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Last Updated: 8/5/19

There have been lots of add-ons to the Boomerang Camper's fleet. Read more to know about their fleet and more!

Boomerang Campers is a small company offering campervans that are clean, comfortable and affordable. They have depots in Perth, Adelaide, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, and Sydney. Their vehicles cater from couples to families looking for adventures on or off the road. 

About Boomerang Campers

Boomerang Campers take pride in their 4WD campervans. These vehicles are designed for people who are looking for off-road adventures. Not only do 4WD campervans take on rougher roads, but they also provide comfort and safety during your exciting journey. They also have other vehicles if you just want to stay on more familiar roads. They also rent out caravans.


Boomerang Campers’ vehicles offer a wide variety of hi-top campervans and 4WD Land Cruiser. Most of their vehicles are between one to seven years of age and are maintained to manufacturer’s standards. You can choose from Hi-top campervans to 4WD Land Cruiser. All their models are air-conditioned and include kitchen equipment, linen, pillows and awning. The fuel tank sizes of the vehicles range from 65 liters to 180 liters depending on the model you choose.


2WD Campervans

VW Crafter Campervan

The VW Crafter 2WD Campervan is aimed at those who want a little more luxury. This Crafter for two offers the pleasures of being at home while at the same time being on the road. It’s air-conditioned and contains a bathroom that has a shower and a toilet and kitchen equipment which adds comfort to your travelling. Likewise, it has its own entertainment system with the TV/DVD player and radio so you can always have that extra fun while on a trip. The crafter has become the standard in luxury 2 berth campervans across Australian rental companies.

Hi-top Campervan

Boomerang Campers have a couple of different Hi-Top campervans. There are a 2/3 berth model and a family model that can take up to 5. They are fairly stock standard in design with a kitchenette behind the driver and bench seats that fold out to be a bed. There is also an 'upstairs' bed. The 2/3 berth is the smaller of the 2 with a 65ltr fuel tank, its fuel consumption is 10 – 15ltrs for every 100km. It comes with a 240V power outlet for your charging needs. Insects won’t be able to bother you as the vehicle have windows with fly screens and you can rent some extra camp chairs and tables for sitting outside.

Family Hi-top Campervan

The Family Hi-top camper seats up to 5 people. This roomy campervan really makes it easy for a group to sightsee and drive in comfort. Fantastic for a family or group of friends.

4WD Campervans

Hi-top Bushcamper

Hi-Top 4WD Bushcamper is a Toyota Land Cruiser that has a fuel capacity of 180ltrs, with fuel consumption of 14ltrs per 100 km. It comes with an external sink and is equipped with an airbag and a fire extinguisher. A handheld shower is present although it doesn’t come with a toilet. Recovery shovel and satellite safety beacons are available when needed. 

Pop-top Bushcamper

One of the notable features of the 4WD Bushcamper Pop Top Hire is its outback equipment which includes an air compressor, shovel, and axe to name a few. It can sit and sleep 2 – 3 people. If you wish to explore and experience outback activities with comfort then this vehicle could keep you company. It also has interior lights to help you navigate inside the vehicle even at night. And for emergency situations, it comes with a CB radio and a satellite distress beacon.


Designed for a cozy yet exciting Aussie holiday, this new 4WD camper is suitable for adventurous families. Featuring a V8 engine, this makes travelling around steep and bumpy roads much easier and more efficient. A roof rack is included so you can store some of your sports equipment on top. Rooftop tent, bedding, and camping gear is part of the rental so you won't need to pay extra for these items. This 5-speed, manual Toyota Land Cruiser also comes with some kitchen essentials such as 2-burner gas stove, fridge/freezer, cutlery, and the like.

Troopy Bushcamper

Another recent 4WD camper is the Troopy Bushcamper that is also ideal for groups and families. It's a GXL Model that features powerful V8 turbo diesel and 5-speed manual transmission. Kitchen facilities are also included, along with the bedding and side awning.


A bond of $5000 deposit in the form of paper imprint is given to the company. Your credit card will not be held and you will not be charged unless an incident occurs. If the bond is to be used, all expenses will be taken there and the remaining balance will be refunded to you.

The standard amount of $5000 can have a reduced excess of $3500 at 15 per day up to $1275 or 85 days. If $30 per day (up to $3,000 or 100 days, then the bond is limited to $1500. If you booked longer than 21 days with the same reduced excess, you will be able to have a windscreen replacement, if necessary, and it is free of charge.


Boomerang Campers may not have a lot of reviews but it is good to note that they offer variations in their vehicle while remaining affordable. Their company is seen as ideal for everyone due to the numerous choices on the vehicles and its features. So, whether you’re someone who enjoys luxury or someone who lives on a budget, Boomerang Campers got you covered. However, you may need to be careful with the kind of roads you travel on. Their vehicles have specifications on which road they are allowed and not following these specifications can cause additional charges on your part.


Boomerang, through its fleet of campervans and 4WD, is a nice option for families and friends who want to experience either a laidback trip or an exciting Aussie adventure. 

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  • Competitive prices
  • Travel planning assistance
  • Multiple depots
  • Several units to choose from


  • Most units no toilet/shower
  • Independent company in a high cost niche


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N. Pritchard - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Boomerang Campers I will be back agaim and again"

  • Reviewed 9 months ago

I had a massive road trip from Perth to Broome then to Darwin and then back again. Over 60 hrs of driving the vehicle never missed a beat. Loved being able to drive to the remote locations and the Landcruiser troopy is perfectly built to stand up to the tough Aussie environment.
The vehicle was returned in a clean condition and the full bond was returned within days .
I couldn't be happier definitely going to rent from Boomerang Campers again

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
P. Bruggeman - avatar not loaded
, Belgium
1 Review

"NEVER, never, never again"

  • Reviewed 9 months ago

We rented a campervan for 32 days in January 2019. We had to do a deposit of 3500 AUD. A very small scratch at the frontdoor and never seen our deposit back. Very friendly when you pick up the car but at the end you really learn to know them. (Sorry English is not my motherlanguage) . Do not go there if you love your money. Go to an honnest company.
Patrick Bruggeman

1Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 1Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hi Patrick,
    There are. few facts missing your review. We understand your English is not your first Language
    One of our vehicles was damaged when you had a road accident, unfortunately the accident caused damage to another vehicle also. The $3500 security bond was used towards the repairs to both vehicles, the invoice from each of the repairers was sent to you and your insurance company.

B. Weilenmann - avatar not loaded
, Switzerland
2 Review

"Perth - Perth in 4 weeks"

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

We knew Boomerang from our last Australia trip a few years ago. Because of our good experiences with them then, we booked for our 2019 trip in WA the VW Crafter again with Boomerang. The owner changed meanwhile, neveretheless, we were very satisfied also this time with both, the van and the assistance of Debbie/her collegues . The VW Crafter is an older vehicle, but possess the same interior as the similar van from Appollo (just older). The bond we paid at the beginning of our trip has been fully repaied immediately after returning the van. Whenever we returne to WA we will be happy to book a car/van from Boomerang again :-)

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
Owen - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Value for money"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We booked Boomerang because they were a lot cheaper than other companies like Britz so were a little worried about what we would find when we arrived to pick up the van. A pleasant surprise, the campervan was in good shape and well equipped and ran like a charm for the 3000 kms we put it through. OK it's not the luxury of a Maui BUT perfectly good and you get what you pay for.
As a bonus, Dan and his wife ( owners) are a delight. Lots of good info about where to go/what to do before we set out and he's a funny guy.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
N. Pritchard - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Perth to Exmouth in 12 days"

  • Reviewed

Great company to hire from Dan was very helpful and gave us lots on information about the best places to stay and things to do on our trip.
The vehicle was well maintained and a great van to drive

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value