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Last Updated: 9/22/19

Kiwi Campers was founded in early 2005 with a fleet of just five vehicles. Since then, they’ve grown their fleet to an impressive range of 100 older, luxury campervans.

About Kiwi Campers

Yes, Kiwi Campers is pretty much popular in NZ. But their popularity isn't something really to brag about. With many disappointing rentals and relatively older models on the fleet, renting a unit from them needs careful deliberation of thoughts. Even with the not well-liked reputation, Kiwi Campers continues to rent out campervans with nice features, ranging from spacious beds, panoramic windows, and modern amenities. 

Also, you can appreciate their free airport/hotel transfers, personalized route plans and trip itineraries, unlimited mileage, and no extra driver fee. Their depots near Auckland and Christchurch international airports let you start your adventure soon after arriving in New Zealand. And when you freedom camp in NZ, there are things you need to know. Get information about different freedom camping rules here


Kiwi Campers has some great options available for start-up families to bigger groups looking to hire a campervan in New Zealand. The fleet is consist of older units, both of automatic and manual transmission. These luxury vehicles range from 2003- 2011 age, so wear and tear could be a major issue. Yet, since these are family motorhomes, each unit comes with well-stocked equipment and even extras. Plus, child seats or booster seat can be fitted to the vehicle for added safety. 


7 Berth Deluxe

The 7 berth motorhome is a 2009/2010 Mitsubishi Canter that is suitable for those travelling with a bunch of family members or friends.  The vehicle provides you with better road views but parking on standard places could be an issue.  Designed for a big touring group, the superior unit provides you with complete facilities on-board such as shower & toilet, kitchen and sleeping places. With a 2.90 m height, 6.80 m length, and 2.15 m width, there's more than enough space for walking around.  

6 Berth Deluxe

This big motorhome is the ideal treat for families up to 6 wanting to experience a newer, luxury motorhome hire. A 2010/11 Mercedes-Benz with 5.8L diesel and  5-Speed automatic transmission, this 6 berth unit includes a shower and toilet, a well-equipped kitchen with microwave, fridge, 4 burner gas stove + grill, and three double beds. At the back is a nice U-lounge that is perfect for a daytime relaxation or nighttime retreat. 

4 Berth

Their Kiwi 4 Berth is ideal for a family of four. This 5-speed manual transmission vehicle is easy to drive and features two double beds, toilet and shower, and a kitchen area with gas stove and refrigerator. Plus, the unit is fuel-efficient so you won’t have to spend a fortune at the pump. One minor drawback of the Kiwi 4 Berth is the fact that it doesn’t feature any sort of TV/DVD option. Sure, in this day of iPads and iPods, the lack of a TV/DVD option may not be too big a deal, but if you’re traveling with kids it’s worth noting.

2 Berth Euro + S.T

Built on 2007/2010 VW Crafter, this late 2 berth model lets you choose your preferred driving style, either manual or automatic. Whatever you choose, you can travel in comfort because of the economical and powerful 2.5L diesel engine that makes it easy to drive. The campervan is great for couples who'd like to enjoy a more spacious unit with luxury features. With a nice kitchen, extra-large bed, shower, and toilet, hot and cold water, fridge, your holiday on wheels would be cozier and happier.

2 Berth + S.T

One of the oldest options on the fleet, the 2 Berth + S.T is a 2003/2004 Ford Transit with shower and toilet. Even with its older fit-out, the Kea-built unit is extremely handy and spacious that features luxury amenities. This campervan allows you to sleep in comfort and style with its large double bed and panoramic windows. However, do take note that this is a manual transmission with a powerful and econ 2.4L diesel engine.

Dart 2 Berth

A 2 berth campervan built upon a 2006/07 VW T5, the Dart is a compact Hi-top with drives likes a car and acts as a home. With standard yet comfortable accessories on-board, this little campervan lets you explore the scenic NZ roads in simplicity. Inside, there's a spacious double bed for two and a beautiful kitchen with 2 burner gas stove, microwave, and fridge. Underneath the bed is a nice storage area for your stuff.


Unlike other companies, Kiwi Campers does not take out cash or other upfront payment but simply requires a credit card imprint upon vehicle collection. The company offers three insurance options to the renter on top of the standard or Bronze coverage with a standard excess of NZ$4,000 for 4 and 6 berths while NZ$2,000 for 2 berths.

Silver―an excess of NZ$1,500 for 4 and 6 berths at NZ$20 per day while NZ$750 for 2 berths at NZ$10 per day.

Gold―an excess of NZ$250 for 4 and 6 berths at NZ$35 per day while NZ$125 for 2 berths at NZ$17.50 per day. Plus, inclusions of one windscreen and multiple windscreen chips and some extras like picnic table & chairs, baby seat and/or booster seat. 

Platinum―an excess of NZ$0 for 4 and 6 berths at NZ$55 per day while NZ$0 for 2 berths at NZ$27.50 per day. Plus, inclusions of multiple windscreen, multiple tyres, and extras like picnic table & chairs, baby seat and/ or booster seat, GPS, solar shower and more. 


Kiwi Campervans’ competitive prices include unlimited kilometers, no extra driver fees, and free airport/ hotel pick-up.  The company is able to offer competitive prices in part because they don’t offer the newest, most modern campervans. Does that mean you’ll be putting your family at risk on an unreliable vehicle? Not really but do expect for some possible pit-stops that may delay your holiday. This good selection of luxury models have not been fully catering the renters well for the past years; accordingly, their reputation is at stake.


If it’s adventure on a shoestring you’re after, Kiwi Campervans has cheap campervans for hire too. But the company is one of the many options that might need second thoughts before booking one. 

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  • Cheaper rates
  • Luxury models
  • Good selection


  • Only 2 depots
  • Older units
  • Not good reputation


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"They are idiot and Disrespectful"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Hi there, I’m french and I rent a van with them for 2 weeks, the problem is that with the covid 19 virus we had to bring back the van before the country lockdown. We are talking about a international problem, right? I didn’t choose to stop my roadtrip. But they didn’t want to hear anything and they just didn’t refund me the 5 days left. Understandable. I told them that I will leave a bad review and they didn’t care about it, they just answered « okay ».
Also, they never answer to the phone, if you have a problem with you’re car, you’re fucked, if you want to enjoy the private driver from the airport you will have to wait until someone answer, wich mean never. Kiwi Campers, Happy Campers is the worst company ever !!!!!

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