked up the van in Auckland and were dropping it off in Christchurch. So they submitted a complaint through their system. It's now been almost 3 weeks since we left NZ and haven't heard anything from them. I even emailed 3 more times. Do not rent from Jucy. I heard so many other customers complaining about things when we dropped off the van. At least we were not the only ones!

1Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
C. Chris - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
2 Review

"Jucy Good"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

We chose JUCY as it was the most cost effective for what we were looking for (self-contained with shower and toilet) The campervan was everything we needed and it drove really well. We had a few issues with the GPS and WIFI along the way but their customer service was good and they gave us a refund on that part of our rental. I am giving them an 8 instead of a 10 because the look of the campervan is really tacky.

5Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
A. HitTheRoad avatar
, Australia
12 Review

"Editors Vote Jucy New Zealand"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

Jucy is definitely an Editor's Choice brand. They have been so successful in their march to world domination for a reason - customer satisfaction. The campervans are unique and so is their brand. Keep them in mind when you are comparing companies and quotes.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
R. wilson - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"It's ok, it's a rental"

  • Reviewed

My partner and I hired a Jucy Van in New Zealand from Christchurch. We got the comprehensive insurance on the van, so our attitude to any challenge we faced was "It's ok, it's a rental." We were covered for just about anything as long as long as we didn't roll the van. We highly recommend getting this 'all smiles' coverage because it also protects you from some of the hidden fees you won't know about unless you read the fine print.

The van got us where we needed to go, but it was sluggish. There was something wrong with the transmission as it wouldn't stay in a low gear to climb hills, which are plentiful in the land of the long white cloud. Despite our problems with the ol' girl, she got better with age, and by the end of the trip she was roaring up hills. We don't know why it was so poor at the beginning of the trip.

The inside of the van has everything for you to be self contained, but all the items take up space. There wasn't much room to store our skis, so they ended up sitting in the shower and toilet area, which we didn't use much as they're everywhere in NZ! Not much room to swing a cat around in the van, but for the price, it was fine. It get's a thumbs up from me.

Overall, the van did the job. Maybe hire something if you have more than two people, or you're planning to sit in the van heaps. We were always out and about, so it didn't phase us too much. The best thing about the van was seeing other jucy vans with people just as excited as we were to be driving around having the time of our lives. The apollo folk were not as fun.

5Service 2Mechanical 3Interior 5Value