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Last Updated: 9/11/19

A recent name change transformed Nomad Rentals as Adventurer Rentals. Friendly and caring staff along with cheap and reliable campervans have made Nomad Rentals (now Adventurer Rentals) a relatively nice option for budget-conscious travellers looking for 2 berth campervans.

About Adventurer Rentals

Before, this company was easily confused with another company because their names were almost identical. So, lets clear this up before you go any further in case you are in the wrong spot.

Adventurer Rentals was previously called as Nomad Rentals, hence the confusion between a company also named as Nomad Campervans. But after quite some time of keeping their old web address (, they have now embraced their new website (, though if you still input, you'll be redirected to their new website. However, their latest name is now very similar to Adventure Rentals  (notice one less 'r') - which is a separate car rental company with no campervans. But really, come on, if you're going to go through a name-change saga, don't you at least find a new name that isn't almost exactly the same as someone else in a similar market space. From Nomad and Nomad to Adventurer and Adventure. What ev's.

Nomad Campervans (still named thus) = - is a larger company that dominates the Nomad name but this review is NOT about them. You can read about this larger Nomad company here.

So right, on with the show... 

Adventurer Rentals is a family-owned and operated business that rents out quality vehicles for budget-conscious travellers looking for 2 berth campervans. They offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off to/from their depots in Auckland and Christchurch. And if you're keen enough to research, their depots are both within the airport zones, which means you don't have to spend a longer travelling time to get or return the unit. The company itself is small; hence, a smaller fleet of only two options. And sometimes, they are overshadowed by the bigger Nomad company. Still, they care about giving a unique and more personalized campervan experience through their limited selection of campervan and sleepervans that cater up to two people only. 

And since you're travelling NZ with a campervan, there's no chance of you missing out freedom camping. So, to get the most out of your holiday on the road, check out this freedom camping tool that gives you information of all the rules per NZ district. 


The company provides only two types of vehicles—all well-maintained, tidy and in good condition. The vehicles solely owned by the company are the 2 berth Hi-top campervans and sleeper vans. Before, they had a 6 berth motorhome but has been removed from their fleet, leaving them with a very limited selection for a limited target market. The sleepervans are a bit old ranging from 1995 to 2006 model but are still in good condition while the Hi-top are newer models with 2016-2017 vehicle age. All Nomad units are equipped with all standard equipment for a tension-free holiday.  


Foton Adventurer

The 2 berth manual campervan, which is probably the flagship camper in the Adventurer range, includes a wide range of equipment for two.  It would be better to hire a 2 berth campervan instead of a sleeper van because they have more camping options such as fridge, which can prove very helpful during long journeys. The rear bench seats convert into a cozy double bed with underneath storage. Aside from the house battery, there's 240 V battery charger and solar power option. Unlike most hi-top models, this one comes with a shower and cassette flush toilet. And before we forget, the campervan has a fitted awning for outdoor fun. 

Adventurer Sleepervan

On the other hand, the 2 berth sleepervan is the choice for simple wanderers who wouldn't mind some elbow touching during the holiday. This compact unit is built from Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda models ranging from 1995 to 2006 (normally 2001 to 2002 year). You've got the option to take either the auto or manual model. Because of its limited space, standing up or even moving around inside can be tricky. With that, this model is definitely a no-no for fancy travellers. Still, the sleepervan includes a double bed from the entire main cabin, cigarette lighter for video camera batteries, crockery & cutlery, cooking utensil, stovetop, and a kettle. 


The excess/deductible is NZ$5000 ($5500 for drivers under 25 years), which is taken through a credit card imprint at the start of your trip. Likewise, they offer two options to reduce excess and to include coverage for damage to windscreens and replacement plus accidental damage to tyres. The Silver at NZ$ 35 per day for a $2500 excess and the Gold at NZ$65 per day for a $0 excess. 


It seems that Adventurer Rentals provides nice services to its clients. Though the good customer service leaves a good impression to their name, the company's limited options restrict other interested renters. Their fleet of cheaper campervans and sleepervans only caters up to two people. And this rental fleet is a combination of older sleepervans and newer campervans. That’s why many people would still prefer the other, larger Nomad campervan hire company over this one. But of course, if you to try a more personalized rental, you might want to give them a try. 


Well, aside from their cheap rates, the good customer service among its clients seems to be the main charm of Adventurer Rentals. If you're looking for more options, especially family-friendly units, then stop and head on to other options.

From the Agency

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  • Cheaper rates
  • Won't get baffled by choice
  • Two depots


  • Only 2 berth campervans
  • Old vehicles
  • Some older models


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"Sleepervan Hirw for 5 weeks"

  • Reviewed 7 years ago

All administrational things have been handeled very easily and simple. Picking up simple and great, returning the same. The car was exactly like in the description and what I expected to get. It was a great and reliable companion for our 5 weeks trip through the country and we loved it!

4Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 5Value