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Australian 4wd hire is a 4wd vehicle rental company with branches throughout Australia, some vehicles have roof tents which is why we included them on this site.

Past renters have left reviews about them on this site and they have then requested their reviews be taken down again due to legal threats and threats of not getting their bond back from the company if the reviews stayed live. 

We have had complaints by renters about bonds being kept for speeding and being charged for repair of damages that didn't occur. This is the only company that we have received this kind of feedback about.

Like any company, there will many happy customers of Australian 4wd Hire, but the feedback reviews we have received about this company have been unusual compared to the 300 other companies listed here.

Like any company we recommend you read their Terms and Condition THOROUGHLY  before you rent from them.

But here is a run down of the kind of vehicles they offer...

Delivering a complete range of 4WDs for tourism and travel, as well as civil, commercial and mining purposes, Australian 4WD Hire has a decent amount of vehicles available in Australia.

What Australian 4WD Hire Tells Us

Whether you want to to travel Australia for a couple of days or for weeks, the extensive options from Australian 4WD Hire makes you want to explore the rugged roads even more. In reality, 4WD hires with off-road capacity can be pretty expensive with any company, and Australian 4WD Hire is not an exception. The rates are something that you need to invest in, considering there are minimal rental companies that allow their 4WDs to be driven on dirt and unsealed roads. And for travellers who want to experience a fun and exciting self-drive holiday, the company's bush campers selection helps you achieve the outback Oz adventure. Plus, no limits on kilometers!


All vehicles from Australian 4WD Hire fleet are simply painted in white with some marketing hints. These units vary from its key purposes— mining, civil construction, commercial and recreational travel. The Australian 4WD Hire bush campers, in particular, are designed for off-road destinations, as long as these are included in the HEMA maps, and are safe and open for travel. Some of the places that are allowed to be explored by the company's bush campers, which are normally not permitted by most 4WD hires, are Kimberley, Cape York, Bungle Bungles, Michelle Plateau, Kakadu Parks, Moreton Islands and the list continues. These bush campers range from light to medium to heavy duty, with a maximum number of 5 passengers, except the XL GT that extends up to 7 people. The bush camper rental already comes with complimentary camping equipment that includes camping table and chairs, bed, ground/ rooftop tents, ladder, cargo bag and more. 


4WD Bush Camper Canopy GT

Let's begin the fleet of bush campers with the Canopy GT. This vehicle is the only bush camper that can travel on light off-road and highways so it's a no-no for travellers who want extreme adventures and more exciting tracks. Well, there are other options on fleet that are medium to heavy duty, making it suitable for more off-road destinations. Going back, this specific 4WD has a sleeping capacity of 5 persons with the help of its camping ground tents. Only bush campers with GT provide camping ground tents, and the other type, the RTT, supplies rooftop and Annexe tents instead. 

4WD Bush Camper Canopy RTT

Another 4WD canopy is the RTT, which means it comes with rooftop tent and Annexe tent, and not those camping ground tents. This unit is okay for off-road compared to the other 4WD canopy, but both can cater up to 5 people. There aren't much difference with the two, except for the fitted out tent handle for this one. So, if you opt not to sleep on colder grounds at night, then the RTT is for you. 

4WD Bush Camper Medium GT

With different built and bigger tent dimensions, the Medium bush campers also has two options— the GT and the RTT. Though the GT does not come with a rooftop tent, it still provides a roof rack basket for additional storage space and easy access of your outdoor stuff. This 4WD is tagged as medium duty and allows the off-road and highway. 

4WD Bush Camper Medium RTT

The other medium-sized RTT is a nice option for those looking some added space. This one also has a sleeping capacity of 5, which leaves more than space for all passengers. However, compared to the medium GT, there aren't much storage for your stuff because the roof rack basket holds up the rooftop and Annexe tent. 

4WD Bush Camper Large GT

For extended space, the Large GT will suffice your needs. This unit has a more slanted bull bar compared to other vehicles on set that smoothly hugs the frontal shape. Since this is a GT type, the top of the vehicle comes with a sturdy roof rack basket that can be used to store outdoor equipment and other stuff.

4WD Bush Camper Large RTT

The Large RTT is almost the same with the Canopy RTT, except for the bull bar fit-out. This one easily follows the shape of the frontal area than the canopy unit. Nevertheless, they have the same features, with rooftop tent and Annexe tent as sleeping quarters good for 5 persons.

4WD Bush Camper XL GT

For those travelling with bigger number of travellers, the XL bush camper is the answer. Equipped with bigger sleeping dimension, the XL GT, in particular, is the only bush camper that can sleep 5 to 7 people. Bigger groups can surely utilize the extended sleeping capacitiy, but just a heads up, you will all be sleeping on the ground with the provided camping ground tents. 

4WD Bush Camper XL RTT

There are those who want extreme space but do not want to lay on floor, and if you're one of them, then the XL RTT is the one for you. You will not be disappointed with the sleeping quarters because you can either sleep on top or on the ground, with so much space for rolling around. Unlike the other XL bush camper that sleeps 5 - 7, the maximum number of passengers for this one is only up to 5. 


In general, these campers have off-road insurance but you may still want to avail of one of their security bond or excess reduction options. The insurance excess options are as follows: $5, 000 at no additional charge, $2, 500 for $15/ day, $1, 500 for $25/day— all for driver over 25 years old and $5,000 for $50/day for driver over 21- 25 years old. Windscreen, underbody, tyre damages, and damage incurred while reversing is not included in the insurance. And since you are handling 4WDs, it is best to read the fine print carefully to know the specific roads that are permitted and not, as well as the coverage included in the insurance. 


Just like any company, this rental business still have certain limitations when it comes to travelling the off-road. Australian 4WD Hire received a lot of poor reviews back then but still they have continuously provided unique rentals for adventurous individuals. Some reviews noted that their rentals were a disappointment because of heaps of limitations; hence, costing more money on rental. Also, the rates aren't that cheap. 


Australian 4WD Hire is definitely one of the few 4WD rentals in Australia, making it attractive to adventure-seekers. But considering the nature of rental, it is advisable to carefully read the contract— the dos and dont's so that the rental will not cost you a fortune .

From the Agency

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  • Complete range of 4WDs
  • Simple booking and reservation process
  • Most bush campers allow off-road adventures


  • Negative feedback


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, United States
1 Review

"Review of beware!"

  • Reviewed 2 hours ago

I hired a car from in April 2018. Within the written quote and confirmation, the only mention of prohibitions was use of the winch. When I arrived from the United States of America to pick up the car in Perth, WA, I was told that I could not drive the car at night. If I did not agree to this, then I would not get the keys. I signed the additional terms and conditions under duress. I drove the car at night twice and the company withheld $1,000 of my security bond for violating the contract.

Beware of the hidden terms and conditions. You cannot drive the car at night or when it rains. Additionally, they will also charge you for any speeding violations based on the GPS unit on the car.

When I asked the company about the violations, I was told that if I continued to ask about them, they would withhold my entire $5,000 bond and they would sue me. I quote "At this stage we endeavour to finalise your obligations with us in a professional manner, however should any further work be required, or if you wish to dispute this matter further, we would prefer to only do so via professional legal channels and herewith we reserve our rights, without further notice to you, to charge you under this contract for the remainder of your security bond and sue you on a full indemnity basis for all losses suffered from multiple breaches of contract, as
well as providing false and misleading information, commercial extortion, and will pursue you for all and any future legal costs deriving from this matter including but not limited to defamation in any country." This was from their Fleet Manager.

After posting this review, I received a cease and desist letter from the company through their lawyers on May 16th, 2018 threatening to sue me if I did not remove my review from this site and others. They also demanded I apologize.....hilarious.
This is probably the same reason why so many reviews have been removed by their authors on tripadvisor.
Be warned, this company's customer service post rental leaves a lot to be desired. I pity the poor customer that damages one of their vehicles. They have treated me horribly and I spent over $2,000 with them and returned the car in good condition.

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