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Travellers Autobarn is a large campervan rental that offers affordable 2 to 3-berth campervan deals in New Zealand. They have depots in Auckland and Christchurch, with their parent company located in Australia. Whilst the company specializes in the budget market, there have been some upgrades with their fleet as they welcome new models to their selection.

Travellers Autobarn Campervan Hire – Something for Everyone?

With partnerships from Escape Campers, Travellers Autbobarn focuses in providing variety of campervan deals suited for different types of travellers on budget. Though they only have four campervan selections, youngsters will certainly appreciate them as they allow rentals starting the age of 18.

Station Wagon - the cheapest campervan hire ideal for groups as it could seat up to 7 people

Escape Campervan Hire- 2-berth campervan with loud exteriors and spacious interiors

Hitop Campervan Hire- offers complete kitchen essentials and plenty of storage suitable for 3 adults or couple travelling with a child

Kuga Campervan Hire- the priciest yet newest among all campervans on fleet, this 2 to 3-berth model is still within the economical rate that features extra storage, additional height dimension and full kitchenette.

The Vehicles

Station Wagon 

Travellers Autobarn begins with their Station Wagon— the cheapest campervan on offer. This 2006- 2010 Toyota Estima model is the ideal choice for travellers in big groups. It is tagged as the company’s backpacker classic because of its well-designed layout and vehicle features. Travellers could either sleep at the rear area or at the 2-dome tent, for an additional price. Being an economical campervan, you might not be surprised that the cooking and kitchen facilities, along with the mattress and pillows are not free of charge, creating an additional expense to the budget. As with all older models you must expect some wear and tear in the vehicle and quite some miles on the clock, however, you are also getting an exceptionally cheap camper.


  • Downright cheap for a 2-berth campervan
  • Plenty of space for your luggage
  • Comes with radio/ CD player


  • Cooking, kitchen and sleeping essentials are not included
  • Overly simple campervan interiors
  • Older model, expect wear and tear and things not to be perfect

Escape Campervan Hire

Based on either a Toyota Hiace or Nissan Caravan, this Escape Campervan caters up to 2 persons, and boasts of its flamboyant designs that would truly catch the onlookers’ attention. And take note, they do not use offensive or racist slogans— just appealing works of art! And since this campervan is a level up, you will now appreciate the almost-complete cooking and sleeping equipment —from kitchen cutlery to duvets. The van’s interiors are well-fitted for its large kitchenette, fairly huge queen-sized bed and spacious storage. The higher interior height makes this a fantastic option for travellers wanting more space than the station wagon, but read on as there are even bigger models available. Whilst the age of the vehicles ranges from 2004 to 2010, these are all fitted-out recently. But the manual transmission may be a drawback as you need to casually shift gears all throughout your road trip.

But take note! The campers are listed in the Travellers Autobarn fleet but TAB don't own them. There is a cooperation going on with Escape Campers NZ and whilst these campervans are on hire via Travllers Autobarn you are still actually renting from Escape Campers New Zealand.


  • Catchy exteriors
  • Step-up features such as cooking essentials and sleeping gears
  • Well-fitted interiors


  • Manual transmission
  • Quite a basic model as campervans go these days
  • Older models will have miles on the clock

Hitop Campervan Hire

The Toyota Hitop campervans are typically ranging between 2008 and 2012— all of which are designed for a 2 to 3 berth hire. As a hitop campervan with extra headspace, taller people will enjoy longer trips without compromising their comfort. Aside from the campervan’s upgraded dimensions and certain additions such as gas stove, microwave, fridge and the optional porta potti, there’s nothing more special with this Hitop campervan. And just like the Escape campervans, you still need to deal with a manual gear vehicle and you will need to visit external facilities for a shower. The bigger vehicle dimension may also be hitch as you need to carry the extra dash of weight all throughout your vacation – yes the hi-top will add drag and weight and cost more to run, so factor that in, but it has a lot more luxury than the previous 2 models.


  • Can sleep up to 3 people
  • Roomy headspace
  • Still pretty cheap


  • Minimal additions for an upgraded campervan
  • Baby seat not available
  • Pretty old: Wear and Tear and Miles on the clock

Kuga Campervan Hire      

To complete the Travellers Autobarn fleet, we give you the Kuga Campervan Hire. This up-to-date and top-of-the-line campervan hire may be priced a bit more than any other campervans on selection, it takes pride with its 2016 interior fit-out, and not to mention, its generous space and storage under the seats. Generally, the vehicle design and dimension are likely the same with Hitop campervans from many other competitors, but there are more unique features like attractive fittings, nicer upholstery and some large compartments. The campervan is second to none when it comes to its high-quality fit-out and its easy-to-change configuration— from using the tables at lunchtime to getting ready for bedtime.Kuga is well-fitted for longer, comfortable trips because of its spacious cooking area and roomy sleeping space. The large windows also complete your scenic NZ road trip.


  • Newer campervan models
  • Recent and attractive fit-out
  • Heaps of storage and space


  • Priciest among all other campervans on fleet
  • Fuel and transmission are not that appealing
  • No baby seat option


The insurance is included in the daily rental rate, but you may still be liable for the insurance excess up to $2,500, depending on your age. However, you can limit the liability by choosing their additional protection coverage. The Midway Protection ($17.5 per day) will reduce the excess to $1,200. And if you want a carefree NZ campervan experience with $0 excess and two tyres and one front windscreen included in the coverage, opt for the Protection Plus by paying $27.50 per day – which is actually quite cheap for that much coverage.


Thoughtfully designed for the budget economy, Travellers Autobarn remains to be a good option to save money while still enjoying the scenic NZ views. The company has already created a name in the campervan rental industry all over the world, consequently giving them an edge among small, family-owned campervan hires in the country. However, since you are paying less for your vehicle, you cannot expect for a refined accommodation on wheels. The choices may not be as big and striking compared to other classy campervans on the road, but these are well-fitted for a reliable road trip because each camper still provides you with the needed camping essentials.


All in all, Travellers Autobarn can be a great deal if you’re on a shoestring budget. But of course, you should also take into account that a lower price might take a toll in the campervan’s efficiency and overall amenities. Well, you just can’t expect older models to run perfectly without any glitches. You may need to spend a little more money for a more pampering road trip.

From the Agency

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  • New models being added to the fleet regularly
  • Reputation for great customer service
  • Cheap campervans


  • Not as developed in NZ as in Australia
  • Will have some older models with wear and tear


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