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Maui New Zealand understands that you want a vacation that combines excitement and luxury. And they excel at delivering just that. Offering a level of service that few high-class campervan hire companies can match, Maui is much more than just the destination it’s about the trip.

What Maui New Zealand Tells Us

When you hire a campervan with Maui New Zealand, you’re investing in a vehicle that will provide many of the comforts, luxuries, and amenities of a modern apartment on the roadㅡ plainly because this is luxury motorhome hire. Just imagine experiencing the captivating natural beauty of New Zealand by day and then retreating to the sanctuary of your posh campervan for an evening of rest and relaxation. This luxury does come at a price, however, and Maui New Zealand is not the cheapest campervan for hire in New Zealand. But you get what you pay for. And with Maui New Zealand you get a lot. Plus, they frequently run promotions including multi-hire discounts and group hires so savings opportunities are available to savvy shoppers. Maui New Zealand knows they’re not the only luxury campervan hire company in New Zealand. That’s why their friendly staff strives so hard to make Maui New Zealand the best choice available. In addition to arranging free transportation to and from Auckland and Christchurch international airport, they’ll also help you plan the perfect itinerary for your New Zealand adventure. Questions? Feel free to give them a call. Maui New Zealand operates a 24/7 international toll free number. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers.


Beyond some of the highest-quality campervans for hire doing business with Maui New Zealand ensure you’ll have a memorable customer service experience. Every one of Maui New Zealand’s campervan for hire has been custom designed with comfort in mind and are self-contained for freedom camping. However, if you are a manual lover, you'll be disappointed because all are automatic units. Recently, the fleet added a new set of 2 berth and 4 berth campervans that are guaranteed under 6 months old. All other motorhomes are under 2. 5 years old; hence, issues about wear and tear is a less problem. 



The 2 berth Odyssey is one of the most recent additions by the company. This late model camper is the one you need for a summer getaway. It is small enough to drive like a car but comes with all essential features of a big campervan. Because of its compact size and automatic transmission, finding a parking spot is as easy as 123. Don't be fooled with its small and simple exterior because the inside of this unit comes with a spacious pull-down bed for two, a full kitchen with a cooker and fridge and shower and toilet!

Action Pod

A compact room for two, the Action Pod is a slight downgrade with exclusion of on-board shower & toilet. Still, the comfort and features are the same as other big campervans, and you can easily maneuver and park this unit anywhere. Accordingly, this one is suitable for unassuming travellers who wouldn't mind travelling the outskirts with just enough facilities that will get you through your holiday, from the double bed to the pull-out kitchen.


Known for its European-style comfort, the 4 berth Cruiser is all you need for a cozier and entertaining holiday on the road. And what do we mean by entertaining? Well, unlike similar motorhomes on fleet, this one provides you with fascinating entertainment set with LCD screen and DVD player. Whether you're travelling with your kids or some of your friends, the motorhome is set to make your holiday more engaging.


Another recent 4 berth motorhome is the bigger and comfier Discovery. Great for those looking for extra space and well-designed kitchen, this unit is the answer to your dreams. The full kitchen at the side is supplied with a sink, 4-burner gas stove and 130 L fridge. After your cooking sessions, bring your kids outside and bike around. This particular model features a bike rack for a fun family adventure. 


This 2 berth motorhome is all about flexibility and outdoor fun. So, you have the option to have a cozier double bed or two singles at night, and you have a separate storage for your sport equipment like fishing rods and golf clubs, except bicycles. Not only that, since a Kiwi adventure is never complete with some laid-back BBQ treat, and you get to experience such with the Ultima. 

Ultima Plus

The Ultima Plus is actually a step up in terms of sleeping capacity. This 3 berth motorhome allows you to sneak in your kid for a happy family bonding. The motorhome is equipped with useful facilities for all three of you, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Aside from the double bed or two singles at the rear, the unit provides a single bed for your child at the front area and child/ booster seat for safety. With this model, you can also experience some outdoor fun, just like the other Ultima unit. 


Suitable for either two couples or a family of four, the Cascade brings comfort despite of its limited vehicle dimensions. With its well-designed interior layout, all useful amenities are still included on-board. The U-lounge at the rear becomes a spacious double with huge windows. The second bed is positioned at the front from the ceiling cavity. You are not provided with a microwave, but there are bike racks fitted out in the motorhome. 


Extra space and stylish comfort, the 4 berth Beach is designed for a more fancy road trip. This motorhome is particularly created to give versatile space. Hence, you have all the room to stretch out your arms and legs without feeling restricted. The front dining zone is really roomy and does not need to be converted into a second bed because the other sleeping area is located at the cab-over. So if you're looking for an apartment-styled motorhome with sleek facilities, the Beach is all you need. 


First of the two 6 berth motorhomes, the Sunset is your standard family unit that gives enough room for all passengers, 4 adults and 2 children. The entire rear is allocated for the permanent bedroom featuring a large double bed and huge windows. Your teenagers and kids can relax at the cab-over bed and convertible dinette. For your cooking needs, you can make it happen with the help of the full kitchen. 


Designed for families in need of more space and storage, this 6 berth motorhome is much more cozy and extensive. It has a bigger fridge, bigger fresh and waster water tanks, and bigger rear windows. Hence, if your children are all grown-up or your with some adult pals, then this is the right one for you. Because of the fitted out facilities like shower & toilet, elegant kitchen and palatial beds, this motorhome feels like a posh apartment on wheels. 


The standard liability for the motorhomes is NZ$7,500, which will be taken upon vehicle collection through your credit card. But if you opt to avail of their liability reduction option at $45.00 per day (max $2,250.00), you will not be required to pay the excess as the purchase will reduce your liability to $0.  


There are many ways to travel around New Zealand but there’s one, reputable way to enjoy the pinnacle of style, luxury, and comfort on your trip: in a motorhome from Maui New Zealand. Their rates might price them out of the market for most travelers, but for those who can afford it Maui New Zealand offers perhaps the nicest motorhomes for hire in New Zealand. Unlike other large rental companies that often neglect the importance of customer service, Maui is an exception. For many years now, they provide not just quality units but also quality service. With that they have created a name in the rental industry. 


If you want reputation and experience above anything else, then a motorhome from Maui will not fail you. The company is one of the most trusted motorhome rentals, not just in New Zealand but across the USA and Australia. 

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  • A very popular rental company
  • Good reputation
  • Lots of vehicles to choose from
  • Multiple depots


  • Prices are little high
  • Books out easily in peak seasons
  • Pricey insurance excess


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, Australia
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"Review Of My Rental With Maui-New-Zealand"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

Very good value for money of the rental through Hit-the-Road.

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, Thailand
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"Review of my maui hire"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

great 10 days. Perfect camper van for a family with 3 children. I liked as well the information service of Maui highlighting weather risks pro actively during our trip.

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