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A friendly and caring staff along with cheap and reliable campervans, have made Nomad Camper and Car Rentals a popular company. Situated in New Zealand with depots in Auckland and Christchurch, Nomad Camper and Car Rentals offer quality vehicles for budget conscious travellers looking for 2 berth campervans.  This company is easily confused with Nomad Campervans, they are a different company but their name is almost identical. So lets clear this up before you go any further in case you are in the wrong spot

Nomad Camper and Car Rentals (this review) = - realistically is the smaller of the 2 companies with the same name

Nomad Campervans = - is a larger company that dominates the Nomad name but this review is NOT about them. You can read about this larger Nomad company here

The long and the short comes down to the smaller company (this review) also has "and car rental" in the name, headings and general text, where as the larger company ( does not use the term car. Right, on with the show...

**UPDATE**: 20th June 2017 - It seems that Nomads Campervan and Car Rentals has shut its doors. We will de-list this entry after a while but for now it can stay up to inform those that are actively looking for them and can't seem to find them.

Brief background of the company

Nomads Camper and Car Rentals are known for their good vehicles and cheap rates. Availing their hassle free services might be the best way to start your holiday and make it memorable. The reason why they can be trusted is that there are no hidden charges which mostly other companies deduct at the time of returning the vehicle.  Strangely, “No hidden costs” is also the mantra of the OTHER Nomad campervans, making it even more confusing who you are dealing with. Here’s the final breakdown:


It seems that Nomad Campers provides virtuous services to its clients and most of them had a good experience. They offer a lot of complimentary services to their customer, such as free pick and drop from the airport, gas refill and windshield replacement, which leaves a very good impression that’s why many people prefer it over well established companies. In cases such as accident or car break down, Nomad Campers are very supportive and have a good customer service reputation among its clients.


NOMAD Camper and Car Rentals provide three types of vehicles, all well maintained, tidy and in outstanding condition. The vehicles owned by this company are 6 Berth motorhomes, 2 Berth Hi-top campervans and sleeper vans. The minimum hire period is 5 days in normal days and during peak season its 12 days. On the other hand, renting a diesel vehicle costs $6 on every 100 kilometres as diesel recovery tax. This extra tax is because diesel is a lot cheaper at the petrol stations and companies have to separately pay the tax to recoup the amount. The six berth motorhome is a diesel truck while the sleeper vans come in both petrol and diesel variants.

This company provides vehicles in excellent and tuned condition on cheap rates. Moreover, the vehicles are fully equipped with all the essential things you need for a tension free holiday. The vehicles owned by the company are a bit old ranging from 1994 to 2006 model but they are highly maintained and are in good condition.

Fleet Comparison

The 6 Berth motorhome which is probably the flagship camper in the Nomad range includes a wide range of equipment which is ideal for a holiday. It has 3 twin beds, 1 over the cab bed and 2 convertible folding tables which can accommodate six people. Not only this, it also includes a 12v/240v refrigerator, microwave, 3 gas burner hobs and a toilet. However, even the owners suggest that it is better suited to 4 people, so if you are truly after a motorhome for 6 people, you might want to try another company.

On the other hand, the 2 berth campervan includes 1 double bed, fridge, heating station, a folding table and cooking utensils which makes it a perfect camping vehicle for two. It would be better to hire a 2 berth campervan instead of sleeper vans because they have more camping options such as fridge which can prove very helpful during long journeys.


In case of any unfortunate accident, the hirer is liable to pay the damage excess varies from $2000 to $6000. The details of the damage bond/excess are as follows:

  • NZ$2,200 for the damage of station wagons and cars
  • NZ$2,700 for the damage of sleeper vans and 2 berth campervans
  • NZ$4,200 for the damage of 6 berth campervans

They take the authorized credit card imprint of the driver at the start of the contract, which is charged in case of any accident, damage or any other additional cost. The company is authorized to charge the excess/bond any time before 36 days after the hire.

Likewise, they also offer two options to reduce excess/bond GOLD and SILVER Cover which can be purchased any time before your hire. In Gold Cover for 6 berth motorhomes pay $50 per day which decreases excess/bond to $100. In Silver Cover, pay $25 per day which reduces excess/bond to $2000.

In 2 Berth and sleeper vans Gold Cover, pay $30 per day and the excess/damage will reduce to $100 and in Silver Cover pay $20 per day decreasing the excess/bond to $1200.

The Gold Cover option includes complimentary airport pick and drop, unlimited travel, 24 hours road assistance, gas refill, camp table and chairs, maps, ground guides, one windshield replacement, two tire replacements and plentiful other succour.

On the other hand in Silver Cover, complimentary airport pick and drop, kitchen kit, 24 hours road assistance and ground guides are provided.

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, Germany
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"Sleepervan Hirw for 5 weeks"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

All administrational things have been handeled very easily and simple. Picking up simple and great, returning the same. The car was exactly like in the description and what I expected to get. It was a great and reliable companion for our 5 weeks trip through the country and we loved it!

4Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 5Value