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Lost Campers offers a more compact option for the lighter and budget traveller. They have locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles & Salt Lake City.

About Lost Campers

A lure to budget travellers, Lost Campers targets the budget market through their cheap campervan rentals that are well-equipped and advertising free. No flashy advertising nor offensive graffiti— just a sign-free van that lets you blend in with the locals! Hence, offering a much more discreet holiday on the road to every renter. They offer one way rentals between their locations, plus all campervans have free 100 miles per day? They do not offer airport pick-up and drop-offs because their depots are conveniently located near major airports. Also, they do not have parking at their branches, so you either leave your personal car or look for your own parking space. 


The Lost Campers fleet is consist of petite and relatively older but still very reliable and fully equipped campervans. Despite of the age and size, these units are furnished with fantastic inclusions, which are normally being charged as extras by most companies. All campervans are rigged with fresh linens, pillow cases, bedding, duvet comforter, picnic table, and picnic chairs. There are also lots of extras for rent like GPS navigator, roof storage bin, bike racks, DC powered cooler and more. Since these are smaller campervans, it is advisable to bring soft bags and backpacks instead of suitcases.


Sierra Class Campervans

These bright, red campervans may be small but these are fantastic vehicles that drive efficiently and sleep comfortably. The Sierra Class campervans are some of the most popular pick, especially for those eyeing for long distance trips. An automatic transmission, the campervan can travel up to 5 people, though not grandly but modestly. However, the unit only comes with one full size bed from the transformable lounge at the back of the front seats. So, this is technically not suitable for families but rather only for couples. If you're planning to tag along your kids, the next campervan is the answer.  

Hotel Sierra Class Campervans

These campervans are pretty much the same with the Sierra models, featuring all other features including full bed size with mattress, linens, extra pillows and comforter, storage under the bed, sliding doors and sink in the rear. However, this one takes the Sierra to the next level, allowing it to be a perfect match for a group of 4 to 5 people. The rooftop tent with easy access via ladder sleeps 2 to 3 persons comfortably. While you are driving, the roof tent comes very discreet to make your trip more private. 

Wanderer Class Sleepervans

The Wanderer Class is a standard campervan with basic amenities suited for simple backpackers. These may be the oldest units with average mileage of 200k plus but these are strong players in good shape. The higher miles on the clock does not mean you'll get a less reliable unit because these are frequently maintained. With less features as compared to the Sierra Class, the Wanderer is a great option for laid-back wanderers wanting less drama. Still, the campervan is equipped with camping necessities like comfy bed for two with underneath storage and complete cooking and outdoor kit. No sink and water storage though.


Lost Campers allows you to choose your own insurance coverage, whether you provide one from your own auto insurance company or avail of their optional insurance products. First, they have the Supplemental Liability Insurance with $1 million third party coverage at $12 per day. Second, the Collision Damage Waiver at $10 per day. Avail both SLI and CDW for $22 per day to have protection against third party claims and damages to the van. Take note that the prices and deductibles are different with Salt Lake City. Further, they have personal accident and effect insurance at a minimal price.


Striking customer service, personalized road trips and affordable rates make Lost Campers a great option for travellers in tight budget. They offer competitive rental with fantastic campervan inclusions like free 100 miles included per day, sleeping stuff and cooking amenities. Their campervans are simple ones that wouldn't attract posh travellers looking for newer and roomier units. These are only suitable for couples and small families. Still, Lost Campers is one of the top picks for budget based renters. 


For those aiming for an affordable campervan hire, Lost Campers gives you incredibly competitive prices that are quite similar to car rental or even lesser. But of course, do not expect for high-end facilities and fancy layout but rather simple and worthwhile road trip. 

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  • Based on budget market
  • Fantastic campervan inclusions
  • Free 100 miles included per day
  • Multiple depot


  • Simple vehicles
  • Older models on offer
  • Only suitable for couples and small families


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C. Jaques - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Amazing value and fun"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

This isn’t a luxury camper van but it’s a million times easier than rent camping especially for road trips. So easy to pull into a campsite set up the bed (which takes all of 2 mins) and then get to cooking your fine dining camping food. It drives just like a normal car, and cost the same in fuel. Would use this company again in a heartbeat!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
B. Thomas - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"3 weeks in lost campers USA"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We picked up our Dodge camper at 3rd st in San Francisco

3 weeks later we returned it, tired, gloriously happy and our Dodge 'boots' was none the wires for wear.

After two days in Frisco we headed to Chicko, then next our first night in the redwoods national park.

Next night Vancouver Washington with reallies then the long haul back at Baker city, then Layton / Salt Lake City.

Next was 3 more Utah days in the wilderness at a friend's off grid house north of Canab ... here we got to go to Zion, Bryce Canyon and experience loads of wonderful things in this high desert.

Then we stayed at the Beaty RV park of the Space station... eating st the happy burro ... what a great wild town

This was followed by one night in FURNACE creek RV park of Death Valley ... where boots performed brilliantly on the 98 degree heat...

Apart from a hot night we leafy early next day for yosemite staying just outside the park at 6950 feet at lee vining at the monovista park

Yosemite included seeing a bear!!!

Then via the sequoias at Mariposa we returned for a few more days in SF.

Overall lost campers were brilliant - we had to take Ng them twice which was a real comfort for us down under travellers

The bedding, cooking gear, car, security comfort were all Aok ... driving at Arizona interstate legal speeds of 80MPH and moving from 284ft below sea level at 98degrees f. To the next day at 9945 at Tioga pass entering Yosemite at 36f meant the Dodge was tested to a pretty high level... she never missed a beat! Never ran dry of water or oil, was reasonably economic, always started and was comfortable to drive and sleep in during our 3650 mile adventure.

Lost campers for president!

We will be back next year with only one camper hire company in our sights... lost campers

BTW... the staff went out of their way to accommodate us two (post 60s) adventurers...

See you next year

Barry Thomas and Shelley Monds

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value