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Lucky Rentals New Zealand has a huge selection of 2, 3 and 4-berth campervans, aiming at budget travellers looking for cheap campervans and cars.

What Lucky Rentals Tells Us

Lucky Rentals is a campervan hire company with operating branches in New Zealand and Australia. The company has a huge selection of vehicles to choose from and it’s aimed at budget travellers looking for cheap campervans and cars. Lucky Rentals New Zealand offers 2,3 and 4 berth campervans for hire. They have depots in Auckland and Christchurch Airport NZ. Lucky campers is the hand-me-down brother of Jucy Campers as this is where Jucy’s old campers go when they are too old for the Jucy brand. For a long time they even had similar names, but Lucky Rentals has now changed the names to differentiate things a little.

The Fleet

Lucky Rentals have a fantastic set of campervans, mostly run by Toyota models― Estima and Hiace. Aside from campervans, they also offer small saloon cars. However, their campervans are a bit old with visible wear and tear as these are hand-me-down vehicles from Jucy. Still, these are all automatic transmission to erase the stress of shifting gears all throughout the road trip. The fleet ranges from 2, 3, 4-berth vehicles that are suitable for those on tight budget. 

The Lucky Rookie

The Lucky Rookie, a 2-berth automatic Toyota Estima is the cheapest option offered by the company. The van is quite small in size but can accommodate two guests in absolute luxury and comfort. Noticeable specifications of the van include: 10 litres water tank, 1 burner gas cooker, power steering, 2 bench seats that easily converts to a double bed measuring 1.9m by 1.3m, interior lights, CD player, Radio & iPod plug and, ample storage space under the bench seats. This van also features a 2.4L petrol engine that has a fuel consumption rate of 10 to 14 litres per 100kms, which is relatively economical for long distance travellers and fun loving explorers.

The Lucky Rodeo

This snug 2-berth campervan is an upgrade of the Lucky Rookie. A couple of features it has over the earlier version is the small 18L Fridge and a much more acceptable 25ltr water tank. All other amenities and electronics found on Lucky Rookie are also present in this vehicle.

The Lucky Roadie

Lucky Roadie features a diesel engine and can accommodate 3 guests. Some of its specification includes: 20L tanks, storage space under the bench seats, 42L Fridge (decent!), 2 batteries, 2 bench seats that easily converts to 2 double beds (first bed measures 1.96m by 1.42m and 2nd bed at 1.96m by 1.20m), 3 seats in the drivers cab, CD player with a radio & iPod plug and, hand pumped cold water. It's the first in the hi-top range to offer a little more comfort inside. Being a van, the style of drive changes for 'car-like' to being a bit higher and a bit noisier as you are now sitting above the engine, not behind it.

The Lucky Ranger

The Lucky Ranger is a 2 berth campervan that comes with a fitted toilet & shower amenities. It’s a great option for travellers who want to explore New Zealand with spacious mobile accommodation at a cheap rate. Some of its unique specifications include: 2 bench seats that easily converts to double bed (bed measures 1.96m by 1.42m), power steering, 2 batteries, 3 seats at the driver cab, gas cooker, heated towel rail of 240v, interior lights, hot water system, flat screen & DVD player, 2 tanks 80L for water & 80L for waste, water pump of 12V, shower and, toilet. As claimed by the company, this is the first in the ladder of Lucky Rentals range to be self contained, though no self-containment certification.

The Lucky Rover

The Lucky Rover is the luxurious 4 berth automatic campervan in the fleet that comes with almost everything you would need for an enjoyable ride. The van is quite big in size, and one can stand upright while inside the van. For the company, this campervan is considered as fully self contained because it has the portable toilet but still,  it does not feature a 'self-containment sticker.


If you want to hire a campervan from Lucky Rentals, be prepared to pay an insurance cover. The company provides three insurance reduction options for each vehicle. If you don’t want any reduction, you can pay a one-time insurance fee or security bond of $2500, which is also called as the 'Gambler' option. The second reduction option is called 'On the Fence', and one can pay a one-time security bond of $1500 and then $15 per day. The last option is called “Sure Thing” and the hirer must pay $25 per day for the entire hire or rental period to reduce the excess to $0.


Lucky Rentals have its fair share of fantastic and dissenting reviews. Though most of their clients have embraced so much about their affordable rates, there have been lots of issues about vehicle maintenance. Well, what do you expect from hand-me-down vehicles that are over 3 years old. Besides that, there are some concerns on deposit refund delays and most hirers are frustrated by the company “sluggish” approach when it comes to refunding back deposit money debited from clients cards. Still, Lucky Rentals seems to be a good campervan hire company, especially to anyone looking for budget vehicles in NZ. 


If you are looking for affordable campervan for hire, Lucky Rentals have a good deal for you at very competitive rates. But, of course, rent with caution and don't set the bar too high or else you'll definitely have a headache. 

From the Agency

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  • Lots of choice
  • Affordable rates
  • Some campervans are claimed to be self-contained


  • Only 2 depots
  • Older models
  • Not so good reputation


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, Germany
1 Review

"Lucky Rentals"

  • Reviewed 6 days ago

We are a family of 4 (2 kids < 3y) and booked a 23 day trip in a 4 berth camper van with “lucky” rentals. We arrived at Auckland after an exhausting 30h journey from Germany and received this Email on a Friday afternoon at 4pm the day before the pickup (11am) of the camper van:

“Hi Benjamin,

Unfortunately, due to a large number of on road incidents we will be unable to offer you the camper van you have booked with us, and due to the time of the year are unable to offer any alternatives ourselves. This means we have had to cancel your booking with us we will of course refund the deposit in full.

We have managed to source an alternative camper van from Rental Car Village, at a rate of $62.12 per day which whilst not quite as big does offer 240v electricity, double stove and the usual amenities. This is only an option however, and you can choose any provider you would like to, please have a look at the website and see if the vehicle is suitable. As such when you arrive in Auckland please go to Rental car village and ask for Grant. Their address is ‪12 Pavilion Drive, Mangere, Auckland.‬

Kind Regards,

Connor Moss
Operations Manager at Lucky Rentals”

No apologies, support or help was offered at all. The alternative he mentions was a 2 berth or afterwards two 2 berth. Both options are absolutely unacceptable for a family of 4 and one driver. I would rather call this a joke than an alternative!
I got no replies on emails I did send to lucky rentals after that.
So we had to book another camper which is only available for 2 weeks and about 1500 Dollar more expensive plus a hotel for the missing 1,5 weeks.
In total this was not only a financial disaster due to unplanned extra expenses of multiple thousands of Dollars but also our whole holly days got messed up. And all caused by “lucky” rentals and their very friendly and competent staff.
Of course unforeseen things can happen but then an appropriate compensation and help should be offered. Absolutely NON of that was the case with “lucky” rentals!! After first denying him self on the phone, the author of the Email above said we should think twice before trying to claim our money because of the terms and conditions (which by the way are not attached to the booking confirmation Email!).
That was the was the perfect example of a “I don’t give a f*** about you and your family” attitude paired with a “you better be careful what you do” warning.
That is nothing I would expect from an Operations Manager.

In general a situation like this has to be covered by the rental company and their own insurance and it must not be the responsibility of the customer.

Thank you lucky rentals and to be continued...

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Ireland
1 Review

"Dreadful from start to finish."

  • Reviewed 2 weeks ago

Arrived at the pick up location near to Christchurch airport and went to collect our van. We waited almost 2 hours to collect both our vans, and were dealt with some of the worst customer service I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. As the wait was so long, naturally we complained, but that didn’t stop the very rude lady at the desk having a go at us and getting rather aggressive at our group. Anyway, got the vans and set off on our 2 week holiday, the pricing was very good and we were happy enough despite the service. The 2 man van we had seemed to have a battery issue and needed jumpstarted regularly, also the door fell off while were about 30 miles from a mechanic able to reattach it; anyway it all came to a head at Wanaka where it refused to start entirely, a mechanic sent by Lucky came and took it away, we were then left 2 days in limbo without a van and no advice on whether we would get a replacement or our own van back. Though wanaka was lovely so we sat put until they offered us a car in Queenstown, so we had to manage to get 2 of us to queenstown, meanwhile we had to spend nights in hostels as we had no van to sleep in. The rest of our holiday was then in a car and forking our 30-40$ per night on hostels for another week. Lucky reimbursed us a total of $150... personally, I’d recommend to spend a few more quid on a half decent company, arguably the least professional out of any company that I’ve had the misery to deal with.
On another note, New Zealand is stunning and don’t let this put you off going to visit the country.

2Service 1Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Loved our little Roadie!"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

Our first campervan experience and it was for 7weeks in New Zealand and was amazing!
We had read a lot of bad reviews about Lucky but our experience was great.

Picking up the camper was straightforward friendly staff who made sure our van got a good check over as it was a long rental. The camper was a bit battered on the outside but what do you expect for 15yrs old. The staff also gave us loads of bits like salt, pepper, washing up liquid, tea bags etc when we asked if there were any leftovers.

The campervan was easy to drive and we did 6,500kms. It was a bit slow up the hills but we weren’t in a rush as you need to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We had an issue with the headlights but we got it sorted at wanaka which was easy.

Returning the van at Auckland was great. They checked over the van and no issues. Then due to the headlight issue they refunded us $100 which wasn’t expected.

Overall a great campervan and great company. I would use them again.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Italy
1 Review

""Unlucky Rental...""

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

Made an enquiry for almost 40 days rental, only received a quote for 8days. We continued email correspondence for terms and conditions, insurance etc. And when it was time to make a booking they did not honour the price quoted. Disappointed, i rented previously and although very old vehicles with 500000 km on it and more, 2500$ deposit requirement and not the newest, the customer service was very poor and will take advantage of every opportunity. Beware

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United States
1 Review

"Best van choice on a budget"

  • Reviewed 7 months ago

There are a lot of negative reviews on here about Lucky Rentals, but all things considered, we actually had a really positive experience with them. They are by far the cheapest option that we found, and you have to realize that you get what you pay for. There are obviously more luxurious campervan options out there, but as backpackers, we really wanted the most bang for our buck, and that's what we got. We rented the Lucky Rover, and it was perfectly suitable for 3 people. The kitchen was equipped with everything we needed, we had sufficient storage space, and everything was in good working order.

The van initially was not ready for us on the day we had requested. Luckily for us, we were not on a super tight schedule, so this didn't impact us too much. Lucky did a good job in making up for this inconvenience as well. They gave us a free rental car to use in the interim period, and when we actually picked up our van, they threw in a few freebies - extra pillows and blankets, a GPS, and an aux cord.

We had no mechanical issues with our van in the entire 50 days we had it. It got decent gas mileage, and we only had to fill up our propane tank for cooking one time (and we cooked almost every night). If you are looking for the best campervan option on a budget, Lucky is definitely the way to go.

4Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Smooth rental at an unbeatable price in May"

  • Reviewed 7 months ago

Our small but perfectly formed budget camper (Toyota Estima) was a very enjoyable drive with no mechanical problems at all during the 7 weeks - except one very cold morning when we decided to put the fans on to thaw the ice on the inside of the windowscreen before starting the engine (the battery appeared to be flat, but kicked itself into life after a 5 minute wait!)
We knew that the bedding provided by Lucky would be insufficient for the wintery weather in May and June so stocked up on sleeping bags and blankets from op shops and Warehouse enroute south.
Warehouse is also an excellent place to buy gas canisters ($6 for 4!)
Our Lucky Rookie suited our needs perfectly as it was easy to drive and park anywhere.
It wasn't self contained so there was limited free camping, but we found plenty of places to camp.
I'd highly recommend Lucky, their customer service and communication before, during and at the end of the rental was excellent and everything I expected.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, New Zealand
1 Review


  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We were apauled with the outcome of our "lucky" Roma vehicle so many issues occurred which was unacceptable. Firstly after having been told we would receive full gas cans one was empty and another half full, secondly we were given the van with every item of kitchen wear dirty...nothing had been checked to be clean. Thirdly our radio and speakers had issues. In addition to this our altinator (which functions the battery) was broken clearly telling us the car had not been serviced correctly before handing to a customer which resulted in leaving us broken down starting on the highway in a highly dangerous position. This breakdown lasted 22 hours and left us 18 year old girls over night in a car park behind the back of some buildings in an unsecure state leaving all windows open without being able to close them as well as all 4 of us having to sleep downstairs with easy access for the public. Thank god we got full insurance...this was a $700 job. We worked hard to achieve a refund of $200 for the 2 days we missed out on travelling.
K. Foxston, New Zealand

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Germany
1 Review

"IF you are LUCKY :)"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

Obviously, Lucky Rental is a very budget option. However, the expectations are that it stills delivers on the very core service of the rental company i.e. you get the car that drives safely and lasts you a trip. Well... Where do I start? 

1. We had to wait 4.5 hours for our pick up. NOBODY apologises. ever. The first day of the trip was ruined for the whole group. After pressing the issue, we got one day reimbursed BUT the rest of the group still lost the money and the day trip as they were waiting for us. 
2. As soon as we started driving, the left wing mirror tilted and never gone back up. The driver could not see what was happening on the left side of the van. OOPS! 
3. Our van charging cord was broken and taped back together. :O Not too bad, until the rainy night when we had a voltage spike that burnt all of our outlets, our charger and my killed my phone battery. BOOM! pls, see below the response I got from the company : ) complete ignore of my complaint. 
"This vehicle is fitted with a surge breaker which is a device that is designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. This vehicle has a current EWOF so has been check to ensure this is in working order. " 
4. Gears were funky, but thankfully lasted us a whole trip. Though, we could not gain more then 30-40km/hr up the hill (even the small hill) , the travel time doubled some days because of that. 
5. At the end of the trip, I received an angry call from the service desk asking where we were and that we were late to return the car. She just happened to confuse the dates and phoned us up a day earlier. Have I mentioned that nobody ever apologises? 

If I knew, what I know right now - I would not rent from them. However, if you are willing to risk your long vacation and trip of the lifetime, below are few tips learnt the hard way. 
- If something goes wrong, get it fixed right in front of them. If you let it go email/phone, forget it. They will promise things to get you out , but no follow up will ever happen. If the van broke and you were stuck , and the service person tells you to get taxi and hotel, and they will reimburse you later... Do not believe it. It actually happened. The next morning they told that it is not part of the policy and they do not reimburse. 
- Read the contract. The stuff is trained to quote the contract word for word in all situations. So you better actually look through T&Cs. 
- Again, if something goes wrong and you interact with the stuff, I would recommend recording them. Asking for comms copies apparently was not enough. 
- Service people are not there to help you; 
- Save a bit more and get someone with the better rating :) 

NZ is fantastic place to visit, do not let it get ruined with Lucky Rentals . When it is suspiciously cheap, it is probably for the reason . I should have remembered that one myself.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Spain
1 Review

"worst ever"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

This was the worst ever experience!!! The only Lucky thing is that we are still alive!

We rented a roadie for a month driving from North to South. 6 month ago when we booked the trip, we had so much to plan, so we didn’t even bother reading reviews about the company. We were more paying attention to the type of camper, the route, etc. As a matter of fact I was bragging how great a deal I got us for less than 90NZD/day for a camper when others were I thought that NZ as a developed country has standards and regulations in place that protect consumers and ensure that all vehicles are safe to drive around.

A week before we left, I started reading the reviews by pure chance....That’s when I started to have a bad feeling about this. It was ahrd enough for us to get such a long vacation and the entire trip was expensive. Unfortunately, all other agencies were sold out and only a super huge 350NZD/day camper was available, so our hands were tied. 

At pick up in the Auckland office we had a super great guy. He told us to get the full insurance package (25NZD/day), because at drop off they will find something to charge us the excess; even though the van was already totally beat up after 15years and 450.000 km. Ok, we expected it to be old, but it was:

Super dirty! we spend 2hours cleaning it in a parking lot and managed to get it to a state where we didn’t have to though up. Spiders nets all over the place, dust, rust and stain that I can’t really describe

Steering wheel was pointing right when driving straight
Suspension completely beaten up; huge safety risk on the often wet and curvy NZ roads
No airbags
Chips all over the windshields (they probably charged them to many non-full-insurance rents multiple times before us)
Seat belts…lets just say I was happy we didn’t have to rely on them
Torn seats
Super loud engine, also because the insulations was completely worn out…BTW this made it super cold in the van at night; a tent would have kept us wormer!
Fractures all over the van, so on top of the engine sound also creaking sounds
right loud speaker
in car lights
rear window heater disconnected (visible)
leak in drivers cabin, so when driving through rain, it got a bit wet inside
doors were creaky, so we bought WD40 to fix it, because when one need to go to the toilet at night the other or rather entire camp site was woken up. 
2 keys, because the on lock was changed; so always confusion there

Funny thing the camper didn’t even start at the beginning; so I insisted on getting a new battery. This was probably the reason why the engine started every morning. 

At drop off, there were huge lines, took us 45mins to return it; There were three couples swopping to other vehicles; no idea why, but must have been some bigger issues. 

Never ever again!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Dangerous Scam"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

A completely disaster, I recommend a better name for this company UNLUCKY RENTER. The campervan was very dirty and old, there weren't lights inside so we have to use our flashlights to see something during the night, the mattress were very dirty like someone had pee on it, believe me it was disgusting sleeping there, the smell also was sickening. The table was absolutely broken, it was like playing air hockey with the dishes. It was impossible to take a shower because he hose was too short and you couldn't reach your head. When raining, water leaks through the upper window getting wet all inside the campervan. The side door couldn't be open with the key, you had to open from the inside. The certificate of self contained was expired two months ago, and I can assure it wasn't self contained because when the grey water tank was nearly full it starts leaking water.
The most dangerous thing was that one day the engine, that have more than 400000 km, started throwing out the coolant liquid with a lot of steam in the front cabin when driving, it was like a gas chamber, we couldn't neither see nor breathing, we had to stop in the middle of the road during a foggy day and the situation was critical. After calling the road service assistance we lost one whole day and night waiting for the garage to fix the problem, there were no compensation. Later we knew that the expansion tank near the left seat had no cover so it can burn somebody's skin.
My advice for the further hirers is don't continuing giving business to these people that rent the worst, dirties, oldest and un-safeties campervans in New Zealand.

P. Stevenson, Australia

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Do not use Lucky"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We have had significant issues with the campervan we rented from Lucky. Twice we have been unable to start the vehicle and were charged out of pocket for a roadside assistance callout. Something in the van continues to drain the battery when the engine is turned off. The back door to the van was broken and the sink leaked due to a faulty seal (flooding our mattress), both issues we had to arrange to fix ourselves. Other than the above the van has seen better days...nearly 500,000 kms, guzzles fuel, the most uncomfortable seats to drive in, dirty with mould on the ceiling, the radio doesn't work (which was needed during the earthquake), the AC runs even when turned off, and a family of spiders lives in the window seals. I would recommend paying a little extra to rent from a reputable company with a better fleet of vehicles. You'll end up spending the same money for a much better experience.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value