On The Road: The Best RV & Motorhome Destinations 

Check out our favourite destinations in the wild, and add them to your next road trip!

Must Have Travel Apps for New Zealand

How did we ever travel anywhere without the invention of Apps telling us where to go, how to go and which way to get there. Seriously argument saving Apps that have averted many a tense conversation on our travels. To me downloading these Apps is just like packing your underwear, essential items that won't hurt your baggage allowance.
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Top 6 Tips for Taking on NZ in a Campervan

There is truly no better way to see all that New Zealand has to offer than by traveling around in your very own home-on-wheels. The freedom and authenticity of the whole experience can't be matched. As with any big trip, there are always some tips and tricks that you just wish you had known or thought about beforehand. This list will give you 6 tips I learned from our 50-day road trip through the North and South Island.
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Off The Beaten Track: Top 10 South Island

I'm one of the lucky ones. I actually get to live here in New Zealand where I am still so in awe of just how beautiful a country it is. I have travelled to the South Island on many occasion but this time we chose to go off the beaten track beyond the typical tourist trail. I was not disappointed and neither will you be. Here are my top 10 must do's that you won't find in many guide books.
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