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Britz Campervan Rentals (New Zealand) is a large campervan company offering comfortable campervans from 2-6 berths. They operate in the mid-high budget space. They are part of the THL parent company, who also has holdings in Maui Motorhomes and Mighty Campers.


Britz, established in 1986 as The Helicopter Line, which specialised in scenic tours throughout New Zealand and Australia. Now, they specialise in other forms of tourism. Britz’s speciality is campervans and motorhomes (as well as rental cars), renting out of their four depot locations in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Queenstown.

Britz was acquired in 1999 by THL, so if you’re particularly concerned about where your money is going and how it will be spent, it will be going to a large company conglomerate, but it will be reinvested locally. For a recent example, THL has recently helped the Christchurch community recover from the earthquake with large donations.


Britz has an amazing reputation among avid campers, and plays to the mid-range market by offering extras at lower prices than their competitors. They are a company that offers a little more than a ‘super cheap’ budget rental company. They are also well-known for excellent customer service.

All complaints are met swiftly with some sort of action to try to satisfy the customer and to make sure that the customer understands his or her responsibilities with each vehicle. They ensure their vehicles pass the NZ Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for road operation, and keep their fleet clean and well-maintained.

Ultimately, their reputation only has blemishes insofar as miscommunication that typically occurs at the travel agent level. Britz does everything in their power to ensure that the customer knows beforehand the age of the vehicle they will be renting, branch locations, operating hours, and other details pertinent to a successful holiday. For the most part, customers who were dissatisfied chose not to speak up until after their holiday ended, which doesn’t give Britz a chance to fix it. Those who did speak up wound up satisfied with the company’s performance. In other words, if you encounter a problem, make sure that you inform the company immediately, and, judging by their consistent responses, they will do what they can to fix it.


The fleet consists of a diverse number of campervans and motorhomes, with 9 different models (approximately 3-7 years old) for hire:

  • Hi-Top Campervan: Berths 2 adults.
  • Voyager: Berths 4 adults.
  • Trailblazer: Deluxe compact campervan that berths 2 adults.
  • Venturer: Campervan ideal for taller people, berths 2 adults.
  • Elite: Deluxe campervan with plenty of extra that berths 2 adults.
  • Explorer: Motorhome, berths 4 adults.
  • Navigator: The newest models added to the fleet. Berths 4 adults.
  • Frontier: Deluxe motorhome, berths 6 adults.
  • Renegade: The only dual cab in the fleet, berths 4 adults and 2 children.

The fleet is relatively new, and, when an older model is used, it is maintained to the strictest, ‘like new’ standards. Britz takes a great deal of pride in their diverse fleet.


There are a few extras that are included that set Britz apart from other campervan and motorhome rental companies — mostly, the quality of the items they include in their rental price. Rates include unlimited kilometers, which is a pleasant addition, kitchen and general equipment, 24-hour customer care helpline, linen and bedding, and others.

To hire extras are almost too numerous to mention in one spot. They include hot water bottles, bikes and bike racks, and picnic tables and chairs.


Britz is the way to go if you want to spend only a little bit extra and get a ton of bonus items and service in return. The bottom line is that Britz is one of the best campervan rentals around.

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, Australia
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"Never using Britz (THL) again"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

We just completed a 3wk trip through Nth and Sth Island of NZ, which was beautiful, however the service from Britz was not. (Britz is part of THL, which includes Maui and Mighty)
We went in to pick up the van from Christchurch and the house battery wasn’t charged. We may have needed to free camp on the first night, so I asked if I could get another vehicle. “No” was the simple response.
When we got to our destination, about 3 hours drive away, and I plugged the power cord in to the van, a very audible alarm started going off. After about 20mins hunting for the source of the problem we discovered that the battery charger was not working. This was clearly obvious by the “error” message showing on the LED display on the charger itself. After several shut downs, and attempts to re-boot the system, we decided to phone Britz.
After 5 phone calls, in which I had to go over everything again each time, we were advised that we had to drive back to Christchurch the following day to have it swapped out. This resulted in us losing at least a day from our trip, additional fuel, and a lot of inconvenience.
Now if this had have happened on day 2, 3, or any other of the following days I would have been OK, as sometimes things break down, however someone at the Christchurch depot would have plugged that van in and then ignored the alarm. It was able to be heard from outside the closed van.
When I asked the supervisor at Christchurch what they would provide by way of compensation I was advised that I would have to take it up with the Auckland office when I dropped the vehicle off at the end of the trip. I said I wasn’t happy with that as it wasn’t their error that caused the problem, however they wouldn’t offer any other option.
Consequently we also had problems with the drainage not working properly on the kitchen sink, and a leaking fridge. We decided to put up with those, rather than lose any more time.
As you can imagine, Auckland weren’t happy that they had to deal with it, and they offered me a $200 refund. This is on a $4800 hire. I managed to get them up to $250, however the attitude from the manager wasn’t acceptable. Nor was the amount offered.
I don’t care which branch was responsible. I am a customer of Britz and they should have dealt with me as such.
We are definitely going back to NZ. We will definitely not be using the THL group of companies.

1Service 3Mechanical 2Interior 2Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my britz-campervans hire"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

the vehicle itself is large and convenient. te main issue is a very unpleasant service from the THL team in Queenstown and in Christchurch.

1Service 4Mechanical 5Interior 4Value